2008 food preservation update l.
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2008 Food Preservation Update PowerPoint Presentation
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2008 Food Preservation Update

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2008 Food Preservation Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2008 Food Preservation Update . Elizabeth L. Andress, Ph.D. Extension Food Safety Specialist University of Georgia April 10, 2008. Reminders from Recalls. Castleberry’s Food Company Augusta, GA Chili products, pet foods 4 people sick

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2008 Food Preservation Update

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2008 food preservation update

2008 Food Preservation Update

Elizabeth L. Andress, Ph.D.

Extension Food Safety Specialist

University of Georgia

April 10, 2008

reminders from recalls
Reminders from Recalls
  • Castleberry’s Food Company
    • Augusta, GA
    • Chili products, pet foods
  • 4 people sick
  • Investigation led to problems at New Era Canning Company, New Era, Michigan.
    • Recall of many kinds of canned beans, asparagus
fda inspection findings
FDA Inspection Findings
  • Records not being kept to document proper process.
  • Thermometers not being calibrated on retorts or for initial fill temps.
  • Initial fill temperatures not being taken/recorded.
  • Supervisors not having had Better Process Control School.
reducing sugar
Reducing Sugar
  • Still a popular request
    • Fruits
    • Preserves
    • Jellies/jams
    • Butters
  • Sugar plays an important role in some products in the preservation.
question this week
Question this week:

> question -> I bottled 10 jars of strawberry jellie. I doubled the recipe, 10 c. crushed strawberries, 2 packets pectin but I forgot to double the sugar so the end product is runny. I also did the inversion method of turning the jars upside down for 5 min instead of the water bath method . they all sealed. I am just wondering if the amount of sugar will affect the preservation of the jam........

pectins for jam jelly
Pectins for Jam/Jelly
  • Freezer jam “pouch”
    • Any fruit, Splenda or sugar
    • Ball, Sure Jell
  • Powdered “no sugar needed”
    • Mrs. Wages
    • Ball
    • SureJell
    • Pomona
more bites of information
More Bites of Information
  • Sure Jell Splenda Strawberry Jam
    • Our group felt it wasn’t sweet enough.
    • Makes only 3 half-pints.
      • Why?
    • Also seems to have more fruit than some other recipes.
  • Fruit floats a LOT in the cooked jams. Traps a lot of air in many fruits.
commercial website changes
Commercial Website Changes
  • www.freshpreserving.com
freshpreserving com website changes
Freshpreserving.com Website Changes
  • Now using “canning” more, when last year it was “fresh preserving.”
  • More “Preserving Guides”
    • http://www.freshpreserving.com/pages/preserving_guides/5.php
    • Which Jar Should You Use
      • See handout, from online.
ball product updates
Ball® Product Updates
  • Plastic freezer “jars”, originally 8 oz.
    • Now 16 oz and 32 oz sizes.
  • More plastic freezer containers, various sizes.
newer ingredients
Newer Ingredients
  • Ball® Simple Creations® Pickle Crisp® powder.
    • Calcium chloride.
  • Newer directions.
    • Now suggest adding it to jars

between solids and liquids

when filling jars.

    • OR using as a presoak.
      • Overnight, no rinsing.
  • See insert:
  • http://www.freshpreserving.com/filebin/41672PickleCrispInsert.pdf
canning equipment
Canning Equipment
  • Boiling Water Canner racks
    • Current design only holds 7 jars within separations.
    • Half-pint jars do not sit flat on rack.
    • Some pint jars tip over.
  • Designing corrections
    • Put flat rack in bottom of canner.
      • Pressure canner rack.
      • Cake/cookie cooling racks.
    • Towel in bottom of canner ???
      • Andress can’t recommend.
canner equipment





Canner Equipment
  • All-American Dual Gauge System
all american gauge parts
All-American Gauge Parts


Old -- Petcock

all american trouble shooting guide
All-American Trouble-Shooting Guide

ALL-AMERICAN pressure cooker canners are weighted-gauge canners. The pressure gauge is supplied as a reference only for when the unit is pressurized and timing for canning may roughly begin, or when the pressure has dropped to zero and the lid may be safely removed.

The accuracy of your steam pressure gauge should be checked annually before the canning season, or several times a year if unit is used often. Your county extension agent or home economist may provide this service. You may need to replace your steam gauge.



all american user guide p 10
All-American User Guide, p. 10

Please understand that there will not be an exact correlation between the pressure shown on the gauge to the corresponding pressure setting on the pressure regulator weight. ........ The basic reason that our pressure cooker retains the gauge is to provide additional information as to the pressure and temperature within the unit, but you can be assured that the unit is functioning at the pressure regulator weight setting.



more bites of information18
More Bites of Information
  • Presto Dial Gauge Tester
    • Update on brochure with brands suitable for testing.
  • Kraft Foods 1-800 number
    • Now only taped messages.
nchfp salsa studies
NCHFP Salsa Studies
  • Formula made by MFP and Extension agents.
    • 27 batches in Illinois
    • 17 batches in Oregon
  • Could choose from one of 3 versions
    • 9 cups tomatoes identical in all.
    • 9 cups total bell peppers and onion (either 3+6 or 9 of any combination).
    • 3 tbsp hot peppers in v1 and v2; none in v3
nchfp salsa studies20
NCHFP Salsa Studies
  • Choose any variety/brand of ingredients, but keep records of type/brand used:
    • ripe tomatoes
    • onions
    • bell peppers
    • hot peppers
    • bottled lemon juice
    • canning salt
nchfp salsa studies21
NCHFP Salsa Studies
  • For produce items:
    • size
    • color
    • variety
    • type - e.g. Roma/slicing tomatoes, hot/sweet/salad onions, banana/jalapeno peppers)
    • Source - store-bought/home-grown/local farm
    • harvesting details - e.g. picked green and then ripened, or picked ripe?
nchfp salsa studies22
NCHFP Salsa Studies
  • Record:
    • weight (g/oz) and volume (cups/tablespoons) of prepared ingredients.
    • procedural variations or deviations.
    • time and date of processing.
    • number of batches.
    • Canning altitude
    • Type of heating - gas/electric
    • Number of jars canned in each batch
    • Quantity of leftover salsa - weight and volume
    • Processing time used
nchfp maymester course
NCHFP Maymester Course
  • Undergraduate Level
    • Special Problems FDNS 3010
  • 2.5 weeks
  • Lectures and labs, 3 hour classes.
    • Labs included canning (BWC and PC), acidification studies, jelly and jam, dehydrating, demonstration on freezing.
  • Textbook: So Easy to Preserve
nchfp maymester course24
NCHFP Maymester Course


  • 7 students
  • No previous experience
    • 1 exception: someone worked in Mormon food processing center.

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