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Case Study Assignment

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Case Study Assignment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Case Study Assignment . PPBOCES/TIRP/UCCS Teacher-in-Residence Program TIRP II. Purpose of Case Study. Relating student learning & achievement in your classroom based on: Analysis of student data Identification of student’s learning needs Implementation of intervention(s)

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case study assignment

Case Study Assignment


Teacher-in-Residence Program


purpose of case study
Purpose of Case Study
  • Relating student learning & achievement in your classroom based on:
    • Analysis of student data
    • Identification of student’s learning needs
    • Implementation of intervention(s)
    • Outcome analysis of intervention(s)
    • Demonstration and application of professional research
      • Carefully written, proofread, and publishable document
case study format
Case Study Format

Five Parts:

  • Introduction
  • Assumptions
  • Review of the Literature
  • Intervention and Implementation of Intervention
  • Conclusion
i introduction
I. Introduction
  • Introductory Information
    • Select a regular education student from your room, who is having achievement difficulty
      • Select an alias for the student name
      • No special education or 504 student as your case study
    • Be able to clearly state the achievement challenges student poses
i introduction1
I. Introduction
  • Student’s overview of current & historical achievement patterns
    • Test scores – where, what
    • Achievement in past years
    • Teacher comments – previous years
    • Parent comments
    • Learning style - demographics
    • Classroom behavioral patterns
    • Other information that indicates achievement patterns
      • Extra curricular activities, interview, home-life,

attendance, health, etc.

ii assumptions
II. Assumptions
  • In this section discuss:
    • Reason(s) why student is achieving as she/he is
      • Can be factual and/or assumptions based on your research of student’s history or experiences with them in your classroom, previous teachers, and parents
      • Provide anecdotal support for your assumptions
iii literature review
III. Literature Review
  • Bibliographic information should include:
    • 2 professional articles (internet or print)
      • 2004 or later
    • Articles should support your assumptions related to achievement difficulties of this student
    • Bibliography – last page, APA guidelines (available online)
iv intervention and implementation of intervention
IV. Intervention and Implementation of Intervention

Explain strategy or strategies implemented to improve student’s achievement patterns

Explain why you believe this strategy/strategies will work

  • Clarify & be specific:
    • Your intentions as the teacher
    • What student’s responsibility is
  • Support Involvement may include:
    • Parents, other teachers, administrators,

other students, community mentors

iv intervention implementation of intervention
IV. Intervention & Implementation of Intervention
  • Intervention Process
    • Begin intervention (minimum of 10-15 sessions)
    • Allow enough time to determine if intervention(s) is working (RtI = 6-9 weeks)
      • Continue or change intervention based on student data
iv intervention implementation of intervention1
IV. Intervention & Implementation of Intervention
  • Intervention Process
    • Intervention not working
      • Revise implementation based on data


Keep periodic journal notes on progress of intervention(s) with dates.

*Journal notes will help you write up your case study & trigger your memory of what happened during these intervention sessions, and measurable data collection should be included.

v conclusion
V. Conclusion
  • Reflect on Case Study:
    • Explain outcome of your intervention(s) with the student
    • List factors that were instrumental in intervention being successful or not
    • Provide suggestions for improving intervention with future students in future years
    • What did you learn as a teacher doing the Case Study?
case study final product
Case Study Final Product
  • Cover page with your name, assignment name, TIRP II, Date
  • Succinctly written document with five parts included and labeled
  • Word processed in 12 font
  • Hard copy
  • Pages organized & stapled
  • Bibliography separate and last page in APA format
case study rubric
Case Study Rubric
  • Refer to handout
    • This Case Study must have a proficient rating of 45/50 pts. on this rubric.
    • If you receive less than Proficient, you must revise and resubmit for a passing grade.
    • If revisions are required, please resubmit the original Case Study as well.
case study due date
Case Study Due Date:
  • Completed assignment due on April 21st, 2012
  • Student and intervention due Feb. 11, 2012
  • Rough draft due April 7 or before
  • Late assignments will have a 5 point deduction past the April 21st due date.
  • Questions regarding assignment:
    • Elementary and Secondary Resident Teachers:
      • Marcia Gieck
      • E-mail:
      • Home: 382-4730 or 209-4453
      • Work: 209-4453
      • Address: 10144 Rolling Ridge Rd., Co. Spgs., C0 80925