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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) 2013: PowerPoint Presentation
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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) 2013:

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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) 2013: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) 2013:. An opportunity to enrich our legacy of learning at UNCW Presented by Kimberly J. Cook UNCW QEP Topic Development Coordinator October 2010. What is a QEP?. A multi-year , campus-wide process to study and improve student learning at UNCW

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quality enhancement plan qep 2013

Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) 2013:

An opportunity to enrich our legacy of learning at UNCW

Presented by Kimberly J. Cook

UNCW QEP Topic Development Coordinator

October 2010

what is a qep
What is a QEP?
  • A multi-year, campus-wide process to study and improve student learning at UNCW
  • The topic will focus on a specific aspect of student learning
  • The topic will emerge from systematically exploring our students strengths and areas needing development, with input from students, faculty, administration, and staff
  • The QEP must be feasible and measurable using accepted assessment methods
  • The QEP must be supported by the University with funds devoted to (faculty) professional development.
  • A crucial component of our reaccreditation process for 2013
what the qep means to our re accreditation
What the QEP means to our Re-accreditation
  • awarded by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools), through their peer-review process.
  • The review occurs in 2013; however, the QEP is due in the fall of 2012

SACS Reaccreditation

Compliance Principles


Peer Review

our qep must
Our QEP must...
  • describe a course of action that addresses a well-defined topic or issue directly related to enhancing student learning.
  • reflect the specific needs of UNCW and our students
  • be consistent with UNCW’s mission
  • be integrated into UNCW’s ongoing planning and evaluation process
examples successful qeps
Examples: successful QEPs
  • Georgia Tech: Strengthening the Global Competence and Research Experiences of Undergraduate Students
  • William and Mary: Expanding the Learning Community: Building on Faculty-Student Collaboration to Enhance Student Scholarship
  • Tennessee Tech: Improving Critical Thinking and Real-World Problem Solving Skills
  • Univ. of Texas at Arlington: Active Learning: Pathways to Higher Order Thinking at UT Arlington
how are students involved
How are students involved?
  • This is really all about you! so, the more involved you can be the better our plan will become.
  • You know what you want from your education and we need to understand that.
  • You can participate by attending open forums, focus groups, responding to surveys, and encouraging your friends also to participate.
  • You are represented on the task force at the undergraduate (Patrick LeCompte) and graduate levels (Becky Warfield)
how is the faculty involved
How is the faculty involved?
  • The QEP benefits faculty, as well!
  • You have insights that we need to consider
  • You know the students, know what they want and need, and how best to teach them
  • You are the experts in your disciplines and present the most current and comprehensive knowledge of your field to our students
  • You are very smart and have great opinions!
  • You are critical to the successful implementation process for years to come
how are staff members involved
How are staff members involved?
  • You interact with students and faculty every day, all over campus -- therefore your insights are valuable
  • You know our students and faculty needs across the board: from book orders to library needs, to computing needs and beyond.
  • The QEP will involve staff as well, with everything from collecting data and disseminating findings to meeting space to classroom & lab equipment, etc.
  • You are our unsung heroes, we can’t do this without you.
our questions for you
Our questions for YOU

We will be conducting open forums, focus groups, and surveys to collect your feedback on the following questions:

  • What are our existing strengths and how can we build on them?
  • Based on your experiences and keen understanding of UNCW, how can we enhance student learning?
qep timeline
QEP Timeline
  • Fall 2010: Task Force comes together; TF gathers campus input; solicits ideas of possible topics
  • Spring 2011: Topics researched; more campus input; topic selection finalized; Learning Outcomes established
  • Summer 2011: development of implementation and assessment plans are drafted
  • Fall 2011: QEP implementation plan; assessment plan established; budget finalized; pilot program developed.
  • Spring 2012: Draft QEP document; draft circulated for revision
  • Summer 2012: Final touches and edits
  • Fall 2012: Finalize QEP document; deliver QEP to SACS; prepare for on-site review
  • Beyond 2013---we continue to work on our QEP and enjoy the benefits!
our overall goals
Our overall goals:
  • Pragmatic: to meet the requirements for SACS reaccreditation to produce a successful QEP for implementation
  • Organizational: to guide allocation of resources in the direction of enhancing student learning with broad input and participation throughout campus
  • Philosophical: the QEP is not merely about compliance with accreditation – it will enrich our legacy of learning that will continue for decades and be refined in the years ahead.
  • Cultural: this is also about our values and who we are as a campus community.
what we need from you now
What we need from you now?
  • Please begin thinking about ideas you’d like to have us consider as we proceed to identify our topic.
  • Keep in mind that this is about:
    • Student learning
    • Professional development
    • Funding to enhance our academic mission
  • Please participate when we formally solicit your participation.
  • Be an Ambassador!
  • Attend the kick-off event is Nov 1, 2010, 3:30 – 5:00, Madeline Suite
  • Support your local QEP!
  • Questions?
  • Contact me: cookk@uncw.edu or 962-3785