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NOAA CVS Training Guide

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NOAA CVS Training Guide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NOAA CVS Training Guide. Background.

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Presentation Transcript
  • NOAA employees and contractors began receiving new badges in April, 2008, known as Common Access Cards (CACs). These new badges are a requirement of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12), Personal Identity Verification II (PIV-II). The existing NOAA badges, which do not satisfy these requirements, will be phased out over the coming years.
  • NOAA's Office of the Chief Administrative Officer (OCAO) is leading this phased implementation effort into HSPD-12 PIV-II compliance by using the Department of Defense's CAC PIV-II solution. Issuance of the CAC to NOAA employees and contractors will be managed by respective Line/Staff Offices(LO/SO).
rapids deers
  • CACs are issued at Real-time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) stations.
  • All NOAA employees and contractors must have a record in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) to receive a CAC.
rapids deers1
  • NOAA employee records are created and downloaded into DEERS via an automatic data feed.
  • Contractors records are created by a Trusted Agent (TA) via the Contractor Verification System (CVS). After the contractor’s application has been approved by the TA, a record will be created and downloaded in DEERS.
  • Contractor Verification System (CVS) is a web-based application.
  • CVS allows NOAA Contractors to register for a Common Access Card (CAC) electronically via the internet.
  • Contractors must be sponsored by a Trusted Agent (NOAA employee only) and complete an on-line application in CVS.
cvs structure
CVS Structure
  • Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC), the DEERS/RAPIDS administrator, is chartered to operate and maintain the CVS infrastructure.
  • NOAA Service/Agency Point of Contact (S/A POC) is responsible for day-to-day CVS management and operation.
  • NOAA Trusted Agent Security Manager (TASM) is responsible for user management and administration for their specific site.
cvs structure noaa trusted agent
CVS Structure – NOAA Trusted Agent
  • NOAA Trusted Agents were selected by their Line/Staff Office Point of Contact(s).
  • Selected Trusted Agents are registered in CVS by the TASM.
  • TASM is responsible for training all Trusted Agents assigned to their site.
noaa trusted agent roles responsibilities
NOAA Trusted Agent – Roles/Responsibilities
  • NOAA CVS Trusted Agent (TA) is responsible for:
    • 1) Establishing that the applicant is sponsored by NOAA and will be employed under contract for six months or more.
    • 2) Ensuring applicant’s need for logical/physical access to either a NOAA network or facility has been established, both initially and ongoing through semiannual re-verifications.
    • 3) Ensuring applicants have gone through proper vetting process
noaa trusted agent roles responsibilities cont
NOAA Trusted Agent –Roles/Responsibilities (cont)
  • 4) Ensuring positive identification of all applicants approved for a CAC.
  • 5) Initiating the process of application for registration of a CAC.
  • 6) Providing applicant with information/instruction on CAC issuance.
  • TAs are responsible for completing the following training requirements:
noaa ta training requirements
NOAA TA Training Requirements
  • Training #1 - An informational session provided by the TASM. The training lasts approximately two hours. The TA will be provided an overview of their roles and responsibilities. An optional demonstration on using the online application of the Contractor Verification System (CVS) can be provided during training.Training #2 – Online certification training courses provided by DoD. This training is mandatory and must be completed prior to sponsoring applicants. The training can take up to two hours. This training is accessible only with a valid CAC, hardware and software. TA will log into CVS and select Learning Courseware located on the left of the TA Dashboard.
types of contractor applications
Types of Contractor Applications
  • Types of Contractor Applications
    • Contractors, Sea Grant Fellows, Interns,
    • Associates and Foreign Nationals (green card holders)

Foreign Nationals who are in the following categories WILL NOT be processed through CVS:

    • Any person who is not a citizen, US National, or Legal Permanent Resident (e.g. Green Card holder) of the United States. A foreign national may be a contractor, research associate, or other guest
    • Must follow the Department of Commerce’s DAO 207-12 requirements
hardware software requirements for cac login
Hardware/Software Requirements for CAC Login
  • TA must log into CVS using their CAC. TA should obtain the following hardware/software to use their CAC for login: 1) ActivClient 6.0 or higher CD either single use or server use 2)Software License 3)Maintenance Fee 4)Card Reader or Keyboard with Card Reader
  • TA should coordinate with their local IT Specialist before downloading software.
ta login
TA Login
  • The following procedures are required for CAC Login
    • 1. Open your browser, for example Internet Explorer, and navigate to the CVS Login Page
    • 2. Insert your CAC into the CAC reader. When prompted, click on one of your certificates. Click OK. When prompted, enter your CAC PIN. You will automatically be taken to the TA Homepage.
  • When you login with your CAC, the application checks to determine if your card is valid. Login fails if your CAC has expired or the certificates have been terminated. Login fails if you do not have access to CVS as established by the TASM using Security Online, if the application times out, or if the application screen you are viewing is out-of-sync with the actual status of the application.
ta homepage
  • The TA Homepage provides a Dashboard with links and counts for applications organized by application status. The Homepage also provides news regarding CVS operations. The links in the Dashboard frame allow you to perform the following functions:
  • Review submitted applications
  • Re-verify applicants
  • View in-progress applications
  • View rejected applications
  • View approved applications
  • View returned applications
beginning the application process
Beginning the Application Process
  • TA receives DD Form 1172-2 from Sponsor/COR
    • If TA is sponsor, TA completes DD Form 1172-2
  •  Verify NACI information using CD 591
    • Sponsor/COR/TA completes sections A & B and forward to their Regional Security Office for completion of section C with their signature
  •  TA receive DD Form 1172-2 and CD-591
    • TA provide Contractor with a copy of the DD Form 1172-2
    • TA log into CVS using CAC.
processing contractor applications into cvs
Processing Contractor Applications into CVS
  • Create Application for Contractor
    • Select Create Application from the left side of TA Homepage
    • Select only DoD and Uniformed Services Contractor
    • Card Expiration Date is the same as Contract End Date unless the contract end date is more than 3 years from the day you enter and submit application (Do not use date on NOAA badge)
    • Contract End Date
      • if contract has option years, use the latest date
      • check with the COR to verify dates, if necessary
  •  TA Submit Application
    • TA must acknowledge and confirm application
    • Contractor login information is provided on screen after the application has been confirmed
    • Print out USER NAME and PASSWORD for Contractor (contractors do not need hardware/software)
processing contractor applications into cvs continued
Processing Contractor Applications into CVS (continued)
  • Provide USER NAME and PASSWORD, in a secure manner, with instructions to Contractor
    • Instructions for Contractor Login is in CVS Training Guide (pages 80 through 92)
  •  Contractor log into CVS and completes application within 30 days
    • Contractor must select NOAA as the Organization
    • TA information is provided on the DD Form 1172-2
    • Contractor confirms application and submits it to the TA for approval
  •  TA receives email notification that contractor has completed application
  • TA has 30 days to review application
  • TA log into CVS and reviews application to ensure contractor meets eligibility requirement for a CAC. TA returns incomplete application if necessary or approves completed application
  • TA must acknowledge and confirm that they are approving the application
processing contractor applications into cvs continued1
Processing Contractor Applications into CVS (continued)
  • TA and Contractor will be immediately notified via email after TA approves and submits application, to proceed to the nearest RAPIDS station for CAC issuance within 90 days.
    • No additional action in CVS is required by TA.
    • Contractor should notify LO/SO POC to coordinate CAC issuance at a designated RAPIDS station.
    • Contractor will be required to bring two forms of unexpired identification with them to the RAPIDS station (one form must be a federal/state issued picture ID, i.e. drivers license) for CAC issuance
contractor re verification
Contractor Re-Verification
  •  TA will receive email to re-verify Contractor in 180 days
    • In addition to confirming the contractor’s personal information and continued affiliation with NOAA, the TA must confirm the contractor’s continued need for a CAC.
    • TA will log into CVS and re-verify or revoke Contractor
      • If contractor has left or is no longer eligible, TA should revoke the CAC and ensure that sponsor/COR has collected and returned it to their Regional Security Office.
contractor name change
Contractor Name Change


All name changes for Contractors must be processed at a RAPIDS station with legal documentation (marriage certificate, divorce decree, court document, etc.).

  • The Contractor must report the name change to their Trusted Agent.
  • Trusted Agents should update the Contractor’s CVS file.
transfer of sponsorship ta
Transfer of Sponsorship - TA
  • Transfer of Sponsorship between TAs - sponsorship must be transferred if the following instances occur:
    • TA has been relieved of duty
    • TA has transferred out of the organization

TASM is responsible for transferring contractor sponsorship between TAs, upon notification via email or memorandum.

additional information
Additional Information
  • Software/Account Suspensions/DMDC LearningWebsite Issues
    • TA should contact the CVS Helpdesk at 1-800-372-7437, follow prompts for operator. Provide the operator with:
      • Your name and contact number
      • Application you are using - CVS
      • Site ID# - 174298
  • The TA should contact the SPOC/TASM (Neavaly Touray) via email or phone at 301-713-0850 ext 158 with questions or to resolve any other CVS issues.