vocab museum walk
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Vocab museum walk

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Vocab museum walk. Ch 25 Conservative Resurgence . Entitlement Program: Governments were spending billions of dollars on programs to help certain groups… Reagan will cut funding to these programs.

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vocab museum walk

Vocab museum walk

Ch 25 Conservative Resurgence

Entitlement Program: Governments were spending billions of dollars on programs to help certain groups… Reagan will cut funding to these programs
New Right: late 20th century alliance of conservative special-interest groups concerned with cultural, social, and moral issues.
Affirmative action: policy that seeks to correct the effects of past discrimination by favoring the groups to who were previously disadvantaged.
Conservative Coalition: formed the core of the republican party in the 1980s, an alliance of business leaders, middle class voters, angry democrats, and Christian groups
Moral Majority: political alliance of religious groups, evangelical Christians, active in the 70s-80s, condemn liberal attitudes & behavior, & raise money for conservative candidates
6. Reaganomics: Reagan’s economic plans, included three main parts – 1. Budget cuts, 2. Tax cuts, and 3. Increased defense spending
7 supply side economics
7. Supply-Side Economics:

Idea that reduction of tax rates will lead to increased jobs, savings, investments=increase in government revenue (money/funds)

Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI): proposed defense system—popularly known as Star Wars—intended to protect the USA against missile attacks.
10. AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome): disease caused by a virus that weakens the immune system, making the body prone to infections and otherwise rare forms of cancer.
11. Pay equity: basing an employee’s salary on the requirements of the job, not based on sex/race rather than women &minorities being paid less than white men (aka traditional pay)
12. Glasnost: open discussion of social problems that was permitted in the Soviet Union in the 80s
13. perestroika: the restructuring of the economy & the Soviet Union government in the 1980s
14. INF Treaty (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty): 1987 agreement between the USA &the Soviet Union that eliminated some weapons systems & allowed for on-site inspection of military installations
15. Tiananmen Square: site of 1989 demonstration in Beijing, China in which Chinese students demanded freedom of speech & greater voice in govt. many students were killed by the govt.
16. Contras: Nicaraguan rebels assisted by Reagan administration to overthrew the Sandinista govt in 1980s
17. Operation Desert Storm : 1991 military operation in which UN forces, led by the US, drove Iraqi invaders from Kuwait.