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Water Infrastructure Funding

Water Infrastructure Funding. AIF 2019 Water Forum Rob MacLean, SouthWest Water Company &  Frank Bernardino, Florida Water Advocates. “There has never been a more critical time to invest in our essential water infrastructure.” Jeff Eger, Executive Director

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Water Infrastructure Funding

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  1. Water Infrastructure Funding AIF 2019 Water Forum Rob MacLean, SouthWest Water Company &  Frank Bernardino, Florida Water Advocates

  2. “There has never been a more critical time to invest in our essential water infrastructure.” Jeff Eger, Executive Director Water Environment Federation US Conference of Mayors

  3. National Crisis

  4. Florida’s Daunting Challenge • $16.5 Billion over next 20 years in drinking water infrastructure improvements. (EPA Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessment - Fifth Report to Congress Sept. 2015 & ASCE 2017) • $18.4 Billion in wastewater infrastructure by 2020.(ASCE: 2017) • $2.8 billion dollars are needed by 2025 for capital improvements and long term maintenance programs to support flood control.(Florida Stormwater Association, 2014 Stormwater Utilities Survey) • $50.5 to $149.8 million per year for Numeric Nutrient Criteria Rule compliance.(FSA & FSU CEFA: 2/2012)

  5. Florida’s Challenge (Continued) • $16.4 Billion ($8.2 B Fla. share) over next 20 years for implementation of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP). (Congressional Research Service Report Titled Everglades Restoration: Federal Funding and Implementation Progress, Feb. 3, 2017) • $3 Trillion coastal infrastructure replacement value by 2030 (Florida Oceans and Coastal Council / 2010 [DEP & FWC Co-chairs] & Climate Works Foundation / 2009) 53.81 Billion over the next 20 years (Excluding SLR)

  6. WMD Ad valorem Revenues (Millions)

  7. WMD Total Revenues (Millions) 2006-2016 Totals from EDR Annual Assessment of Fla’s Water Resources and Conservation Lands, 2018 Edition 2017-2019 Totals from Water Management District FY 2019-20 Preliminary Budget Reports

  8. Florida Water Resource Funding (Millions)

  9. State Programmatic Funding

  10. Percent of State Budget Allocated for Water Resources

  11. In FY 2005/06 the total State budget was $65.43 Billion. • In FY 2019/20 the total State budget is $90.98 Billion. • The State budget has increased by $25.55 Billion over that period, but spending on water has only grown by $268.3 million. • Water has only captured 1.05%

  12. Challenge Requires Recurring Funding Support (Billions)

  13. WATER: It is Our Economy “I don’t want to reach a day where a Texas company announces it’s moving toFloridaor Ohio because of water issues.” Joe Straus Speaker Texas House of Representatives January 2013

  14. Public Support for Water Funding Texas voters approved a constitutional amendment proposed by the Legislature that is expected to “fund over $25 billion worth of projects over the next 50 years.” (StateImpact NPR, Nov. 2013)

  15. Investing in WATER = Jobs

  16. “EDR’s forecasts indicate that the recent levels of increases in expenditures cannot be sustained into the future using only the implied revenue shares historically allocated to water resources. In this regard, a gap exists in every future year, growing to $383.6 million by the end of the ten-year forecast period”

  17. Inclusive Approach • Florida Water Advocates • Fla. Assoc. of Counties • Association of Counties • Fla. Conservation Coalition • St. Johns Riverkeeper • Fla. Springs Council • Florida Audubon • Fla. Land Council • League of Cities • Realtors Assoc. • American Waterworks Assoc. • Fla. Chamber of Commerce • Associated Industries of Fla. • Fruit And Vegetable Growers Assoc.

  18. Legislative Update • During the Session the Office of the Speaker convened a meeting with the Senate President’s Office and the Office of Economic Demographics and Research (EDR) and the bill’s proponents. • The meeting led to amendments to the legislation which: • Requires DEP to complete a comprehensive and quantitative needs-based report on the state’s water resources and submit the report to the Governor and the Legislature by January 1, 2021, and every 5 years thereafter. • Requires DEP to coordinate with private and public sector entities, using any sources of information it deems reasonably reliable.

  19. Requires the report to: • Determine the level of need by considering infrastructure funding needs, including, but not limited to, residential, commercial, environmental, agricultural, and industrial needs. • Be based on a short-term, 5-year planning period and a long-term, 20-year planning period. • Include water supply infrastructure, water quality protection and restoration, wastewater infrastructure, stormwater infrastructure, flood control infrastructure, and environmental infrastructure. • Identify potential funding options to meet the anticipated demand on water resources in the state, including public and private funding options.

  20. Federal Funding Sources 20192020 • EPA Clean Water SRF $1.694 b $1.120 b • EPA Drinking Water SRF $863 m $863 m • EPA WIFIA $63 m $25 m • USDA Rural Water & Waste $400 m $322 m • USACOE WRDA $77 m None • HUD CDBG Grants $3.4 b None • DOI Title XVI Funds $58.6 m $3 m • DOI Bureau of Reclamation $132.7 m $27.2 m

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