maintenance management n.
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Maintenance Management

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Maintenance Management. Maintenance management is A systematic approach to upkeep and running of resources To keep the resources in a working condition and ensure that they are put to productive use in their life To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the operating System

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maintenance management
Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance management is
    • A systematic approach to upkeep and running of resources
    • To keep the resources in a working condition and ensure that they are put to productive use in their life
    • To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the operating System
    • a method of applying the principles of management to maintenance function
  • Important Decisions in Maintenance Management include:
    • Should we repair a machine or replace it with a new one?
    • Should we do preventive maintenance of the available resources as opposed to reacting to breakdowns occurring in the system?
    • At what frequency should preventive maintenance be done and what is the cost implication of the decision?
    • Can we assure a certain level of system availability? What factors influence system availability?
    • Are there any lessons to be learnt from the recent success of Japanese approaches to maintenance management?
maintenance management need for maintenance functions
Maintenance ManagementNeed for maintenance functions
  • Till recently maintenance meant attending to a failed resource
  • Often fire fighting to restore the equipment
  • However such an approach is definitely harmful.
  • Maintenance & Production Planning
    • Scheduling of maintenance activities interacts closely with APP exercise in an organisation
  • Maintenance & Operations Scheduling
    • One of the key assumptions in scheduling is the extent of availability of resources for operations . Maintenance function determines how well the assumptions about resource availability are made and how reliable the assumptions are
  • Maintenance & Quality Control
    • A good maintenance management could contribute significantly to quality assurance and vice versa
maintenance management performance metrics
Maintenance Management Performance Metrics
  • Equipment breakdowns
    • Breakdowns can be measured in terms of the frequency and the severity
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
    • MTBF is the expected time of the arrival of a failure
  • Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
    • MTTR is the expected time for restoring the equipment back to the working condition
  • Availability
    • Availability is defined, as the fraction of the time the equipment is available for productive use
effective maintenance management some elements
Effective Maintenance ManagementSome elements
  • Equipment Catalogue- provides spare parts needed, frequency of maintenance, basic trouble shooting and method of maintenance
  • By absence of the catalog, equipment can be improperly used.
  • Maintenance Policy & Manual  when to take up the equipment for maint, approvals needed and post maintenance reintegration, post maintenance steps to reintegrate the machine with the production system. A way in which the top management communicates its commitment to the maintenance function
  • Troubleshooting Mechanisms
  • Fault Tree Analysis it is a network diagram of the circuitry that will trace the component failure to specific portion of the network and will help the maintenance person to directly attend to the problem
maintenance alternatives implications
Maintenance AlternativesImplications







Cost of maintenance







Impact on the equipment



The general tendency for maintaining a machine is to adopt a strategy of “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. This leads to disruption in production, defective parts, delayed deliveries and added costs.

The next stage is “Preventive maintenance” where using some statistical means or historical data failure of machine parts is predicted and before that actually happens you go ahead and replace that part e.g. A bearing or a tool.

Maintenance management to improve productivity and competitiveness in manufacturing firms

Involves zero breakdowns, zero losses and zero accidents

This all leads to zero defects

This new approach is called Total Productive Maintenance.

Basically preventive maintenance with a view of productivity and competitiveness. It is an improvement methodology with the use of employee empowerment

TPM is a Blend of preventive maintenance with the philosophy of TQM

Indian Examples:

  • Tata Cummins was able to reduce the breakdowns by 70%
  • Vikram Cement
  • TVS Motors was awarded the TPM excellence award The award is conferred by JIPM in acknowledgement of the proficiency of the company’s TPM implementation in its plants.