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CRM Are you ready for the change? David Cosgrave CRM Product Manager Sage Ireland PowerPoint Presentation
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CRM Are you ready for the change? David Cosgrave CRM Product Manager Sage Ireland

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CRM Are you ready for the change? David Cosgrave CRM Product Manager Sage Ireland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Technology 4 Business Work Smart. CRM Are you ready for the change? David Cosgrave CRM Product Manager Sage Ireland. Agenda. CRM – what is it and why should you care? Louis Copeland Case Study Sage CRM Survey. What is CRM ?. C ustomer R elationship M anagement Definition

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Presentation Transcript

Technology 4 Business

Work Smart

CRMAre you ready for the change?David CosgraveCRM Product ManagerSage Ireland

  • CRM – what is it and why

should you care?

  • Louis Copeland Case Study
  • Sage CRM Survey
what is crm
What is CRM ?
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Definition

“CRM is the process of managing all aspects of interaction a company has with its customers”

what is crm1
What is CRM?
  • CRM is not a technology any more than accountancy is a technology
  • A technique for building a profitable and sustainable business based on your customer relationships
  • In Summary :
    • “Getting new customers and keeping the ones you have “
why should you care about crm
Why should you care about CRM?
  • High Cost of direct sales
    • CRM can help increase sales force productivity and in turn contain or decrease the cost of sale
  • Increased competition
    • CRM puts you in better control
  • Need for better information

- With CRM you know more about what is happening with your people and your customers

customer view of your business
Customer view of your business
  • Have you ever asked yourself – “what are we like to do business with ?”
    • In research only about 20% of the time do customers talk about Price or features ; 80% of the time they talk about :

“They are easy to do business with”

“They are responsive or proactive”

“A service and a value tailored for me”

“Consistent Performance over time”

“They ask me questions”

“Great expertise”

….ALL Relationship based issues

what does a good relationship look like
What does a good relationship look like?
  • The customer feels that you understand their needs and requirements
  • The customer feels that they are important and not just another number
  • You respond quickly and efficiently to your customers’ needs.

Remember the golden rule :

If you don’t look after your customers,

someone else will

sample scenario before crm
Sample Scenario before CRM
  • Customer calls with a pre-sales query and gives their details
  • The sales rep discusses their needs & promises to call back tomorrow with pricing
  • The sales rep forgets, then is out of the office.
  • The customer calls back, only to speak to a different rep, give all their details again, promised a callback, doesn’t get it……
  • Sales rep calls back a few days after returning and finds that….
  • Surprise surprise, the customer has bought elsewhere & has told colleagues of how disorganised the company is
sample scenario after crm
Sample Scenario after CRM
  • Customer calls with a pre-sales query and gives their details
  • Sales rep stores this information in CRM system, creates a sales lead and assigns it to herself. Promises to call back tomorrow with pricing
  • Sales rep gets a pop-up reminder tomorrow to call customer; she calls, gives prices and arranges follow-up call when she gets back to the office. Rep writes a note of what they discussed and how much she quoted
  • Customer wants to verify the pricing while sales rep is out – her colleague retrieves his details from the CRM system and reiterates the prices quoted by the other rep.
  • Customer decides to buy straight away & gets an excellent first impression of an efficient, customer-focussed organisation
benefits of crm
Benefits of CRM
  • Improve Loyalty / Churn
  • Gain Competitive Advantage :
        • relationship based differentiation
  • Increase Sales Revenue
  • Increase Profitability
  • Improve internal Productivity
  • Enhance executive decision making
  • Decrease costs and expenses
benefits for your salesperson
Benefits for Your Salesperson
  • Easy to use
  • Centralized customer data
  • Automate redundant tasks
  • Integrate with applications you use everyday
  • Stay on top of all key deliverables
  • Increase quality and effectiveness of communications
  • Improve opportunity management and predictability
benefits for your sales manager
Benefits for Your Sales Manager
  • Enable every sales rep to perform like your best
  • Accelerate time to productivity
  • Increase quality/effectivenessof communications
  • Reduce administrative burden on sales force
  • Improve timely access to critical customer information
  • Improve business predictability
  • Ensure user adoption and productive use
benefits for your admin it
Benefits for Your Admin/IT
  • Centralize customer data
  • Multiple levels of security
  • Flexible deployment and administration options
  • Speedy rollout to get users up and running quickly
  • Remote access options
  • Customize and integrate asmuch or as little as you like
  • Low total cost of ownership
value add
Value Add…..
  • 10% increase in Gross sales
    • Sales staff are more efficient and more effective
  • 5% decrease in general and admin cost of sales
  • 5% increase in win rate for forecasted sales
  • 5% or more improvement in quality rating by customers (NPS)

Source ISM/Insight Technology Group studies

why don t we all have one then

Why don’t we all have one then…..

…the reasons why CRM is not widely adopted yet

problems in crm
Problems in CRM
  • Unclear what CRM can do for me
  • Lack of Sales, Marketing , Support services strategy
  • Lack of Corporate commitment
  • In company politics
  • Lack of proper training
  • Lack of Know How
  • Resistance by System users
so to implement crm you need
So to implement CRM you need
  • To know what you need to change in Sales, Marketing and support services
  • Be willing to share information within the organisation
  • Overcome feeling intimidated by the technology
  • Have staff willing to undergo changes to work practices
  • Sales people need to overcome the “Big brother” fear
  • Invest over time in terms of man hours and discipline
or in summary implementing crm involves change

..or in summary, implementing CRM involves Change

Many of us are not yet ready or willing to make the change

Are you ready ?

what is this likely to cost
What is this likely to cost ?
  • It varies significantly depending on the
    • Functional needs
    • Number of Users
    • Where the company is starting in terms of strategy
    • Attitude of the staff towards technology
    • ….etc
    • Rule of thumb : Average spend of €1000 per user in the first year ( + Hardware) for software, implementation, training and support based on experience.
        • Simple contact management requirement – much less…
        • Highly integrated and automated – much more…
  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Remote Desktop
  • Remote Laptop
  • PDA
  • Internet
customer relationship process
Customer Relationship Process

New customer buys

Customer information card filled in

Information is entered into ACT!

ACT! reminder for Courtesy Call 30 days later

Phone call/SMS/Voicemail/Email when new stock arrives or at pre-sale time

When customer returns, salesperson consults ACT! for details

what this brings to the business
What this brings to the business
  • Much closer customer-business relationship
  • Consistency of service
  • Allowed them to increase their customer base while keeping the personal touch
  • “If you took the software away today, the impact on the business would be severe”
louis copeland
Louis Copeland
  • ‘Because of the large number of customers that we have, no one person within our company can possibly remember every unique customer requirement. ACT! helps us to remember.’
  • ‘ACT! puts old-fashioned values into technology. I’m very pleased with it, and anticipate using the system to help us foster even better relationships with our customers.’

Louis Copeland, Managing Director

sage crm survey april 2006
Sage CRM Survey – April 2006
  • Sage Ireland carried out a unique survey of its CRM customers.
  • The first to determine the difference CRM made to:
    • Business effectiveness,
    • Credibility
    • Profitability.