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2012. Why ArtsAlive!. The impact and effect of the economic environment on the non-profit arts and cultural community. What is ArtsAlive!?.

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why artsalive
Why ArtsAlive!

The impact and effect of the economic environment on the non-profit arts and cultural community.

what is artsalive
What is ArtsAlive!?

ArtsAlive! is a competition that engages community members by allowing them to declare their desire to Keep their Arts Alive by voting with their dollars.

who is involved in artsalive
Who is involved in ArtsAlive!?
  • The Foundation, Sponsors & Contributors are underwriting the cost of ArtsAlive!
  • Non-profit arts & cultural organizations that choose to participate
  • Allegan County Community Foundation board, staff and ArtsAlive! committee
  • Community members, tourists, board, staff and friends of non-profit organizations
how does artsalive work
How does ArtsAlive! work?


  • Design and program development complete
  • Underwriting expenses being secured
  • Eligible non-profits declare their intent to participate – deadline: Wednesday, March 28th.
how does artsalive work1
How does ArtsAlive! work?


  • ArtsAlive! Tool Kits are provided to participating organizations.



  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Bookmarks
  • Envelopes
  • Presentation Script
  • Electronic letters
  • Web presence
  • Thank you cards
how does artsalive work2
How does ArtsAlive! work?

What does it cost the participating non-profits?

- Posters – zero!

  • Flyers – zero!
  • Tip Sheets – zero!
  • Envelopes – zero!
  • Electronic letters – zero!
  • Web presence – zero!

- Thank you cards – zero!

  • Mailings – cost of postage!
how does artsalive work3
How does ArtsAlive! work?


Competition Begins!

Upon receipt of the Tool Kit, organizations race to secure the most votes in their quest to win ArtsAlive!

Materials must be picked up at the Foundation between 9:00 – 1:00 on May 4th – promotion may begin at 1:01pm May 4, 2011!

Voting: First Friday in June (1st) thru second Friday in September (16th)

how does artsalive work4
How does ArtsAlive! work?


  • Votes are $1 each
  • Votes are counted from June 1 to, and including, September 16, 2012
  • All voting dollars are returned to the organization!
  • The five organizations that receive the highest number of votes will share in an equal division of the remaining proceeds!
  • Friday, October 19, 2012 - ArtsAlive! Bash
how does artsalive work5
How does ArtsAlive! work?

Votes convert to cash…

2010 top five:

  • Children’s Museum of Fennville – VOTES: 4,486 + $4,000 in prize money!
  • Mason Street Warehouse – VOTES: 3,981 + $4,000 in prize money!
  • Waterfront Film Festival – VOTES: 3,208 + $4,000 in prize money!
  • Mid-Lakes Chorus (Sweet Adelines) – VOTES: 2,572 + $4,000 in prize money!
  • Allegan Area Arts Council – VOTES: 1,524 + $4,000 in prize money!

Total Votes: 24,333!

Every time one of the organizations promotes

ArtsAlive!, all of the organizations are promoted!

how does artsalive work6
How does ArtsAlive! work?

Votes convert to cash…

2011 top five:

  • Waterfront Film Festival – VOTES: 16,655 + $5,000 in prize money!
  • Saugatuck Center for the Arts – 13,726 + $5,000 in prize money!
  • Mason Street Warehouse – VOTES: 9,618 + $5,000 in prize money!
  • Allegan Area Arts Council – VOTES: 4,744 + $5,000 in prize money!
  • Children’s Museum of Fennville – VOTES: 4,270 + $5,000 in prize money!

Total Votes: 64,504!

Every time one of the organizations promotes

ArtsAlive!, all of the organizations are promoted!

new artsalive conditions
NEW ArtsAlive! Conditions

The group discussed the idea of not requiring ArtsAlive! voters to provide their name and address. The pros and cons were discussed. The most significant cons are 1) not building a donor database from the voter list 2) not having the ability to communicate with them about the BASH and aftermath of the event. While we all agreed additional donations were likely to come from the loosening of required names/addresses, it is not ideal for garnering donors. In the end the group decided to revise the conditions:

  • Voters do not need to provide their name and address.
  • The ACCF will change the envelope to state: If you wish to receive a tax acknowledgment, please provide the requested information.
  • The ACCF will only send tax/thank you letters to those who request a tax acknowledgment and those votes $250 or more. UPDATE: We may take this amount down to $100.
  • The participants acknowledge that there may be few names provided to add to their donor lists and no way to invite voters to the BASH.
  • IMPORTANT: if you are bringing in cash from multiple unknown donors, do not bring more than $250 at one time.
  • In order to receive vote check, organizations MUST attend BASH, provide survey responses and attend follow-up meeting.
  • We will not accept change this year. Please have change converted to bills prior to turning in.
how does artsalive work7
How does ArtsAlive! work?

What is the role of a participating organization?

See attached Rules of Participation handout.


  • Board/staff and volunteers should all be working toward this cost effective, high profile, potentially lucrative fundraiser!
  • Delegate tips to cover as much ground as possible!
  • Follow the rules! Integrity is everything.
  • Acknowledge the sponsors!
how does artsalive work8
How does ArtsAlive! work?

Next Steps:

  • To participate: sign contract and finalize order form
  • Educate your board, committee members and staff – how they can vote and encourage their friends to vote
  • Promote, promote, promote!

Participant Tips will be emailed periodically throughout the competition.

artsalive frequently asked questions
ArtsAlive! Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can organizations vote for themselves?

No. Checks must be made out to the ACCF by an individual or business. If gifts of cash, take name and address of donor and deliver cash with completed donation envelope, if applicable. If no name/contact information state that on outside of envelope.

  • Can people vote online?


3. Are votes tax deductible?


4. When will we get our ‘vote’ money?

Checks will be provided at the follow-up meeting on October 23, 2012 from 9 – 10:30.

5. When will we find out who the top 5 are?

At the BASH. A tally of voting will be on throughout the competition with the exception of the final week of the competition.

6. Will we be able to find out who voted for us?

Yes. The Foundation will provide a list of voters, one in August and one at the end of the competition.

7. When will we get the ArtsAlive! materials?

Materials will be available for pick up at the Foundation from 9:00 – 1:00 on May 4th. No other arrangements will be made for the delivery of materials.

what you are leaving with today
What you are leaving with today…
  • Samples…poster, bookmark, note pads
  • Rules of Participation
  • Participation Contract
  • Participant Tip Sheets (provided throughout competition)
  • Participant Order Form
what you will pick up on may 4 th 9 00 1 00
What you will pick up on May 4th (9:00 - 1:00)
  • ArtsAlive! 3 posters
  • ArtsAlive! Flyers - # based on order form
  • ArtsAlive! Bookmarks - # based on order form
  • ArtsAlive! donation envelopes – # based on

order form

  • ArtsAlive! banner (if new participant)
  • ArtsAlive! electronic letters to be emailed
continuing role of the accf
Continuing Role of the ACCF
  • Media (ads and press releases)
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Radio and television coverage
  • Extensive marketing

Questions that surface after today should be addressed to Theresa by email: When appropriate, the entire group will be copied on the question and answer.