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CINEMA KIDS’ PARADISO Or: Attracting Young Audiences to an Arthouse Cinema The Script Introducing an new Arthouse Cinema in Multiplex Country Concept of Cinema Paradiso, Austria Young Audiences in Cinema Paradiso Multiscreen/plex & Countryside Cinemas

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    • Or: Attracting Young Audiences to an Arthouse Cinema

Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso


The Script

    • Introducing an new Arthouse Cinema in Multiplex Country
    • Concept of Cinema Paradiso, Austria
    • Young Audiences in Cinema Paradiso

Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso


Multiscreen/plex & Countryside Cinemas

    • Towns of about 5.000 inhabitants got Multiscreens (6 screens)
    • Bigger Towns (50.000) Multiplex –
    • i.e. St. Poelten 8 screen in 1997, Hollywood Megaplexx (Hueber Group, 2nd after Cineplexx, Top 5 have 40 %)
    • 3 town cinemas in St. Pölten closed (last in 1998)
    • Reasons: technically old-fashioned, less comfort, same films, or lost first-run status

Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso


Cinema Paradiso

    • 1993 St. Poelten: 1st Open Air ”Film am Dom”
    • Growth: several Open Airs with the most modern technic in Austria
    • 1996 ”Arthouse Shows” in Town Cinema
    • 1998 Town Cinema Closes
    • 2002 Town Cinema Re-Opens as Cinema Paradiso
    • 2003 10th Open Air (14.000 in 4 days)

Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso



    • Art House / Independent Mainstream (1st & only in region)
    • Small Scale (100.000 in 12 months), 2 screens + 3rd (Open Air), 120 / 60 seats (+ 80 for specials)
    • Crosscultural & Event Oriented
    • Miniplex: ”Total Cultural Center”
    • Stylish, original Architecture & Design
    • High-quality Technical Standards
    • High Profile Marketing (very focused)
    • PR-driven (cheaper!)
    • Mixed financed (Public / Corporate Sponsors / Private)
    • - > problem of taxation (10 % VAT, 1,2 % AKM, 10 % Entertainment Tax)

Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso



    • PR: Special Events
    • Cooporations
    • Monthly High-Value Programm Brochure + Posters
    • Direct Mailing (Special Newsletter for Teachers)
    • Posters + Flyers for Specials (special for Schools)
    • Website Central, but Print still important
    • Online Booking & Buying, Forum, Gallery etc.
    • Club, Community Building
    • Crossmarketing

Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso


Kino 2

Kino 1

Concerts DJs Specials Readings Premieres

Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso


Cinema School

  • PUPILS (6 yrs. and older)....
  • Give pupils better understanding of European films and teachers material for teaching about it.
  • Collaborators: Institut für Kino- und Filmkultur, Germany
  • All year round European Films are available for schools with special conditions and some additional offers. Teachers get a “Filmheft” (provided in cooperation with Institut für Kino- und Filmkultur, Germany – sample attached) for further work on these films in school.
  • Group discussions & talks with the pupils are organised in many cases - including teachers, but also experts from the topical field – e.g. European history – film experts, directors Marketing: monthly brochure, newsletters, special publication

Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso


School Specials

  • Womens’ Pictures (5th-7th July 2003 around Int. Womens’ Day): engaging children and youngsters with gender politics in films and have them discuss with female directors about their films + topics (e.g. Sabine Derflinger, Käthe Kratz)
  • Cinema and Manipulation: Collaboration with Filmmuseum Wien, historical Propaganda films + talk by popular historian and journalist Peter Huemer
  • Political Awareness Days: Topic 2003 Holocaust, 2004 Migration, in cooperation with Ministry of Education, Institut für die Geschichte der Juden, Flüchtlingshilfe Caritas
  • Film as Art: Experimental filmmaker Martin Arnold showing parts of installation in Kunsthalle Wien and older film work

Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso


Director’s Class

    • since January 2004, once every month
    • PUPILS (14 yrs. and older)
    • Objectives: Give pupils the possiblity to talk to filmmakers, understand their work and write about it.
    • Collaborators: Österreichisches Kulturservice, Der Standard
    • School-Workshop with Austrian directors. First film(s) is/are shown to the pupils, then directors discuss with pupils certain aspects of their work. Pupils then have the opportunity to write about the film, the director and the topics a newspaper article or film review which is published by “Schüler Standard” a special page of the national newspaper “Der Standard”
    • Pupils got better understanding in film making, also of certain “difficult” films (i.e. “Struggle” by Ruth Mader)

Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso


Cinema Kids

  • all year round, on weekends afternoon
  • younger kids (5-10 yrs.) + parents
  • Objectives: Offer European films for very young Audiences
  • Collaborators: Institut für Kino- und Filmkultur, Germany – Planned: collaboration with child care instituions
  • A focus on European Classics and contemporary films for young audiences is provided. A reduced price is offered (5 eur). For groups a cinema tour is organised (projection room, film material etc.). When buying ticktes parents and educators are offered a “Filmheft” (provided in coporation with Institut für Kino- und Filmkultur, Germany for further work on these films with the kids.
  • Birthday in Cinema with tour an party

Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso


Young Video

    • STUDENTS AND PUPILS (14 yrs. and older)
    • Motivate young Audiences to make their own films, by providing an ½ hour slot for young videos. Chosen films (by Cinema Paradiso and a jury) are shown on big screen. Youngsters get Videos + feature film for special price.
    • Collaborators: Fachhochschule St. Pölten, BORG St. Pölten
    • Marketing: programmefolder, internet + special newsletter for pupils + students. young filmmakers present their work themselves
    • Different kinds of presentations (e.g. TV-feature)

Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso

slide17 young audiences now, means havinggrown up audiences later


Knell: Cinema Kids’ Paradiso