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Marketing Research

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Marketing Research Where to Begin Ruth A. Pagell Marketing Research Blunders in Marketing David A. Ricks. (3 rd ed 2000) Failure to do research Failure to understand the results of the research Marketing Research Research Basics Company Basics Industry Basics News Basics

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Marketing Research

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marketing research

Marketing Research

Where to Begin

Ruth A. Pagell

copyright Ruth A Pagell

marketing research2
Marketing Research
  • Blunders in Marketing
  • David A. Ricks. (3rd ed 2000)
  • Failure to do research
  • Failure to understand the results

of the research

copyright Ruth A Pagell

marketing research3
Marketing Research
  • Research Basics
  • Company Basics
  • Industry Basics
  • News Basics

copyright Ruth A Pagell

when to use the free web
When to Use the Free Web

Marketing Research

  • Basic company information - name, address, yellow pages
  • Annual reports for listed companies
  • Press releases
  • Today’s news
  • Selected national government data
  • Selected NGO reports and data
  • Import-Export partner identification
  • Contacts

copyright Ruth A Pagell

when to use library databases
When to Use Library Databases

Marketing Research

  • Depth and Breadth
  • Historical Data
  • Data Manipulation
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Sophisticated Search Strategy
  • Proprietary Information
  • Full Text/Images of Articles

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Type of SourceExamples

Web Sites National Statistical Offices

Commercial Online Factiva, GMID

Contacts & Consultants Singapore EDB

Associations Intl Mass Retail Association

Books International Business Information:

How To Find It, How To Use It

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Q: The Philadelphia based retailer, Urban Outfitters, has opened stores in the UK and Ireland. What are their other opportunities to expand abroad?

A: Types of information needed

  • COUNTRY (Market) and TRADE (Supply chain)
  • INDUSTRY (Product or service)

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research Information


Country and Trade Information


Magazine Articles

Research Reports






copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

  • Company Basics
  • Background – name, address, executives, legal status,
  • standard numbers
  • Lines of Business – industry, code
  • Financials – sales and income, balance sheet, market
  • performance
  • Executives – name, background
  • Employees – how many, locations
  • Competitors – who they are, company basics
  • Credit –payment history from commercial sources

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

  • Web Sites for Company Information
  • Company Home Pages – what they say about themselves
  • Yellow Pages – brief listing, verification of existence
  • Directories – basic information
  • Subscription Services –financials, credit, news history

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Company Webpage

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Company and Competitors - Free site lists competitor names.

Company reports in Business Source Premier*- Reports on companies, some containing SWOT analysis

FactivaCompany Quick Search

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Company Suppliers on the web

Europages - The European Business Directory includes 500,000 companies in 33 European countries in 25 languages

Thomas Global Register - 600,000 industrial suppliers from over 25 countries; search in multiple languages

Kompass- 1.8 million companies worldwide with 53000 products and services; searchable in 21 languages; free and fee

Company - links in Key International Web Sites

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Company Financials

Library Database:

ISI Emerging Markets*-News, company, industry and macroeconomic information for emerging-market countries; includes local language publications.


Yahoo Finance – Basic fundamental and technical data

Reuters – Register to access selected company information

National Stock Exchanges – May include financials and

company background information; select your exchange

Financial Markets - links in Key Marketing…

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

  • Country Basics
  • Background
  • Economics, Trade and Risk, Foreign Exchange
  • Demographics
  • Social/Lifestyles/Culture
  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Regulations, Intellectual Property

copyright Ruth A Pagell

National (by Country)

IGO (Intl Governmental


U.S. Government

Non-profit organizations and research centers

Academic institutions

Factiva or Nexis (News)

World Markets Research Centre

Internet Securities

Euromonitor GMID

Marketing Research

Free Web SitesCommercial Services

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

National Country Web Sites

Statistics and Publications

  • National Statistical Offices
  • Central Banks
  • Local Stock Exchanges

Contacts and General Information

  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Embassies
  • Trade and Development Agencies

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Key International Organizations Web Sites

  • World Bank (World Development Indicators Online)
  • International Monetary Fund (International Financial Statistics)
  • United Nations (UN Comtrade system)
  • OECD (SourceOECD*)
  • European Union (EU) (Eurostat)
  • Links from Key International Web Sites

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Government Web Sites

U.S. examples

  • International Trade Administration
  • Bureau of the Census
  • State Department – Office of Business & Commercial Affairs
  • CIA World Fact Book

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

  • Trade Web Sites
  • Trade Data
  • U.S. Trade (ITA and Census)
  • Tradestats Express
  • Non-U.S. Trade (UN and OECD)
  • Individual Company Transactions (PIERS from Journal of Commerce –fee-based system)
  • Coding of Trade Data
  • Trade Opportunities – Compilations in globalEdge

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Official Trade Mega-Sites

  • U.S. International Trade Administration

Industries and sectors; Countries and Regions;


USATrade Online – by product, by port

  • World Trade Organization
  • Documents and statistics
  • International Trade Center (UN)

Statistics, codes, information

UNCTAD Trains – by product, market and partner countries

  • Course Research Aid on International Trade

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

  • Industry Basics
  • Structure - Definition of the Industry/Sector
  • Market size, Growth Trends
  • Performance - Companies in Industry
  • Products
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Distribution (Supply chain logistics)
  • Trends
  • Import/Export Activity
  • Legal/Regulatory issues
  • Standards
  • Technology
  • Other environmental factors

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Q: Typical Industry Questions

The global industry

What is the structure of the retail industry?

Comparing industries across countries

What are the fastest growing restaurant

sectors in the EU? Asia?

One industry- one country

What is the outlook for the apparel industry in


copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Industry Analysis - Coding Schemes

  • ISIC - International Standard Industrial Classification of all Company Activities (UN)
  • NACE - General Industrial Nomenclature of Company Activities (EU)
  • NAICS - North American Industrial Classification System - US, Mexico, Canada
  • SSIC – Singapore Standard Industrial Classification

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Singapore SSIC

Wholesale and Retail Trade G

Retail Trade 51

Retail in Stores 511

United States NAICS

Retail Trade 44

Clothing and Clothing Accessories Stores 448

Clothing Stores 4481

Women's Clothing Stores 44812

Definition of an Industry

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Sources of Industry Information

  • Industry Analyses and Market Research Reports
  • Trade Associations & Trade Publications
  • General Press
  • Company sources
  • International agencies, NGOs, and local government sources
  • Books

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Aggregate Data by Industry and Country

  • International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics UNIDO

limited free statistics from 1990 to 2002

  • Industrial Structure Statistics - SourceOECD
  • Industry Statistical Yearbook and Panorama...- EU
  • Market Research Library – U.S. Commercial Service
  • Key International Websites for Business and Economics – by Industry or by Country

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Data Collection Issues

  • At what level of business activity is the data collected?

Enterprise or establishment?

  • At what level of aggregation is the industry defined?

One digit? Multi digit?

  • What is being measured?

Value added?Sales? Volume? Production?

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Industry Information - Free Web Sites


U.S. Export Portal – Industry andMarket Reports

Trade Development Industry and Service sectors

  • Industry Linksin Key International Web Sites
  • EurostatIndustry, trade and services theme Panoramaof EU Business,1136195,0_45572094&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Industry Profiles - Library Databases

  • World Market Research Centre – selected industries
  • Industry profiles in Business Source Premier
  • Profiles of industries in Asian countries in ISI Emerging Markets

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

News Source Basics

Most current information – breaking news

  • Local perspective – news from the country of origin
  • Multinational perspective – same story across
  • many countries’ news sources
  • Contemporaneous perspective – read about event
  • at the time it happened

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

Media News Web Sites

BBC World - Service in over 40 languages; web broadcasts

WorldNews Network- links to articles from multiple multiple sources in multiple languages

Newslink - Connections to selected non-U.S. broadcast media, newspapers and magazines.

News -links in Key International Web Sites

copyright Ruth A Pagell


Marketing Research

News Sources – Library Databases

FACTIVA - Dow Jones / Reuters content

Nearly 9,000 publications in 22 languages

ISI Emerging Markets Database - Covers over 50 countries; some information in local language

LexisNexis - World news by region, some in local language

copyright Ruth A Pagell