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  2. Company Profile

  3. Telemenia Ltd. was founded 45 years ago by Mr. Jacob Levkowitz and operated as a partnership ("Levkowitz-Zuker") until 1968, when it became known as: Telemenia Ltd. Since its establishment Telemenia Ltd. has manufactured and supplied more than 4300 Generators and Power Stations both in the local market (Israel) and the overseas market in locales such as Cuba, Africa, Eastern Europe, Siberia. From 10 KVA to 100 MW. Telemenia LTD's activities include: - Production and installation of Power Stations and Diesel Generators for continuous and emergency operation. - Self production of rotating UPS systems at medium and high ratings from 10 KVA to 1000 KVA. - Electrical Systems - production and design of control and synchronizing panels. - Production of Electrical Rotating Converters. - Design and building of Power Stations - Gas, Diesel, Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). - Supply, installation and noise attenuation of large generators at high voltage.

  4. Telemenia Ltd. specializes in unique and customized projects and prides itself on the speed of installation of its Generators and Power Stations. Telemenia Ltd. has a dedicated staff , the majority of whom have worked with the company for many years. On occasion, subcontractors are employed for particularly specialized projects. Telemenia Ltd. has its own electro design division with engineers and technicians designing and overseeing all of our projects. They also supervise the execution of civil works, building, installation and startup at the sites of our projects. Telemenia Ltd. has a maintenance and service division that assures all of our clients the most reliable service all year round. Telemenia Ltd. is qualified with the ISO 9002 Standard. Telemenia Ltd. is an appointed supplier of the Israeli Air Forces, I.M.O.D. And the I.A.F (Israeli Army) and, as such, supplies both Diesel Generators and UPS systems.

  5. Scope of activities

  6. GENERATOR SUPPLY Telemenia Ltd. supplies Generators ranging from 15 KVA - 16,000 KVA from several manufacturers. Units for Continuous and Base Load: These units can be operated by:A. Diesel generators 10 KVA to 2500 KVAB. Heavy Fuel (HFO) 600 KVA to 16,000 KVA and largerC. Gas 50 KVA to 16,000 KVA Units for Emergency Operation:All units can be operated by a variety of fuels. We are currently producing and supplying: · Generators 50 or 60 Hz.· Control and Synchronizing Panels between generators and the main system. · Second hand Power Stations of any size operated by a variety of fuels (heavy fuel, diesel and natural gas).· Supply and mediation of Gas Turbine Power Plants up to 100 MW.

  7. POWER STATIONS Telemenia LTD has been setting up power stations in our country, Israel as well as throughout the world for more than 30 years. The Power Stations are rating from 1 MW to 100 MW. These stations are operated by: A. Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)B. GasC. hydroelectric Water Nowadays telemenia operates power stations all over the world. These Power Stations are located in Cuba, Sibir, Africa and some in Israel (Intel Israel). The stations are design mainly for base loud and some for emergency operation. Cuba power station: Main equipment from MAN -Denmark. The contract was signed on March 1999 and it was finished on February 2000. Telemenia is the main contractor for the execution and design of the power station and has supplied all the electrical panels,control panels,as well as , high tension panels. Telemenia has also designed and executed all the pipe works and tanks for this power station (except for civil engineering building and the main HFO tanks).

  8. ROTATIVE UPS Telemenia specializes in producing Rotative UPS units in sizes from 10 KVA up to 1000 KVA.These units are designed for computer centers, missile lonchers, nuclear reactors, nylon factories and airports. Telemenia has a huge experience of more than 20 years in manufacturing UPS systems. Among our notable clients are: the Israeli Air Force, the Leumi Bank, I.D.F., the Ben Gurion International Airport and many others.

  9. Telemenia Ltd. has the representation for several worldwide respectable companies for the supply of generators. Telemenia is the exclusive Agent in Israel for KOHLER USA.  Mundratech (T.T. Group and Date Electric) EnglandDiesel Generators and Turbines.  Waukesha (USA) - Diesel Generators 100 KVA-3000 KVA.  MAN - generators and Power Station for base loud and Gas Generators. Leroy Somer (France) - 10 KVA - 15,000 KVA units. CYMASA (SPAIN) - Diesel Generators PILLER (Germany) Supply of Electrical rotating converters. Mitsubishi (JAPAN) - Diesel Generators Agents and Representation

  10. Service and maintenance Telemenia has a repair and service division that gives our clients reliable support and service all year round locally and worldwide.Service contract can be provided from domestic and overseas .

  11. Partial list of Previous Big Projects • Energy Center JERUSALEM7500 KVA (6 M.W) 13.8 K.V3X2500 KVA • "Cuba - Juventud Power Station"3 x 4500 KVA - 11 MW - 13.6 KV - 60Hz • "Intel" - Jerusalem 2 x 1400 KVA each genset, 400V • "Intel" - Haifa - 6.1 MVA3 x 1700 KVA + 1 x 1000 - 0.4 KV each genset synchronized to the utility through step-up transformers 0.4/22KV • "Intel" - Kyriat Gat - 6.8 MVA4 x 1700 KVA each genset synchronized to high tension 22 KV • "Israel Electric Corporation Ltd." 5 MVA2 x 2500 KW Black Staqrt ("Hagit" Power Station). • Power Station "Chagit"Up Grade of 240MW GE Gas Turbines2 x 120 MW - 22 KV • Power Station "Ramat Chovav"Up Grade of 400MW GE Gas Turbines4x 100 MW - 22 KV • "Air Force Command" Power Station -5600 KVA4 x 1400 KVA each genset synchronized through step-up transformers • "Air Force Airports" - Israel 6X2 MVA each6 identical Power Stations, each station consists of 2 x 1000 KVAgensets synchronized through step-up transformers • "Agan Chemical Manufacturers Ltd" 7.2 MVA4 x 1625 KVA each+750 KVA synchronized to each other and to the Mains. • "Glilot" M.O.D - Power Station 3750 KVA3 x 1250 KVA each genset synchronized, 400V • "Hargol" M.O.D. - Power Station 3000 KVA3 X 1000 KVA each genset synchronized, 400V

  12. "Keshev Lod" - Bank Leumi Le Israel B.M. - Computer CenterPower Station 4200 KVA3 x 1400 KVA each genset synchronized, 400V • "Tel Hashomer" Hospital - Power Station 3 MW3 x 1000 KW each genset synchronized, 3.3KV • "Savannah Bank" - Lagos, Nigeria - Power Station 5600 KVA4 x 1400 KVA each genset synchronized, 11KV. • "Sharem-A-Shech" Straits - Power Station Step-up 11.6 MW6 x 1400 KW each genset, 400V4 x 800 KW each genset, 400V(All units synchronized) • "Frutarom-Haifa" Power Station 3.2 MW2 x 1600 KW each genset synchronized, 3.3 KV • "Central Bus Station - Tel Aviv - Power Station 4000 KVA4 x 1000 KVA each genset synchronized through step-up transformers 0.4/3.3KV • M.O.D "Matzpap" North - Power Station 3000 KVA2 x 1500 KVA each genset synchronized through step-up transformers0.4/22KV • "Sunfrost" - Ashdod1 x 1100 KVA genset through step-up transformers 0.4/22KV • "Bromine Compounds" - Beer Sheva 4250 KVA3 x 750 KVA each genset synchronized through step-up transformers 0.4/22KV2 x 1000 KVA • "Dead Sea Works"1 x 2500 KVA - 6.6 KVfor the existent Power Station • "Zeriffin" - American Hospital in Israel3 x 820 KVA each genset containerized, soundproof and synchronized • "Meir" Hospital - Kfar Saba 1.8 MVA2 x 850 KVA genset, 3.3KV • "Tnuva" - Tel Yosel Dairy 2 MVA2 x 800 KVA each + 400 KVA synchronized to each other

  13. "Jerico Casino 6.6 MVA3 x 2200 KVA - 33 KV - 50Hz • "Bateman" - Tomskneft 3 MVA2 x 1500 KVA - 400V - 50Hz • "Bateman" - Turkmen GasTurkmen Gas 1900 KVA - 400V - 50Hz


  15. THE END