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Financial Reporting

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Financial Reporting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career and Technical Education Funding Data Reporting Career and Technical Education New Directors ’ Meeting TDCTE Fall 2006 October 26-27, 2006 Holiday Inn, Brentwood TN. Financial Reporting. Understand your responsibilities as fiscal manager Understand applicable regulations

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Financial Reporting

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Career and Technical Education Funding Data Reporting Career and Technical Education New Directors’ MeetingTDCTE Fall 2006October 26-27, 2006Holiday Inn, Brentwood TN

financial reporting
Financial Reporting
  • Understand your responsibilities as fiscal manager
  • Understand applicable regulations
  • Understand what you can and cannot spend with your Perkins funds
  • Build a database for resources
Manage the day to day operations of the career and technical education program

Evaluate program and staff

Maintain records and proper procurement and accounting of all expenditures - local-state-federal

Maintain adequate inventory of equipment

Prepare the local improvement plan

Interpret laws and rules - ADA, Section 504, Perkins, OCR,

Nontraditional, Tech Prep, Labor standards, Program standards/competencies

Comply with required reporting requirements and timelines.

Interpret data and provide data analysis

Other duties as assigned!!!!

Fiscal and Records Management

applicable regulations
Applicable Regulations
  • Provisions relating to Financial Management can be found in the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) at 34 CFR 80.23 and 34 CFR 80.41
  • OMB Circular A-87 Cost Principles for State, Local and Indian Tribal Governments
  • Local system financial reporting - Internal School Uniform Accounting Manuel (A-133)
understanding funding sources
Understanding Funding Sources
  • BEP funding
  • Local funding
  • Federal funding
edgar 80 40
EDGAR 80.40
  • SEA responsible for managing day to day operations of sub grant support activities
  • SEA legally responsible for sub grant expenditures
  • SEA must monitor sub grantees to assure compliance with applicable federal requirements and performance goals being achieved - program - function - activity
  • Informing sub grantees of compliance requirements
  • Reviewing grantee financial and performance reports
  • Performing site visits
  • Leads to presumptions
  • Lack of understanding
  • Confusion with other requirements
  • Required by law to not supplant
  • Prior year expenditures
edgar trouble spots
EDGAR Trouble Spots
  • 76.707 Date of Obligation
  • 76.730 Records
  • 80.24 Cost Sharing
  • 80.22 Allowable Costs
  • 80.36 Procurements
  • 80.42 Retention of Records
  • 80.32 Management and disposition of equipment
basic cost guidelines
BASIC Cost Guidelines
  • Necessary and Reasonable
  • Allocable to the Federal Grant Award-Required and Permissive uses
  • Authorized or Not Prohibited by state or local law
  • Conforms to the limitations of A87-A-21
  • Consistent with Federal Policies and Regulations that apply
local level audit findings
Local Level Audit Findings
  • Using Perkins funds to cover non-Perkins costs-supplies, equipment, etc.
  • Using Perkins equipment by other programs at the expense of CTE programs
  • Property management
  • Salary and ERE costs not supported by time records, actual duties, or PDQs
  • Failing to follow accounting and procurement rules
local level audit findings12
Local Level Audit Findings
  • Disallowed improvements to real property
  • Cash management reporting
  • Reasonable, “allowable” costs
  • Expenditures that do not appear to be supported by the recipient’s approved local plan
  • Compliance with state and local laws
can i use my places to look
Can I use my $$$? Places to Look
  • Section 135 of Perkins (local Uses of Funds)
  • Review your local plan and budget
  • Ask your local field service center consultant
  • Look at OMB Circular A-87
  • Ask the question be referred to the TNDOE or OVAE
section 135
Section 135

Grant Recipients have---

  • Required Uses of Fund
  • Permissive Uses of Funds

This is the first place to look when answering the question: “Can I use my $$$ for?”

Eight (8) Required Uses - Once you have met the required uses, then you may use Perkins funds for the fifteen (15) Permissive Uses

allocable costs
Allocable Costs
  • Costs are allocable to the grant if the goods and services involved are chargeable to the cost objective in accord with the benefits received---
  • Benefit to the CTE Program
  • Acquisition of Property -

date of binding written commitment

  • Personal Services by employee -

when services are performed

  • Personal Service by Contractor -

date of binding written commitment

  • Travel - when travel is taken
retention of records
Retention of Records
  • Statue of Limitations (ED) 5 years
  • Keep all records for 5 Years
  • Separate records and recordkeeping by state, local and federal
  • Title rests with the Grantee
  • When no longer needed, equipment may be used in other activities currently or previous supported by Federal funds
  • Federal definition of equipment is that costing $5000.00
  • Local systems might have a different definition
equipment management and disposition
Equipment Management and Disposition
  • Reference 34 CFR 80.32 (d) and (e)
  • Procurement - Bidding process - No sole source
  • Property Records maintained and separate
  • Disposition - items of equipment with a current per-unit fair market value of less that $5000 may be retained, sold or otherwise disposed of with no further obligation
Education General Department Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) -

OMB Circulars

The Carl D. Perkins Vocational Technical Education Act of 1998

The Carl D. Perkins Vocational Technical Education Improvement Act of 2006

Circular A-133 compliance Supplement

Other resources:

Tennessee Code Annotated and supplement (TCA)

Internal School Uniform Accounting Policy Manuel - OVAE homepage

TNDOE homepage -

CTE Link -

Support and Resources for Directors

  • We hope this was helpful
  • My Advice—When in doubt don’t’!
why does cte want to improve data quality
Why does CTE want to improve Data Quality?

Legal Reasons

Perkins Requirements:

Section 122(c)(20) Accurate, reliable and timely

Consolidated Annual Report:

Section II c “attest to the state’s data quality”

OMB Circular A-133 and A 87:

Require review of enrollment reporting

EDGAR 34 CFR 80.4:

Monitoring to assure compliance

why does cte want to improve data quality24
Why does CTE want to improve Data Quality?

Research Reasons

Good research practice requires that data be verified to assure:

conformance to operational definitions

accuracy of reported values

cleanliness of data to improve the quality of information and reduce errors

local system receipt of statewide and local data analysis in a more timely manner for program improvement planning

compliance with OVAE conditions for State Plan approval

why does cte want to improve data quality25
Why does CTE want to improve Data Quality?

“OUR OWN” Reasons

The truth number reveals the fact

CTE courses provided

Student enrollment

Concentrator’s report

Follow-up report

Non-Attainment report

Improve students’ academic achievement and professional skills

Retain high quality CTE programs

Better prepare CTE students for further study and future career

Align with the curriculum goals

tn data reporting system
TN Data Reporting System

I. Up to FY 2003 - paper

MIS , Management Information


II. FY 2004 - upload/download


III. FY 2005 - web based on-line


Tennessee Career-Technical Data Reporting System

tn data reporting system29
TN Data Reporting System

Future Development

  • EIS and eTIGER merge as one data warehouse
  • EIS for data collection/editing
  • Data correction by LEA’s EIS contacts
  • eTIGER mainly for reporting service
  • LEA’s CTE directors & teachers and EIS contacts, TOGETHER, assure data quality
cte school report cards
CTE School Report Cards

CTE course enrollment information

Program Area information

Comparison of CTE students with secondary High School students within special population groups and ethnicity

Perkins Report

1S1: Academic Attainment

1S2: Skill Proficiency

2S1: Completion

3S1: Placement

4S1: Non-Traditional Participation

4S2: Non-Traditional Completion

State, System, and School Report Card

cte directors duties
CTE Directors - Duties

Data Reporting

Identify CTE teachers (eTIGER userid & password)

Assure CTE class data reported/updated to EIS

Monitor/support CTE teacher reporting to eTIGER

Conduct follow-up survey and report to eTIGER

Approve system wide data

Obtain and review CTE Reports from eTIGER

Submit suggestions for data reporting system

School Report Card (including Perkins Report)

Preview School Report Card to ensure the accuracy of data

CTE Directors’ Duties

cte directors support resources
CTE Directors - Support & Resources

Data Reporting

Donna Tiesler - eTIGER access (userid and password)

Field Dirctors - All CTE related issues

Data Reporting Web -

eTIGER “Help” link

eTIGER home page - special announcements

EIS Web -

EIS Contacts -

School Report Card (including Perkins Report)

Li-Zung Lin - ( )

Support and Resources for Directors