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Welcome to. Bible Baptist Church Ballincollig, Cork Celebrating 12 Years. Today is the Lord’s Day Sunday, 24 th of September, 2006. September’s Memory Verse. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. John 4:24. Announcements.

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Welcome to

Bible Baptist ChurchBallincollig, Cork

Celebrating 12 Years

Today is the Lord’s Day Sunday, 24th of September, 2006

september s memory verse
September’s Memory Verse

God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

John 4:24

  • Church Tonight at 7pm – beginning Hymnspiration, Why We Sing What We Sing!
  • Wednesday evening Prayer meeting at 7pm - NO Bible Study – Every Christian HERE!
  • Agata Swiatek heads back to Poland this week – we will miss her!
true worshippers

True Worshippers

Abraham and Isaac

Genesis 22

review worshipping god in spirit and truth
Review – Worshipping God in Spirit and Truth
  • This is a study series looking at True Worship, and True Worshippers
  • So Far, we have looked at the Wrong Ways to Worship, and then the Right Ways to Worship God
  • Today, we begin to look at HOW God’s people worshipped God – starting with Abraham and his son Isaac in Genesis 22
worship what is it
Worship … What is it?
  • To show someone’s worth-ship!
  • An act of ascribing worth/value to a person
  • To honour – extol, lift-up, praise
  • To please
  • To bless
  • To love with all the heart
  • To glorify – put all the attention on
  • To serve gladly and whole-heartedly
  • When a person worship’s God, these things are all active!
background genesis 21 33 34 22 1
Background(Genesis 21:33,34; 22:1)
  • Abraham lived to worship God, no matter the cost!
  • That determination was going to be tested in this chapter
  • Abraham had seen some serious failures in his own life - Lack of faith
  • Abraham had also seen God do some great things in his life
  • Abraham had been learning how to worship God, but in Genesis 22, he will learn thoroughly, and God will show us perfectly
biblical example of worshipping god abraham genesis 22 1 19
Biblical Example of Worshipping GodAbraham (Genesis 22:1-19)
  • God’s Test of Worship
  • Abraham’s Response
  • Abraham’s Faith
  • Abraham’s Worship
  • God’s Pleasure
  • Abraham’s Change – he will never be the same
god s test of worship genesis 22 2
God’s Test of Worship (Genesis 22:2)
  • What is the most important thing to you?
    • Your Problems?
    • Your Past?
    • Your Friends?
    • Your Lack of Money?
    • Your Prestige and Position in people’s eyes?
    • All of the above get in the way of our worship that is due unto God
  • For the rich young ruler money was most important
  • For Peter, it was the Messianic kingdom
  • For Paul, the Jewish religion was most important
  • For Abraham, Isaac was most important
abraham s response genesis 22 3
Abraham’s Response (Genesis 22:3)
  • Patient Obedience
  • Prepared Obedience
  • Silent Obedience
abraham s faith genesis 22 4 5
Abraham’s Faith (Genesis 22:4,5)
  • He saw the end from the start
  • He leaned only on his God to carry him
  • He went all this way “to worship”
  • He was NOT sure of what was going to happen
  • He just knew God would bring BOTH Abraham AND Isaac back down the mount, and then back home
abraham s worship genesis 22 5 10
Abraham’s Worship(Genesis 22:5-10)
  • It Was a Burden
  • It Was a Picture (John 8:56)
  • It Was a Sacrifice
    • There is no worship without a Sacrifice
    • There is no worship without a Cost – a high cost!
    • There is no worship without Faith - he had to trust
    • There is no worship without Obedience
    • There is no worship without an Altar
    • There is no worship without Detail
god s pleasure genesis 22 11 18 rev 4 11
God’s Pleasure(Genesis 22:11-18; Rev 4:11)
  • Is in our obedience – not in what we give (1Samuel 15:22)
  • Is in supplying the Sacrifice that we truly need – Himself the Lamb!
  • Is in showing Himself – we learn most of God in the fiery trials of our afflictions (Daniel 3:23-25)
  • Is in blessing us (Genesis 22:15-18)
abraham s change genesis 22 19
Abraham’s Change (Genesis 22:19)
  • An unshakeable joy
  • A new address
  • A readiness for anything now
  • All because Abraham learned how to truly worship his God
  • What is the most important thing to you?
  • How easy do you find it to obey when things are rough, and God’s will is hard?
  • Worship is an act of faith
  • How Determined are we to PLEASE GOD with our Worship, instead of please ourselves?
  • True Worship Will Change You
  • Begins with the new birth, and will follow through a testing – are you now better ready for that test – ready to worship? No matter the cost?