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Uniforms in the Workplace PowerPoint Presentation
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Uniforms in the Workplace

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Uniforms in the Workplace
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Uniforms in the Workplace

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    1. Uniforms in the Workplace Presented by: Michael Stypa, Scott Graber, Jeffrey Welch & Lucille Lu

    3. Professionalism School uniforms reduce cliques or gangs Allow students to focus on just schoolwork rather than socializing The professionalism boosts school morale People serious about the job wouldnt mind wearing uniforms Sets the Example

    4. Practicality Uniforms save money Do not have to pay for expensive work clothes Economical in a sense Not materialistic

    5. Standardization Issues Uniform- the word represents unity It keeps things standardized, promotes unity in a group Shows all individuals are working toward a common goal

    6. Customer and Employee Wants Satisfaction Feeling of Importance Special Attention Be catered to ROI Profitable Company Team Atmosphere Increase Profits Better Image

    7. The Affect of Uniforms Uniforms = Image Customer Perception Professional, Organized, Reliable, Confident Company Care = Customer Care Company Distinctiveness Employee Pride

    8. Customer & Employee Needs Public Safety & Awareness

    9. Real World Situations British Airways 25,000 Employees Japan Airlines 26,000 Employees Northwest Airlines 25,000 Employees

    10. Social Status Comfortable work environment = essential Promotions NOT given out based on social status Lower classes feel more comfortable Flexibility on managements part Image should NOT determine capability to do a job

    11. Poor Morale Workers wont want to wear uniforms Creates poor morale in workplace Unhappy workers = bad working environment Causes loss of money by low productivity, high turnover, decreasing loyalty, high absenteeism

    12. Survey Workers Wants Survey: Do you prefer to wear uniforms at the workplace? 54% NO 26% YES 20% Doesnt matter

    13. Productivity NO Uniforms = More relaxed, friendly, work environment Productivity unaffected If anything, a happier work environment = happier workers = better productivity What difference does it make what your employees wear? Isnt what they do and how they do it more important?

    14. Customer/Client Interaction Can still recognize employees without uniforms (A simple name tag will do) Customers can relate to employees and feel more comfortable talking to them Wont feel any differently

    15. Image Presentable Business-Like Image without uniforms Nice image without wearing the same exact thing

    16. Successful Companies Many successful companies do NOT have uniform dress codes. Uniform does not define the success of your company. Examples: Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch

    17. Meeting Employees Needs Flexibility with management Giving workers what THEY want No complete control of employees Employees happier Happy workers = Better workplace Uniforms = Punishment. (Ex.Prisoners)