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Jordann Graf Parent Night August 21, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Jordann Graf Parent Night August 21, 2013

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Jordann Graf Parent Night August 21, 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The ABC's of Kindergarten. Jordann Graf Parent Night August 21, 2013. WHO AM I?!. 5th year teaching, 2 nd at OSE Married for 3 years, my husband, Kevin is a civil engineer, I have an 8 month old Britney Spaniel named Penny

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Jordann Graf Parent Night August 21, 2013

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    1. The ABC's of Kindergarten Jordann Graf Parent NightAugust 21, 2013

    2. WHO AM I?! • 5th year teaching, 2ndat OSE • Married for 3 years, my husband, Kevin is a civil engineer, I have an 8 month old Britney Spaniel named Penny • Youngest of 3; 1 older brother who just got married this summer, he’s a lawyer, my 1 older sister she works in deaf education (been married for 5 years)- My mom-Resource teacher, My dad-Engineer (been married for 34 years) • From Houston • Went to the University of Texas at Austin

    3. Absences/Attendance: Please be at school as much as possible. When absent, send a written note and/or a doctors note upon returning. If you know your child will be absent, send an email to me and the office as a head’s up. If you are making lengthy travel plans during the year- contact the office. Students must be fever-free for 24 hours before returning back to school. *5 days excused- must be pre-approved Arrival: 7:20 drop-off, teacher is on duty 7:40 bell rings to go to class 7:50 class begins You may walk with your child to class on the first day of school. Beginning the second day, students will walk to their class line and have a seat. We sit in the first hallway. Beginning the second dayof school, allow your child to walk independently in the building.

    4. Birthdays: Please do not send birthday party invitations to school unless there is one for everyone. Due to policy, you are not able to send in treats for the class to celebrate your child’s birthday. Book Publishing: With the help of PTA, our class will create a class book in which each student will submit an original piece. The cost of the book is $7 and it is hardback. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP! 

    5. Cafeteria: Breakfast: $1, 7:20am-7:40am Lunch: $2.10, 10:30am-11am Kindergarten does not have the option for additional snacks/ice cream/juice. They can purchase a small bottle of water. PLEASE keep money in the lunch account- they may borrow up to $5.90 before they are given a cheese sandwich and milk. YUCK! Pay online or send in money. If paying online, you will need your child’s ID #. Checks are payable to OSE-Nutrition Services. Please put the money in an envelope with child’s name and student name on the outside! For the first week, please pack a lunch for your child and wait to come eat lunch with them. This makes learning the cafeteria routine so much easier for everyone! Car Tags: EVERYONE NEEDS A CAR TAG! Pink= HOV (carpool/siblings) and is picked up in front of the school, GREEN=SSOV (single-students) and is picked up in front of the cafeteria. Conferences:Fall and Spring- you may request a conference at any time. All conferences will be documented and signed by parent/teacher.

    6. Daily Folders: initial each night, check for papers/notes • Dismissal: 2:50, Early Release- 12:30 • Discipline: Good behavior is essential to effective teaching and is encouraged throughout our classroom behavior plan. For serious offenses, students will be sent directly to the office with a referral. (hitting, continued disruptive behavior..) • -Behavior reflections w/ parent signature • *Show behavior chart in room. • Donations: books, treasure chest toys

    7. E-Mail: grafj@lisd.netThis is the best way to get in contact with me. Expectations: RESPECT: Yourself, Others, Property I also hold appropriate high expectations for my students both academically and socially. I believe if children are given high expectations, they will rise to the best of their ability to meet them.

    8. Field Trip: Spring • Fine Arts: • Day 1 - Library, Ms. York • Day 2 - Art, Ms. C • Day 3 - Science, Ms. Clark • Day 4 - PE, Mr. Restuccia (Wear tennis shoes and shorts under dresses) • Day 5 -Music, Ms. Ranne

    9. Guided Writing/Reading: Practiced daily during literacy stations. Students work in small groups with me while others are in their stations. YOU’RE GOING TO BE AMAZED AT HOW MUCH GROWTH YOU’LL SEE BY JUNE!

    10. Homework: Students will have some homework that will be developmentally appropriate and may vary throughout the year. -Me bags next Friday • Headphones for listening station • Mini collage for writing folder with photos

    11. Independence:Building independence is a goal for students because it builds self-esteem and self-confidence. Kindergarteners are capable of doing many things on their own if allowed. I encourage them to do as much as they can for themselves in the classroom. Long goodbyes tend to create more harm than good and are not encouraged. In the best interest of your child and others, please let your child walk in the building independently beginning the second dayof school.

    12. Journals: Writing takes place daily in Kindergarten. One way we accomplish this is through free writing in journals. Encourage your child to write at home for a variety of purposes!

    13. Kindergartenis a very important year! It lays the foundation for your child’s academic career. My goal for your kindergartener is to have fun and enjoying coming to school and feel that school is a safe place. I strive to create a desire in the students for lifelong learning and problem solving to help them become successful in the everyday world.

    14. Library: Our class will visit the library during fine arts once a week. Our librarian is Ms. York. Students may check out one book- cannot check out another one until the previous one is returned or paid for. Students will need their book each week to take to the library even if they are still reading it. Literacy Stations: Students are self-directed in their learning daily.

    15. Medication: All medication must be left with the nurse in the original container with directions about the dosage. Teachers are not allowed to dispense medication. Money: Any time you send money to school, PLEASE send it in an envelope with your child’s name, teacher name, what it is for and place it in the daily folder. *Also please tell your child what it is so they can give it to the teacher to promote responsibility on their part.

    16. Newsletters: You will receive a weekly newsletter each Mondayfor the upcoming week via e-mail. Please read it carefully and take note of any important dates or special events. They will also be posted on our class website. Nurse: Nurse Mary is our nurse. Please let her know of any issues your child may have that require her attention. (PB, tree nuts, etc)

    17. Office:Ms. Emoryand Ms. Granberry make up our friendly office staff. Please let them know of any absences or changes in transportation. The school’s telephone number is 469-713-5993. Old Settlers: Students are expected to demonstrate 5 star behaviors at OSE. • S – Self Control • T – Time Management • A – Always Do Your Best • R – Respect and Responsibility • S – Stay Focused • Open House: Sometime in March

    18. Parties: There will be two parties at school: Winter Party and End of Year. Class parties are under the direction of room parents. There will be no in-class birthday parties. Principals: Mrs. Hayunga is our principal  and Mr. Draper is our assistant principal. PTA: PLEASE JOIN!—Thursday? If we get 100% participation our class gets a prize!

    19. Questions?Please feel free to call my school number ore-mail grafj@lisd.netor send a note.

    20. Reading: Reading folders will come home mid-year. (This is what the Monday Message Folder is used for..) Recess: We go to recess from 11:00-11:30. If the temperature is above 95 or below 45 degrees, we will have indoor recess. Report Cards: Report cards will be sent home every nine weeks. Please sign and return the envelope after emptying the contents.

    21. Shine Time: StarsHeading Into New Enrichments Sight Words: In LISD..25, words that are automatically recognized and typically do not follow phonics rules. They are taught within the context of reading/writing. We will periodically have sight word tests. Snacks: There is no whole-class snack given by the teacher. You are responsible for your child’s snack each day. Snack time is after fine arts. (1:05) Please send your child’s snack labeled in their lunch so there is no confusion.

    22. Transportation: Please send a note or e-mail regarding changes in your child’s usual transportationat the beginning of the day. (If you send me an email mid day, I may not receive it in time for them to go home.)If changes are made with students who are daycare riders, please let the daycare know and myself. This makes daycare duty run more efficiently. If no note is given or the office has not been notified, your child will be required to travel home in their usual manner. Make your child’s transportation a CONSISTENT routine so there is no confusion. Toys: No toys in backpacks. Students may keep a book in their backpack to read while waiting for class in the morning.

    23. Understanding: Please understand that the rules and procedures of OSE and our class are to ensure that your child has the best Kindergarten year possible! 23 students- Your support will make a difference!

    24. Vacations: If you are planning to take a vacation during school time, please let the school know ahead of time. Visitors:All visitors and parents must sign in through RAPTOR at the office and wear a visitor’s badge while on campus. You will use your driver’s license to sign in. Volunteers:To volunteer, chaperone field trip, or work in the classroom, you must fill out a criminal background check on the LISD website every three years. Please make sure you have updated yours.

    25. Website:One of the greatest tools I use in class. I put everything on our website! Generally, if you have a question about something- it can be answered through the website. Please make it a favorite on your computer and utilize it.

    26. Extra Clothes: Please send an extra set of clothing (shirt, pants, socks, underwear) in a Ziploc baggie marked with your child’s name on the outside of the bag. Thesewill be stored in your child’s backpackand used by your child in the event they areneeded. Remember to keep them appropriate for the season!

    27. Your support in the success of your child’s educational journey is essential and greatly appreciated!

    28. Zzzzzzz - Make sure that your child gets plenty of rest. Setting and keeping a bedtime is a wonderful gift you can give your child. Thank You for Coming Tonight!