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Colaiste Muire

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    1. Colaiste Muire Information Evening

    2. Senior Cycle Options Established Leaving Cert Leaving Cert. Vocational Programme Leaving Cert. Applied Programme Transition year

    3. Leaving Certificate The Leaving Certificate is a two year programme. Students study seven subjects for their Leaving Cert. Examination. Subjects can be taken at ordinary or higher level.

    4. Core subjects: ( 4 ) Irish, English, Maths, French or German. Optional subjects: ( 3 ) Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Economics, Business, History, Geography, Construction Studies, Music, Japanese, Home Economics Social & Scientific, Art, Religious Education. 2007 Technology, Design & Communication Graphics.

    5. Non-Examination subjects Religion/ Physical Education / Guidance & Counselling

    7. 1 Subject Choice Specific faculty requirement Science:- One Science subject essential: Chemistry-H.N., Dent, Med., Vet., Pharm Two Sciences:- TCD Med/ Dent/ Pharm (plus Physio,Genetics & Science without H Maths) UCC - Med/ Dent/ Pharm UCAS

    8. 2 Business Area: Not essential but advisable. Business studies Commerce Acc/Econ Marketing Degree Business Studies-I.T. Business 3 All subjects carry equal points

    9. Biology Students explore the world of living things from micro-organisms to humans. Experiments (22) play a central role, being the basis of two thirds of the questions on the exam paper.

    10. Greater emphasis on skill attainment particulary in practical activities and health and safety issues. More biochemical in nature with topics such as DNA profiling / genetic engineering, (& ethical issues),biotechnology and bioprocessing.

    11. Biology Essential for: Genetics UCC HC3 Recommended for: Nursing Int. General & Child. Nur Midwifery Medical & Paramedical Psychology Marine Science Environmental Science Biotechnology Biomedical Science Food Science Catering Beauty Therapy Horticulture Agriculture

    12. Chemistry .Chemistry deals with the composition of matter, the laws of Chemical change and the relationship between the properties and composition of substances. In other words it involves everything we use, wear,consume including medicines, plastic, preservatives etc. 11 questions on Exam paper. Atmospheric chemistry a new option. Students have to learn the chemical components of 28 mandatory experiments. 2 questions on practical work must be answered on L.Cert paper.

    13. Chemistry Essential for: Human Nutrition-DIT HC3 Dentistry-UCC HC3 Medicine-UCC HC3 Veterinary-UCD HC3 Pharmacy UCC & TCD HC3 Useful for: Food Science Nutritional Science Forensic Science Pharmaceutical & Industrial Chemistry Chemical Engineering Nursing Pharmacy Medical and Paramedical Environmental Science All Science courses U.C.A.S

    14. Physics .Physics deals with the laws and forces governing natural phenomena and includes heat, light, electricity and magnetism. It is of key importance in technology, engineering and paramedical careers e.g.: Radiography/ Physiotherapy. 27 mandatory experiments of which 4 are offered on L.Cert paper.

    15. Physics Essential for: Theoretical Physics TCD (H)B3 UCD (H)B2 Recommended for: Electronic Engineering Radiography esp.UCD Physiotherapy Optics Pilot Architecture UCAS

    16. Accountancy Involves: Recording Financial Information Presentation of this Information Analysis of this information Highly recommended for: Accountancy courses Banking Clerical work Hotel Management Marketing Taxation Consultancy Computer / Business studies Insurance Corporate Law Reception Auctioneering Advertising Journalism

    17. Economics With a lot of graphical and theoretical work, economics has a mathematical slant. It explores the workings of companies and how they measure their success and progress. At macro level it examines international trade and the role of Government and the EU in controlling competition and markets.

    18. Economics Useful for: Banking Finance degree Financial Maths & Econ Law Social Science Hotel Management Journalism Marketing Accountancy/Business/ Commerce Architecture Environmental Science Often offered in third level: History Politics Sociology Modern Languages European Studies

    19. Business It looks at how organisations are formed, financed and run. It also explores the services that support businesses such as insurance, banking, transport and public service bodies.

    20. Useful for: Banking Industry Marketing Merchandising Insurance Taxation Hotel Management Reception Business Studies Secretarial/Clerical work

    21. Construction Studies Construction Technology Materials/Practices involved Historical Development of Buildings/Architecture Substructure/superstructure Internal Construction External works House purchase/ Mortgages Project involved! + Practical Exam!

    22. Examination Written Exam: 50% Practical Exam: 25% Project: 25% Architecture Electronics Computer

    23. Useful for: Architecture & Interior Architecture Auctioneering / Property Studies Building Construction Engineering (Civil) Town Planning Product Design & Technology Quantity Surveying Property Economics Technology Degree Wood Science

    24. Leaving Certificate Technology

    25. Increase students technological awareness Develop skills to express creativity Develop problem solving skills Evaluate and critically appraise technologies Realise the impact of Technology

    29. Home Economics S+S Core Food studies Resource mgt & consumer studies Social studies Elective (1) Home design & mgt Textiles, fashion & design Social studies 20% coursework journal submitted prior to exam Useful for: Catering Hotel Management Human Nurition/Dietetics Food Science Food Technology Nutritional Science Environmental Health Occupational Therapy Fashion Design Social Science Social Studies/Childcare

    30. Geography It includes the study of population, farming, industry, pollution, statistics, resources, landscape and communications.

    31. New Syllabus examined 2006 Physical Geography Regional Geography Geographic Investigation ( 20 % ) . Submitted by April L.Cert (e.g. marine transport & deposition, fluvial erosion, waste disposal) plus choice Economic / Social /Further Studies in Geography Exam reduced from 3 hrs 20 to 2 hrs 30

    32. Accepted as: Science subject in Trinity College for: Science Degree Pharmacy Useful for: Archaeology Civil Engineering Architecture Meteorology Tourism/Heritage studies Horticulture Agriculture Surveying Marine Science Earth & Ocean Sciences Environmental Science Auctioneering/Estate Agent

    33. History New Syllabus examined 2006 Has moved away from politics to encompass social and cultural history. (prehistoric to 1993) more choice,research work, less emphasis on memorising Special Topic Q (20%) . Submitted by April L.C (e.g. Boer Wars, Mengeles experiment in Nazi concentration camps, Fall of Roman Empire) Europe ( 6 ) / Ireland ( 6 ) select 2 from both! Compulsory Q ( Ireland ) document ! exam < 3 hrs

    34. Useful for: History, Politics, Sociology & Social Studies History (new) Sociology/Social Science Journalism Archaeology Law Tourism/Heritage Studies Often needed: With Politics,Economics, European studies, Sociology

    35. Art Useful for: Art & Design Animation Advertising Architecture Marketing Occupational Therapy Industrial Design Primary Teaching Fashion Design Video Production Photography Social Studies/Childcare History of Art & Arch Art Therapy

    36. Examination Life Drawing (1 hour) Craft & Design (5 hour) May Imaginative Composition/Still life (2.5 hr) History of Art (written exam) 150/400 marks

    37. Music Useful for: Music Degree Irish Music & Dance Music, Media & Performance Technology (new) Music Technology & Production (new) B.A. Jazz (new) Primary Teaching Speech & Lang. Therapy Film Studies Drama & Theatre Studies (with Music) Arts Administration Music Therapy

    38. Examination Listening 25% ( June ) 4 Set works / Irish m / Gen aural skills Composition 25% ( June ) Compose a melody. Compose harmony (chords) Practical 25% ( Mar / Apr ) Play or sing Play 3 on 1 or 2 on 2. Groups also! plus Elective (in one of above ) 25% Listening (Research a topic e.g. Film music) Composition (Submit a portfolio) Practical (Perform double the required amount of pieces for the Core Practical plus option of Music Tech (Sibelius) or Conducting (school choir)

    39. Japanese Communicative Proficiency ( greetings, personal details.. ) Language Awareness ( spoken & written text ) Cultural Awareness ( everyday activities, customs, entertainment..) Common Syllabus / Assessment at H & O level

    40. Post Primary Language Initiative Japanese is gramatically easier than European languages; it has no genders, no articles, few plurals and very regular verbs

    41. Religious Education It develops critical skills for examining values, morality and religion. 200 students were examined for the first time last June. 20% of marks for journal submitted prior to exam. Useful for careers in: Social Work, Politics, Journalism, Broadcasting, Church related Ministries. Example of Courses R.E. & Eng / Hist / Mus / Ir Mater Dei Arts / Liberal Arts Maynooth / U.L H.E. & R.E. St. Angelas Theological St. & Business Practice G.M.I.T.

    42. Leaving Cert. Vocational programme

    43. Preparation for Work Introd. to Working Life Job seeking skills Career Investigation Work Placement Enterprise Ed Enterprise Skills Local Business Enterprises Local Voluntary Organisations / Community Enterprise An Enterprise Activity

    44. Selection of students for Leaving Cert. Vocational To be eligible for the above programme students must select one of the following combinations of optional subjects: Physics & Construction Studies Home Economics & Biology Home Economics & Art Accounting or Business or Economics Physics and Chemistry Biology and Chemistry or Physics Construction Studies and Business or Accounting or Economics Home Economics and Business or Economics or Accounting Art and Business or Accounting or Economics Music and Business or Accounting or Economics

    45. Assessment and Certification of the link modules The assessment comprises of two elements: 1 Written examination 40% 2 Portfolio of coursework 60%

    46. Assessment written paper Two and a half hours Section A Audio-visual Section B Case Study Section C General Questions (4 from 6)

    47. Portfolio Section 1 Core Items Curriculum Vitae Enterprise / Action Plan Career Investigation Summary Report Section 2 Optional Item select two from.. Record / Log / Diary Report My Own Place Recorded Interview / Presentation

    48. L.C.V.P Leaving Certificate includes results of Link Modules. Further information

    49. Leaving Cert. Applied Leaving Cert.Applied focuses on the needs and interests of the students using a variety of methodologies. It is a self contained two year course designed to meet students needs not adequately catered for by either the Leaving Certificate or Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme.

    50. Curriculum Vocational Preparation: Vocational Preparation and Guidance (incl. wk exp) *English and Communication Vocational Education: *Mathematical Applications *Vocational Specialisms (2) I.T & OACC General Education: Arts Education *Social Education *Languages Leisure & Recreation Elective Courses Hair and Beauty

    51. Course Design Sessions: Half year blocks September January February - June

    52. Assessment Three Modes: Modules (44) 62 Credits (31%) Task (7) 70 Credits (35%) Final Examination 68 Credits (34%) Total: 200 Credits (100%)

    53. Certification Three Levels: Pass (60 69%) Merit (70 84%) Distinction (85 100%)

    54. Options after L.C.A

    55. Further Information

    56. Transition year

    57. Transition Year 1st yr of Senior Cycle / Foundation Year Aims to improve: writing skills research skills presentation skills study skills Aims to strike a balance between personal development and academic achievement: maturity confidence independent thinking team work

    58. Curriculum Core: Irish (4) English (4) Maths (4) French/ German (4) Information Technology (3) Science (4) Business Studies (3) Heritage Studies (3) Home Economics (3) Music (2) Japanese(2) Woodcraft & Construction (2) Religion (2) Careers (2) Personal Development (1)

    59. Modules / Additional Activities Community Work (1 wk) Work Shadowing (2 wks) Driving Tuition Self Defence Tai Chi Pitch n Putt Outdoor Pursuits residential 3/4 days Public Access to Law Mock Trial Tour of Four Courts National TY Drama festival Mini company Musical Eco-Unesco Young Environmentalist Awards 3rd level college Open Days Songschool First Aid YSI

    60. Community Work Clare Care Clare Haven Services Alzheimer Society ISPCA Animal Shelter Somalia shop Fair Trade shop Enable Ireland Clarecastle DayCare Centre St. Claires School Disabled People of Clare St. Annes NS Mrs. Quinns Charity Shop St. Martins preschool St. Josephs training unit Bros of Charity Somalia Shop Ennis West Partners Oxfam Shop

    61. Work Placement Quality Control Chemist Pharmaceutical Science General Nursing Med. Lab. Science Speech & Lang Therapy Occupational Therapy Veterinary Stud Management Animal Science Medicine Pharmacy Leisure / Marine Primary Teaching Montessori Teaching Childcare Journalism Animal Science

    62. Work Placement Outdoor Education Sport / Leisure Architecture Accountancy Beauty Therapy Museum / Heritage Cultural, Heritage & Leisure Tourism Psychology Support Services Office Administration Costume Design Library Assistant Traditional Music I.T.

    63. Selection Criteria Interview (co-operation, responsibility, record of participation) Contract of learning Assessment Inspection of journals Class tests Project work / assignments Presentations Portfolio assessment

    64. Certification 3 categories Participation Merit Distinction

    65. Communication Two parents nights: September philosophy of TY - planned activities - key dates May - presentation of certs - exhibition of work - students speak on their experiences of TY Reports Christmas / Easter Parent Teacher meeting 2nd Term

    66. Strength of T.Y in Colaiste Muire Highly structured and organised High academic content Selection process Curriculum is reviewed and updated annually Consultation with parents Assessment Work placement

    67. T.Y. / L. CERT 2007 (33) 550 Business Studies - UL 545 Medicine - NUIG 540 Biomedical Science - NUIG 515 Applied Psychology - UCC 485 Business Studies - UL 485 Law & Accounting UL 470 Engineering - NUIG 450 European Studies - UL 450 Early Childhood Care & Ed Mary I 450 Music D.I.T 450 Materials & Const. Tech Ed - UL 440 General Nursing - UL

    68. 435 Applied Psychology Dun Laoghaire 415 Midwifery - UL 410 Arts - NUIG 405 Health & Physiology Carlow IT 405 General Nursing - UL 400 Midwifery - NUIG 390 General Nursing - TCD 370 Early Childhood Care & Ed Mary I 365 Psychiatric Nursing - UL 365 Nursing Studies (PLC) - CCL 360 Early Childhood Care & Ed Mary I

    69. 335 General Nursing GMIT 325 Accounting GMIT 320 Event Mgt L.I.T 315 Nursing Studies (PLC) CCL 300 Theatre Performance (PLC) GTI 280 Beauty Therapy FAS 250 Heritage Studies GMIT 220 Communications & PR (PLC) (CCC) 200 Social Studies (PLC) CCC 190 In employment

    70. Further Information

    71. Thank you for attending our information evening.