welcome to microbiology and immunology pamb650 l.
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Welcome to Microbiology and Immunology (PAMB650) PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Microbiology and Immunology (PAMB650)

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Welcome to Microbiology and Immunology (PAMB650) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to Microbiology and Immunology (PAMB650). Course Director. D. Margaret Hunt. Building 2, Room B4. E-mail: Margaret.Hunt@uscmed.sc.edu. Phone: 733-3293. Parasitology Mycology Infectious Diseases. General Course Layout. 3 Major sections. 3 smaller sections. Immunology

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course director
Course Director

D. Margaret Hunt

Building 2, Room B4

E-mail: Margaret.Hunt@uscmed.sc.edu

Phone: 733-3293

general course layout


Infectious Diseases

General Course Layout

3 Major sections

3 smaller sections




general course layout4


General Course Layout
  • about 4 weeks
  • 23 lectures
  • 4 Problem solving exercises
  • 2 quizzes and 1 exam
    • 2nd quiz and exam also include the first 4 lectures (protozoa) in Parasitology
  • Drs J.Nyland, T.Haqqi, M.Nagarkatti, P.Nagarkatti, U.Singh
general course layout5


General Course Layout
  • about 4 weeks
  • 24 lectures
  • 2 case studies
  • 2 quizzes and 1 exam
    • 1st quiz and exam also include the last 4 lectures (worms etc) in Parasitology
  • Drs G.Brower, A.Fox, P.Buckhaults, K.Fox, & J.Patton
general course layout6


General Course Layout
  • about 4 weeks
  • 26 lectures
  • 1 Problem solving exercise
  • 1 case study
  • 2 quizzes and 1 exam

Drs M.Hunt, H.Albrecht, R.Hunt, J.D.Gangemi, W.Duffus

general course layout7
General Course Layout
  • Parasitology (Drs U.Singh, G.Brower)
    • 8 lectures, 1 lab
  • Mycology (Dr A.DiSalvo)
    • 5 lectures
  • Infectious Diseases (Drs D. Ahuja, S. Dash, W. Duffus & H. Albrecht)
    • 12 lectures
most of the crucial material is covered in lectures and handouts
Most of the crucial material is covered in lectures and handouts


All faculty provide handouts; style and extensiveness may vary from one faculty to another


Course Format
course format

Reading assignments

Immunology: Male, et al. 7th edition, Mosby, 2006

Medical Microbiology: Murray, et al., 6th ed., Mosby, 2008

Text Books

Course Format

Not routine, however, reading may be assigned from text books

web access to handouts pops

Log on to http://pathmicro.med.sc.edu/MBIM650.htm

Click on “here” in line “USC students should click here”

Next screen: Click on “enter here” button

Enter password MBIM09 and click on “SubmitPassword” button

Scroll down and and find a link to the schedule (this is a version of the schedule which will have this year’s handouts and powerpoint presentations attached), there will also direct links to the lectures for that day.

Scroll to the POPS you want and click on PDF icon

Web access to Handouts/POPS

Course Format

course format11

Patient oriented problem solving (POPS) exercises and case studies are designed to reinforce basic concepts as they apply to clinical situations and to strengthen independent problem solving skills

POPS and case studies

Course Format

For POPS, you will work in (multidisciplinary and histo- labs)

groups of 4

For other Independent Studies, you will work on your own

pops and independent study grades

POPS grades are determined on the basis of your participation (50%), and a test taken individually at the end of the POPS session (50%)

Case studies and the parasitology lab are graded on a P/F basis

Material from Independent Studies may be included exams

POPS and Independent Study Grades
conference format
Conference Format
  • The purpose of the conferences is to review the material and to identify topics in need of clarification.
  • Each conference will start with a 30-40 minute T/F quiz (3 questions /lecture)
  • The remainder of the conference will be devoted to reviewing the quiz questions and discussing any other material
exam format

There are 4 exams: one each at the end of immunology, bacteriology and virology sections and a final exam

Questions based on concepts covered in independent studies and case studies may be included in exams and quizzes.

Exam questions contain about ~3 (multiple choice/single answer/matching) questions per lecture

You are allowed ~100 minutes to complete

Final exam is comprehensive (~55% new and ~45% old material) and is longer

email will be sent

Exam Format
Quizzes are returned after grading

Exams are not circulated

Practice exams will be available for study purposes

Circulation of Quizzes and Exams

Exam Policy

Possession of any of the old MBIM exams will place you in violation of the Code of Student Responsibility

Rebuttals of quiz and exam questions will be entertained

Final decision on the matter is up to the faculty member who wrote the question

Exam Policy


exam policy

Rebuttal of quiz questions must be made within the discussion time

Rebuttal of Exam questions must be made within 7 working days after the exams become available for review

Exam Policy


exam policy19

Before the exam is administered

When brought to our attention by you

Computer analysis during grading

Post-exam review by students (7 working days after grades are posted)

Exam Policy


Questions are reviewed at several levels

exam policy20
Exam Policy


Adjustments are made by accepting more than one logical answer or, as a last resort, by eliminating the question

Any re-grading is done for the whole class, all students are treated equally.

exam policy21
Exam Policy

Makeup exams

  • No makeup quizzes are given
  • A makeup exam is given only in emergency situations
exam policy22
Exam Policy

Makeup exam

  • All excuses for missing an exam must be channeled through and documented with the Office of Student Services
  • It is at the discretion of the course director, if a given reason is sufficient for a make-up exam
Exams and quizzes are computer graded, grades are adjusted and recorded, and the results posted in BlackboardExam Policy


Posted results are rounded to two decimal places

Computer keeps all fractions and the cumulative grades are rounded up after the final exam

Exam Policy


grading policy
Grading Policy
  • 6 quizzes (5% of the grade)
  • Independent problem solving (4% of the grade)
  • 3 Exams (66% of the grade: 22% each)
  • Final Exam (25% of the grade)
exam policy26
Exam Policy


  • A : 90‑100
  • B+ : 85-89
  • B : 80‑84
  • C+ : 75-79
  • C : 70-75
  • D : 65-69
  • F : < 65
requests for schedule changes
Requests for Schedule Changes
  • Requests for changes in the schedule should be made via the class President or Vice-President
  • Announcements about changes in the schedule will be made in class and by Email