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TOK Presentation. By Bryan Quigley At 4 in the morning. Little Anecdote. Hearing music in the morning, but it wasn’t really there. It was confusing, and it was really weird, but in a cool way. I just thought you all should know that. Knowledge Issue.

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tok presentation

TOK Presentation

By Bryan Quigley

At 4 in the morning

little anecdote
Little Anecdote
  • Hearing music in the morning, but it wasn’t really there. It was confusing, and it was really weird, but in a cool way. I just thought you all should know that.
knowledge issue
Knowledge Issue
  • To what extent is our sense of hearing a reliable way of knowing?
the yes camp
The YES Camp
  • First we shall explore the reasons people say yes!
pragmatic theory
Pragmatic Theory
  • We use hearing everyday in communication with people and it seems to work out just fine. If it works, it is TRUE!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!
emotion and musik
Emotion and Musik
  • Has a song every brought you to tears? Ever been in a conversation that enraged you? Could you imagine being deaf? Is this all bullsh*t?
  • We are very attached to our sense of hearing and life without it would be hard. (imagine hearing ears dogs for the deaf)
  • Anywhoozle, my strong emotion in what I hear tells me its true.
  • Hearing is connected with instinct in humans and almost all the animals. We hear a sudden sound and we are startled. It is a form of protection that evolved in us. The deaf humans couldn’t pass on their deaf traits, because they kept being eaten by dinosaurs they couldn’t hear.
logic and science 11
Logic and SCIENCE!!!!11!

Its scientifically proven that we can hear! Sound is vibrations of air that are picked up in our eardrum and it transmitted from to our brains with magically nerves in the inner ear.

the no camp
The No Camp

I wouldn’t trust my life on what I hear………

  • Ever hear something that was not there?
  • Ever think some one said something else and the misunderstanding led to trouble?
  • Ever play the game telephone?

Then you may not believe your own ears! XD

  • Sounds can be scary!
  • Hearing something that not there.
  • Noises in your house in the middle of the night
  • If it troubles us so much, when there is no threat, should we trust hearing.
the return of logic and science
The return of Logic and Science
  • Its scientifically proven that you can loose your hearing!!!! Yay! In the age of the iPod and old people, hearing loss is increasing. There may be a multitude of sound that you wont be able to hear, because you played your slipknot music too loud on your iPod.
people can lie
People can Lie
  • For example, the ancedote at the beginning of this AMAZING presentation was not even my own story. I think it was one Ms. Davey told to the class. But I’m not completely sure, because hearing is unreliable.
  • What good is hearing, if everyone around you talked in Swedish? Language can be a way of knowing, but it can also be a way of not knowing? That probably doesn’t make sense.
  • For all the lazy ppl who don’t pick a side….
  • Yea hearing is great all the time but its generally good
  • I enjoy hearing, even if it is not always true.
  • Yes ppl can lie, but they can also tell the truth, or not say anything at all.
  • Hearing loss is bad, but stem cells will cure it in 10 years, why worry?
the end
works cited
Works Cited
  • To what extent do I even need this slide?
  • How do I know if a work is cited?
  • If no one like works cited, why do we do them?
discussion time
Discussion TIME!

To what extent should we trust hearing?

Are there better ways of knowing?

Would your rather be deaf, blind, or dead?

Are iPods worth the damage the do to your ears?

Can you make a mathematical model to a heavy duty freight mining elevator?

the super end
  • IM DONE!
  • Peace out homeskillets!!!!!!