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  1. Strathstar Community Newspaper By The Pupils of Strathdon School

  2. Our Aims • To create a friendly local newspaper • To make the newspaper self-funding by selling advertising space • To provide a way for local businesses to advertise • To get the latest news to the community • To create a link between the school and the community • To help us to acquire skills that may help us in life later on • To have fun!

  3. Typing (keyboard skills) Art and Design Maths(Fitting advert sizes into A3 page) Accounting Language skills Negotiating ICT (Information and communications technology) Personal and social skills Interviewing techniques Skills that we will develop

  4. The Team

  5. Reporting Team • Molly Dobson • Josie Duncan Freelance Reporters: • Alexander Wallace • Roseanna Billany

  6. Art and Games Department • Alexander Wallace • Sean Hicks • Conner Fullerton • Ryan Stuart • Roseanna Billany • Normie Duncan • Finlay Wright • Samantha George • Steven Eddie

  7. Editorial Team • Mark Taylor • Cicely Lawson • Rhianna Strachan • Heather Prince

  8. How did we do it? Mrs Field advertised for people to work on the Strathstar Community Newspaper and we had to apply by letter for the jobs. We contacted local businesses to find out if they wanted to advertise in The newspaper. We offered a design service at no extra cost. We negotiated the content and size of the advertisements with the Businesses. The Reporters collected stories and news from our community, took photographs and interviewed lots of people. We made up the pages of the newspaper by cutting and pasting. The accountants sent out invoices to all the businesses who had advertised and we opened a business account at the Bank of Scotland in Ballater. Once we were happy with the layout of each page we started printing. The newspapers were collated and stapled then we sold them in our local Spar shop.

  9. Credits • Design of presentation Alexander Wallace and Mrs Field • Grateful thanks to the class for giving pointers to make this more interesting • Tritech International and Mr Marsh for telling us all about how to have a successful business • The Microsoft Office Assistant for letting us know how to make some of the animations • Microsoft for making Powerpoint so we could do this!

  10. The End….. But not quite…