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How to write seo content like a pro part 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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How to write seo content like a pro part 1

How to write seo content like a pro part 1

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How to write seo content like a pro part 1

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  1. PART 1

  2. SEO Articles and blogs are indeed a crucial segment for any social media management and online PR services. These SEO blogs and articles help you in driving more traffic to your website. In order to get your brand the attention from potential customers and clients, it is very important to constantly post fresh and innovative content on your website.

  3. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is you can’t expect a wide range of audience at your bay as soon as you stuff a bunch of words on your website. SEO Experts in Chennai know that ‘if you built it slow and steady it will become strong… But if you rush you will soon end up in trash’.

  4. Here are some tips on how to write SEO content like a pro:

  5. Perform Keyword Research • How writing a fresh content for your site is important, likewise writing a Google-friendly content is also very important. The content you write must be noticed by Google otherwise it is worthless. 

  6. Before starting to write content, search for all the keywords and phrases which are commonly used by the people in Google search.  Prepare a keyword spreadsheet for evaluation. Maintain the keyword count used in your content and make use of keyword tracking tools (Our pick: Whats My SERP) to keep a check on where you rank for the targeted keywords.  

  7. Right Keyword placement • There was a time where all the SEO content writers would just dump all their keywords into their content for rankings. But now, everything has changed. SEO content is completely a different ball game now. It is indeed useful to include the targeted keyword into the content, but forcing it all over the content would definitely backfire.

  8. You must use the keywords tactically into the content. A perfect SEO strategy would be including the keyword in the title, in the first 300 words of the content and also in H1 or the H2 tags (Don't search I have given it in the second paragraph). Implementing all these perfectly you can now use different variations of your keyword in the content. 

  9. Always maintain a flow while writing the content. The keywords must blend into the content. If it pops out abruptly, then its best to avoid it. Search engines are used by the people to learn more the particular phrase or to buy that product.

  10. So, if your content is more informative and gives what they intend to know from it. Clicks start to pour in automatically. It is the best bet an SEO writer tends to make always.

  11. Write about what people need • ‘Who cares?’ Always remember this phrase while you start to write content. Do not go off rails while writing content and also do not deviate from the strategy. Always remember that your content is written for the people to read, not just for the Google algorithms to crawl.

  12. So, don’t write meaningless content without any soul just for the search engine. Always share information and give some ideas to them. So that they would get some values out of it and visit again.

  13. Another advantage of writing content is that you write about your own business, your own field which you have known for a very long time. Use that as a trump card to attract more people with useful and new information that no one has shared before.

  14. To be continued. . . • Hope you got an idea about writing an above average SEO content. But to become a PRO you need to know more. So wait for the second part until next week.