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Acknowledgements (I)

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Acknowledgements (I) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Acknowledgements (I)

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acknowledgements i
Acknowledgements (I)
  • Thank all Calor2002 participants for coming all the way to Los Angeles, California, USA. We hope that you had good time at Pasadena, and enjoyed your stay for the state of art calorimetry science and technology in particle physics as well as for the diverse culture of Southern California.


acknowledgements ii
Acknowledgements (II)
  • Thank all conveners who spent time to put Calor2002 scientific program together, especially J. Adams and T. Parnell for the Astrophysics session.
  • The ICCPP or Calor Series conference will continue flourish with participation of astrophysics and linear collider community.


acknowledgements iii
Acknowledgements (III)
  • Taking this opportunity, I would also like to thank the Calor2002 organization team.
  • All LOC members, especially Marat Gataullin, Brajesh Choudhary, Frank Porter, Lei Xia and Liyuan Zhang.
  • Secretariat: Betty Smith, Debbie Kingston, Meiske van der Eb, Virginia Licon and Mark Rincon.


presentation summary
Presentation Summary
  • A total of 108 papers accepted. 104 presented with 94 in “Electronic” form and about 20 needed 2nd round uploading. Main difficulty: upload presentations 48 hours in advance is not strictly observed, making very tight time requirement for 2nd round uploading.Thanks to speakers who upload their presentations on time.
  • “Plastic” users: please submit a paper copy, or upload a electronic form by April 3.


conference papers
Conference Papers
  • All presentations will be posted on the Web by April 3.
  • Conference proceedings will be published by the World Scientific. Papers due May 15.
  • Paper template will be posted on the Web, will poll for world processor.


  • The IAC has made a decision during the social dinner on March 27 that the 11th International Conference on Calorimetry in Particle Physics will be held in Spring, 2004, at Perugia, Italy. Mario Calvetti and Pasquale Lubrano will jointly organize Calor2004. See you at Perugia in 2004.