whole person education in a whole world context l.
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Whole Person Education in a Whole World Context PowerPoint Presentation
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Whole Person Education in a Whole World Context

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Whole Person Education in a Whole World Context - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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KALAMAZOO COLLEGE Whole Person Education in a Whole World Context Students in Chiang Mai, Thailand Mission Statement

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Whole Person Education in a Whole World Context

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Mission Statement

The mission of Kalamazoo College is to prepare its graduates to better understand, live successfully within, and provide enlightened leadership to a richly diverse and increasingly complex world.

in the beginning
In the Beginning
  • North Central Accreditation Visit
  • Campus Leadership Team
  • Readings on Internationalization
  • Focus on Outcomes
  • Development of Guiding Principles Statement
  • Try Try Again
getting started
Getting Started

First Questions:

  • What are the characteristics of a globally competent graduate from Kalamazoo College? (What should students know and be able to do when they graduate? What knowledge, attitudes, and skills are critical for their success?
  • What would it mean for Kalamazoo College to be successfully internationalized? (What would the College look like if it were comprehensively internationalized?)
  • How much progress has Kalamazoo College made in realizing this vision? (Where are we now? How do we know?)
guiding principle first try
Guiding Principle: First Try

The goal of comprehensive, transformational internationalization at Kalamazoo College is to place international education at the center of the Kalamazoo College experience. This means that the development of knowledge about international and global dynamics as well as the intercultural skills and attitudes necessary for engaged and responsible citizenship in today's world will be incorporated into all aspects of our curriculum and experiential education programs. This international/ intercultural focus will also be clearly evident in our residential life, in our faculty development and reward structures, in our admissions strategies, and in our relationships with alumni, parents and friends of the College. (November 2003)

second try
Second Try

Communications Strategy

  • Faculty Survey
  • Faculty Invitations
  • Department and Office Visits
  • Listen-Distill-Verify

Kalamazoo College Graduates

  • will be equipped with
  • attitudes and skills of intercultural understanding;
  • knowledge about historical events and the relevance of history to understanding today’s world;
  • knowledge about global economic, political and social trends and issues
  • understanding of and appreciation for the world’s cultural and biological diversity
  • Campus Internationalization Team 2004
action plan
Action Plan
  • People
    • Students, Faculty, Staff
  • Campus Environment
    • Physical Environment, Business Office, Food Service, Library, Internal Communications, Academic Resource Center
  • External Relations
    • Admission, Advancement, Website, Town-Gown
where are we now
Where are We Now?
  • New President; New Provost; New Strategic Plan, New General Education Curriculum
  • Required Sophomore Seminar with international/intercultural focus.
  • Continued language requirement.
  • Continued commitment to Study Abroad (and longstanding 80+% participation rate).
  • Revised set of proposed outcomes.
kalamazoo college graduates will
Kalamazoo College Graduates will
  • Understand, through study and experience, the cultures of several parts of the world
  • Be sensitive to and respectful of personal and cultural differences
  • Engage with global issues and cultural diversity
  • Be proficient in at least one second language and display cultural competence in a variety of contexts
  • Act effectively and responsibly as a citizen, both locally and globally, and thereby enhance intercultural understanding (Proposed 2007)


  • Joseph Brockington
  • brocking@kzoo.edu

Students in Beijing, China