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Covenants. OT NT Creation Adam Noah Abraham Moses David Jesus 2 nd of Space Coming & Time Name Marriage Family Tribes Nation Kingdom Universal (catholic)

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Creation Adam Noah Abraham Moses David Jesus 2nd

of Space Coming

& Time

Name Marriage Family TribesNation Kingdom Universal (catholic)

MARRIAGE = Bridegroom/Bride

1 Man & Sons & Isaac 12 Tribes become United kingdom Jesus/Church

1 Woman wives Jacob (Israel) & Esau nation of Israel Saul (political king) FAMILY = Baptism entry into spiritual

12 sons (Judah, Levi, Joseph Ten Commandments David (anointed king) family/sons&daughters of God

& Benjamin) become the (Golden calf incident) Conquers Jerusalem TRIBAL= descendant of tribe of Judah;

12 tribes of Israel Mosaic Law Solomon (wise king) Jesus is a circumcised, law abiding Jew

Builds the Temple NATION = Jesus is the High Priest; the

Divided Kingdom Bread of Life; the Word Incarnate; the Northern (Israel-10 Lost tribes) KINGDOM = King of Kings; Lord of Lords Southern (Judah--2 Loyal tribes) Established God’s Kingdom on earth

Sign Tree of Life Rainbow Circumcision Ark of the Covenant Throne Sacraments of Initiation(Aaron’s staff, Manna, 10 Cmdnts) (Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist)

Blessings Fruitful“Father of Many Nations” Re-entering the Temple Sacraments

--Good of spouses “Promised Land” “Promised Land” Salvation/Eternal Life

--Good of the children (Jericho)