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welcome to epe 215 l.
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Welcome to EPE 215 PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to EPE 215

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Welcome to EPE 215
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Welcome to EPE 215

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  1. Welcome to EPE 215

  2. Dr. Garth PickardProfessorOFFICE:ED 379 ADDRESS:Faculty of EducationUniversity of Regina3737 Wascana ParkwayRegina, SK CanadaS4S 0A2 PHONE:1-306-585-4529 FAX:1-306-585-4880 E-MAIL:garth.pickard@uregina.ca http://education.uregina.ca/pickard/

  3. Purpose of today is to: Introduce the experience of education through the physical Hand out the course of study and review the goals and expectations Discuss the concept of the Learning Classroom Answer initial questions or concerns

  4. Integrality Ownership Traditional Process Groupness Experiential Multi-sensory Unique learning environments Interdisciplinarity Spiritual Trust Risk Responsibility

  5. InterdisciplinarityLink Meaning: Interdisciplinarity occurs when disciplines intermesh and collaborate among themselves. The notion provides students with an opportunity to create and pursue interdependent, innovative teaching which does not fit into traditional disciplinary categories.

  6. ExperientialLink "experiential education is a process through which a learner constructs knowledge, skill and value from direct experience."

  7. Learning Environments

  8. SpiritualityLink Spiritual wellness does not just “happen”. It requires time and attention. Unless it is nourished and exercised regularly, it will not be there to support us when we need it to counteract cynicism and despair. How do we go about getting in touch with our core and developing into spiritually healthy beings? A first step is to create an atmosphere that invites spiritual development. Time must be set aside to be quiet – for solitude, reflection, and meditation.

  9. Multi-sensory Link Albert Einstein said, 'Learning is experiencing. Everything else is just information.' His insight suggests that we must experience our learning by using our complex sensory systems. Our species has an innate need to see, touch, taste, feel, and hear the features of any new object in order to understand it better," (Wesson, 2002).

  10. The Gymnasium Classroom What kind of “stuff” do you think should be in a gymnasium classroom?

  11. Purpose, Goals, ExpectationsCourse OutlineExpectations

  12. Course Expectations Dates to Remember Understanding Human Movement Through Education (HMTE) Outline of Review Thursday, January 29 2009 Completed “HMTE” Tuesday, February 24 2009 Developmental Learning Experience Outline of Review Thursday, February 26 2009 Completed Developmental Learning Experience Thursday, March 31 2009 Period Reviews Mid-Term Period Review Thursday, February 26 2009 Final Period Review Scheduled prior to examination week

  13. Making Connections What do you wish for the children you teach to learn for the rest of their lives? What could and should be used to support this learning? How do you create a sequential and development learning experience for such learning to occur?

  14. Your Stories Fun and active Competitive Games, games, games . . . Murder ball!! Bring your stories to class next time.

  15. Next meeting We will meet in the Gymnasium 1 Classroom We will be active, therefore dress accordingly and have appropriate foot wear. Be prepared to take notes and participate in discussions.