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  1. Judo Spectrum Recreation and Fitness Information Night, 22nd of June, 2011

  2. Why Judo? Judo, which is translated as the "gentle way", teaches the principle of flexibility in the application of technique. This is the flexible or efficient use of balance, leverage, and movement in the performance of Judo throws and other skills.

  3. Why judo? Skill, technique and timing, rather than the use of brute strength, are the essential ingredients for success in Judo. For example, in Judo classes you may learn how to give way, rather than use force, to overcome a stronger opponent.

  4. Fundamental Principles of Judoby Kenji Tomiki 1. Physical Training2. Shizentai (natural posture)3. Courtesy4. Sen (initiative)5. Kuzushi (breaking balance)6. Stability7. Ju-no-ri (principle of gentleness)

  5. Fundamental Principles of Judo Judo includes the following three points in its objective on the physical side: • Toughness (giving steadiness, elasticity and staying power to the muscles) • Flexibility (giving mobility to the spinal column and other joints together with full elasticity of the muscles) • Adroitness (quickening the function of the motor nerves and making movements both nimble and steady)

  6. Fundamental Principles of Judo The shizentai, or natural posture, is the posture of a person standing quietly with his head and upper body kept upright, arms hanging without constraint and legs not so firm and widely apart.

  7. Fundamental Principles of Judo When this posture is maintained, it may be considered that • 1) the body keeps stability and does not fall and • 2) as the limbs are kept soft they can shift to any action at any moment.

  8. Fundamental Principles of Judo Courtesy is the formal manifestation of the spirit of respect. With the spirit of respect we recognize the dignity of another's personality.

  9. Fundamental Principles of Judo Sen (initiative). This is to forestall your opponent by starting an action before he begins attack on you.

  10. Fundamental Principles of Judo The principle of kuzushi (breaking the posture) it will he shown how it is that one is defeated. For in order to make clear the theory of victory one must at the same time know the theory of defeat.

  11. Fundamental Principles of Judo • Stability - the posture of a standing person appears unstable at first sight, but the equilibrium is cleverly kept by taking steps properly. If some external force acts upon the person the moment they lose balance, they fall.

  12. Fundamental Principles of Judo Junori - how to deal with the opponent's power when applied upon us, and to gain the final victory. The rules of this activity are called ju-no-ri, or the principle of gentleness.

  13. Spectrum’s Judo Program • The where • The when • The how • The who • The what for? • What you get!

  14. Spectrum’s Judo Program • The where? Spectrum Recreation and Fitness, Lawnton. Plan a) Fine weather, covered basketball courts. Plan b) Wet weather, group fitness room.

  15. Spectrum’s Judo Program • The When? Saturday mornings, time to be advised, only during school term dates. So no Judo during holiday time!

  16. Spectrum’s Judo Program • The how? By applying for a government grant we can offer this activity free of charge for the participants. Using volunteer help to run the program during school term times.

  17. Spectrum’s Judo Program • The who? The program will be run by Ashley and Phillip, on behalf of Spectrum Recreation and Fitness.

  18. Spectrum’s Judo Program The what for? • The principles of Judo ( see earlier slides) • Fun and friendship • Health, wellness and fitness • Self esteem • Self confidence

  19. Spectrum’s Judo Program What you get! • Expert tuition in Judo • Free Judo suit • Challenged! • Real Judo mats • Both competition and fun levels.

  20. Spectrum’s Judo Program What now? • Leave your contact details and we will set up an interview to assess your needs and expectations. • Wait to hear from us as to when the Judo program begins.

  21. Good evening Thanks for coming, tea and coffee and biscuits are available at the server.