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背英文單字後遺症 小明在準備考試,無論是站著、坐著或躺著都在唸英文。 幾天前他去騎馬,不幸從馬背上摔了下來,暈了過去。朋友嚇得半死,趕快送他到醫院去救治。 PowerPoint Presentation
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背英文單字後遺症 小明在準備考試,無論是站著、坐著或躺著都在唸英文。 幾天前他去騎馬,不幸從馬背上摔了下來,暈了過去。朋友嚇得半死,趕快送他到醫院去救治。

背英文單字後遺症 小明在準備考試,無論是站著、坐著或躺著都在唸英文。 幾天前他去騎馬,不幸從馬背上摔了下來,暈了過去。朋友嚇得半死,趕快送他到醫院去救治。

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背英文單字後遺症 小明在準備考試,無論是站著、坐著或躺著都在唸英文。 幾天前他去騎馬,不幸從馬背上摔了下來,暈了過去。朋友嚇得半死,趕快送他到醫院去救治。

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  1. 背英文單字後遺症小明在準備考試,無論是站著、坐著或躺著都在唸英文。 幾天前他去騎馬,不幸從馬背上摔了下來,暈了過去。朋友嚇得半死,趕快送他到醫院去救治。 後來他居然逕自走出醫院,大夥兒很緊張地擠過去,問他:「醫生怎麼說?」 他 充滿自信地回答: Doctor.

  2. ONE-TWO-THREE這是發生在一個兒童美語班的故事 ... 某天班主任正在翻閱最近才報名的新生資料時,發現一位小朋友的家長姓名欄沒有填, 於是他把這個小朋友找來,很和氣的問他說:小朋友,你沒有填媽媽的名字喔!你媽媽叫做什麼名字ㄚ? 這個小朋友用很可愛的鼻音說: one-two-three! 班主任覺得有點啼笑皆非,於是又耐心的問了一次:喔..你念的很棒!那你媽媽的名字到底是什麼啊?

  3. 這個小朋友又用很可愛的鼻音,而且很用力的說:這個小朋友又用很可愛的鼻音,而且很用力的說: one-two-three! 班主任有點不耐煩了,他大聲的說:你不要唸啦!你用寫的給我看就行了! 這個小朋友被班主任嚇了一跳,嘟著嘴,在紙上寫下媽媽的名字........

  4. 萬涂-淑-麗!

  5. Name of the Class? Listening and Speaking English Nice to meet you. I’m glad to be your English teacher this year. I hope you and I will ENJOY this class. Name? My name is Hsieh, Wan-Yen. 謝宛燕 You can call me Ms Hsieh.

  6. I like English, and I like traveling. I’ve been to many countries. Guess which country is my favorite. France is my favorite country of all.

  7. You’re all welcome to speak English with me and ask me anything about English the language. I may not know the answers but I’m very happy to find them out and learn new things.

  8. I need 1 ‘teacher’s assistant’ or ‘teacher’s helper’. I need the ones who are happy, helpful, honest, careful, and considerate. Any volunteers? Please come to my office before class. My e-mail:

  9. What do we need for this class? Your English textbook and workbook. Your eyes, Your ears, Your mouth, Your hands, & Most of All, A happy heart.

  10. Talk with your partner: Do you think English is important? Why is English important/not important? Which part is easy for you? Which part is difficult for you? What can you do to listen/speak/read/write English well? Teacher’s suggestion P&P (not PMP) Play & Practice

  11. Class: Number: Name: E-mail: Hobbies: Favorites: Things I feel proud of Things bother me the most Self-introduction in 100 words (I am a…; My friends think I am a…) I have learned English for ___ years in ____. My expectation of this class. (I hope the teacher can…; I hope I can…)