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TSA COACHES CLINIC Wednesday, May 24, 2006 7:00pm Brier Creek Country Club Clinic Overview Know your TSA Representative Know how you want to organize your program Know how to communicate Know how to strengthen relationships Know what others look for in you Know the TSA Rules

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tsa coaches clinic


Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Brier Creek Country Club

clinic overview
Clinic Overview
  • Know your TSA Representative
  • Know how you want to organize your program
  • Know how to communicate
  • Know how to strengthen relationships
  • Know what others look for in you
  • Know the TSA Rules
  • Know the strengths and weakness of your staff


know your tsa representative
Know Your TSA Representative

TSA Representatives:

  • Attend monthly meetings with other reps
  • Act as meet referees during competition
  • Should have information you need
  • Determine weather-related meet status
  • Handle disputes
  • Conducts officials meeting (home rep)
what makes a good tsa rep
What Makes A Good TSA Rep?
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • A good arbitrator
  • Ability to stay calm under pressure
  • A good leader to other swim parents
  • Organized and willing to share information
  • High level of interest and enthusiasm
organize your program
Organize Your Program
  • Determine roles for the parent volunteers

(Fund raising, social activities, snack sales,

swim meet officials, team banquet)

  • Determine roles for assistant coaches

(Age group specific, stroke specific, lane

specific, administrative tasks, etc.)

  • Determine athlete’s level of need

(“Intense fun” to “fun intensity”)

what to include in an initial meeting for parents
What To Include in An Initial Meeting for Parents
  • Practice Schedule
  • Swim Meet Schedule
  • Coaching Staff contacts (email/phone/pager)
  • Parent Volunteer needs

(list needs in detail)

  • Calendar of social events
  • Your plans for their swimmers
importance of communication
Importance of Communication
  • With parents
  • With athletes
  • With volunteers
  • With club boards
  • With pool management
  • With TSA Rep
  • With meet officials
  • With coaching staff
  • With competitors
make swimming fun
Make Swimming Fun!!
  • Fun is necessary in all worthwhile activity
  • Swimmers will stay in the sport if having fun
  • Athletes perform their best when having fun
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Enthusiasm is important on a daily basis
  • Welcome everyone in your program

Source: The Swim Coaches Bible

creative ideas that add fun
Creative Ideas That Add Fun
  • Add one new thing to your pool each year
  • Celebrate birthdays and holidays
  • Prizes for team spirit
  • Apparel adds unity
  • Welcome picnics and awards banquets
  • Activities outside the pool
  • Wall of fame/team records
  • Breakfasts/social events
self confidence self esteem
Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem

Self-confidence and self-esteem are the two most important gifts we can nurture in others and within ourselves! – Jean Freeman

Build confidence through fun. Younger swimmers need emphasis on skills so they can gain confidence. Small rewards help inspire teamwork along the way. As swimmers get older, turn their conditioning into a game.

self esteem builders
Self-Esteem Builders
  • Positive body language
  • Smile
  • Compliment
  • Enthusiasm
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Praise
  • Respectful tone of voice
  • Play Team Promotion Game
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Celebrate risk-taking
random acts of kindness
Random Acts Of Kindness

“We cannot do great things on this earth. We can only do little things with great love.”

- Mother Teresa

Focus on that which you can do right now and try to keep a “hundred year view” (will this moment be remembered 100 years from now?).

the ideal swim coach
The Ideal Swim Coach
  • Knowledge of Training for speed
  • Mentor/role model to swimmers
  • Teacher to swimmers
  • Emphasizes teamwork
  • Builds team unity
  • Demonstrates a strong work ethic
  • Interested in swimmer’s lives
  • Exhibits organizational skills
  • Gracious in victory; dignified in defeat

-- Shane Gould, 3x Olympic Gold Medalist

maximize swimmer talent
Maximize Swimmer Talent









Swim Coaches Bible


have a coaching plan
Have A Coaching Plan
  • Goals are bold statements of where you want to be at some point in time.
  • Set goals in different categories—ie. For competition, for practice, and for the team.
  • Have your team come up with goals. They will likely be similar to yours and then they will own the goals.
  • Get examples of goals from the audience.
have a coaching plan16
Have A Coaching Plan
  • Set weekly objectives—what do we want to accomplish?
  • Have special days where workouts are more interesting
  • Suggestions for weekly focus:
    • Skills
    • Time Awareness (pace clock)
    • Stroke Improvement
    • Time Improvement
have a coaching plan17
Have A Coaching Plan

Sets, exercises or teachable moments to grow the team:

    • Skill Development Sets
    • Drill/Swim Sets
    • Challenge Sets
    • Fun & Motivation
    • Dryland
    • Life Skills / Sports Psychology
have a coaching plan18
Have A Coaching Plan
  • Base priorities around available time
  • Components of the weekly workouts include:
    • Stroke Work/Drills
    • Kicking
    • Relays/Games
    • Sprints
    • Challenge sets
    • Starts/turns
have a coaching plan20
Have A Coaching Plan
have a coaching plan21
Have A Coaching Plan
  • If you have multiple coaches divide group when practical
  • Take each 15min block and write sets for various groups
  • Examples of sets:
    • 6 x 50yd Fly (RA/LA/BA) ON 1:30
    • 2 x [200 on 4:00; 100 on 2:00; 50 on 1:00]
    • 2 x [150 on 3:30; 4 x 50 on 1:00]
have a coaching plan22
Have A Coaching Plan
  • Be early to practice
  • Leave moodiness at the door
  • Be aware of your behavior and style
  • Use bulletin boards and dry erase boards
  • Pace clocks can help
  • Challenge your swimmers
  • Catch your swimmers doing things right
  • Make time for games and relays
  • End practices with something exciting
tsa rules

TSA Rules can be found on the TSA website at this URL address:


technical rule changes
Technical Rule Changes
  • 101.1 Breaststroke
  • .3 Kick – After the start and each turn, a single downward butterfly kick followed by a breaststroke kick is permitted after beginning the arm pull. Following which all movements of the legs shall be simultaneous and in the same horizontal plane without alternating movement. The feet must be turned outward during the propulsive part of the kick. A scissors, flutter or downward butterfly kick is not permitted except as provided herein. Breaking the surface of the water with the feet is allowed unless followed by a downward butterfly kick.
technical rule changes25
Technical Rule Changes
  • 101.3 Backstroke
  • .1 Start – The swimmers shall line up in the water facing the starting end, with both hands placed on the gutter or on the starting grips. Standing in or on the gutter, placing the toes above the lip of the gutter, or bending the toes over the lip of the gutter, before or after the start, is prohibited. A backstroke starting block may not be used.
technical rule changes26
Technical Rule Changes
  • ARTICLE 102: Conduct & Officiating of All Swimming Competition
  • 102.1.4 Each club may swim three persons in each individual main event, except in pools with fewer than six lanes, where only four lanes will be used. Where four lanes are used, only two persons per individual main event may swim for each club.
technical rule changes27
Technical Rule Changes
  • ARTICLE 103: Facility Standards
  • 103.13 False Start Recall Rope – The home club may supply a false start rope with personnel necessary for its operation. The false start rope, if used, should be strung across the pool appoximately 15 yards from the starting line.
article 204 coaches

204.1 Responsibilities

.1 Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their swimmers and must maintain control over them at all times.

.2 Coaches are responsible for insuring that swimmers remain in their designated areas during meets.

article 204 coaches29

204.1 Responsibilities

.3 Coaches shall inform swimmers of the reason for their disqualification.

.4 Coaches shall instruct swimmers to exit the pool after completing their race but to remain in their lane until released by an official.

article 204 coaches30

Meet Conduct

204.2.1 – Once swimmers have been placed in the control of the clerk of course, coaching by a team coach may only be done from the side of the pool. Coaching of relay starts from the starting line may be done only by a member of that relay team and not by a coach.

article 204 coaches31

204.2.2 – Coaches are expected to exhibit proper sportsmanship at all times. Display of unsportsmanlike conduct or comments will not be tolerated. The coach’s TSA representative will speak to the coach one time per meet. A second display of unsportsmanlike conduct or comment will result in the coach’s removal from the property. Two removals in a season would require the coach to become before the executive board of TSA with their TSA Representative.

article 304 eligibility
304.1 Club Affiliation

.1 To be a swim team member, a person must be eligible for full club privileges. Such eligibility shall be based on the payment of club dues by the person or his/her family. It shall further be based on an individual swimming under a club plan offered and publicized to the universe of a club’s prospective members.

.2 A person may swim for only one club during a season. If the swimmer has individual and family memberships in different clubs, the swimmer must swim for the club in which the family holds a membership. If the swimmer belongs to more than one club through family memberships, the swimmer is free to choose the club for which he/she will swim. The first event in which the swimmer participates will determine club membership for the entire season.

article 304 eligibility33

304.2 Payment of Club Dues

.1 A club may not pay or forgive any part of the dues for a person or his/her family with the intent of enlisting that person as a swimmer or as a combined swimmer/coach or as a swimmer/staff member. Coaches in this context shall include assistants as well as head coaches.

304.3 Coaches

.1 A coach may not swim for the club he/she is coaching unless he/she meets all the criteria for team membership. Coach, in this context, shall include assistants as well as head coaches.

working with other coaches

Each coach on a team contributes in unique ways. Some may be great at conditioning swimmers, others may be better at teaching technique. Duties of staff should be directed to the strengths of each coach. All coaches must share some basic responsibilities while others are the duty of the head coach to direct.

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“TSA Rules & Regulations” – website

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2006 tsa coaches clinic
2006 TSA Coaches Clinic

Thank you very much for attending this event.

Please be sure you sign the Coaches Code of Conduct and give your phone number and email address.

Coach Jonathan Watson