spongebob squarepants and the krabby patty connection
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Spongebob Squarepants and The Krabby Patty Connection

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Spongebob Squarepants and The Krabby Patty Connection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spongebob Squarepants and The Krabby Patty Connection. Looking at ASD Differently. Presenter: Kristi Bronstetter Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist St. Joseph County ISD. Meet Jakob. 10 years old

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spongebob squarepants and the krabby patty connection

Spongebob SquarepantsandThe Krabby Patty Connection

Looking at ASD Differently

Presenter: Kristi Bronstetter

Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist

St. Joseph County ISD

meet jakob
Meet Jakob
  • 10 years old
  • loves food, wonder pets, Spongebob, computer and playing on playground
  • Non-verbal
  • Goes to school in a self-contained ASD classroom in an elementary building
  • Has made new friends in the Bulldog Buddy peer to peer program
how it all began
How It All Began…
  • The team was sinking

-Strong team, but scheduling difficulties

-Utilized Meeting Mechanics to create

a plan but had some bumps with implementing: over-reliance on computer

-Lack of consistency among staff

honoring the process
Honoring the Process…


  • Problem Identification

-Running Away: Physically leaving a work area within the classroom or running away from a direction given by an adult verbally or with a visual.

meeting mechanics
Meeting Mechanics…
  • Problem Specification:

-ran away when ending preferred activity and asked to go to a non-preferred activity

-intensified when going from computer to any activity

-computer is highly preferred

-loves Spongebob and sings the song often

-when Jakob runs he seeks out tables (under, on top of) under blankets/shirts, chairs. Sometimes runs out of the room.

-loves his own reflection in glass/mirrors

-providing him with choices and movement have been successful interventions in the past.

-does not respond to time limits set

-made connections with Bulldog Buddies

-when work was taken to Jakob when he was under/on top of the table or covered in a blanket, he would complete the work

meeting mechanics1
Meeting Mechanics…
  • Brainstorm

-All Ideas Are Good Ideas

-Notice how this plan utilizes some of the ideas that were shared during brainstorming in a way that if they would have been used in isolation, would not have been as effective.

how bikini bottom began to take shape
How Bikini Bottom Began to Take Shape…
  • Clustering allowed us to take a look at Jakob’s classroom environment, his sensory needs and the peer to peer connections he was making.
  • The data drove our process

-Having all members of the team do an observation had a huge impact

  • Forced us to really look at the “problem” (running away) and shift to what our goal/outcome was (to complete the tasks on his schedule/mini-schedule)
spongebob squarepants 101
Spongebob Squarepants 101
  • ALL staff had to learn about the characters
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Spongebob works as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab
  • Mr. Krabs is the owner
  • Plankton is Mr. Krabs biggest rival
  • Plankton owns low rank restaurant The Chum Bucket
  • Plankton tries to steal Krabby Patty recipe
the krabby patty connection
The Krabby Patty Connection…
  • Discovered Jakob likes the edible candy
  • This created a problem…how to utilize without going broke
  • Also gave us an opportunity to utilize components of the first plan that needed to be tweaked
  • Went from computer time to krabby patty time
the krabby patty connection and jakob s mini schedule
The Krabby Patty Connection andJakob’s Mini-Schedule
  • To earn an edible Krabby Patty the rule is…

-Complete all of the tasks on each of his mini-schedules.

  • For each task completed Jakob can earn one Krabby Patty on his mini schedule.
the krabby patty connection and jakob s mini schedule1
The Krabby Patty Connection and Jakob’s Mini-Schedule
  • Each Krabby Patty on his mini-schedule earns him a “piece” of the giant Krabby Patty at the end of each activity.
the krabby patty connection and jakob s mini schedule2
The Krabby Patty Connection and Jakob’s Mini-Schedule
  • Once a giant Krabby Patty is made, Jakob earns an edible Krabby Patty.
the krabby patty connection and learning centers
The Krabby Patty Connection and Learning Centers…
  • Meltdowns. Particular tables in the room translated to “work time”
  • Connection:

-Created a Spongebob visual

the krabby patty connection and learning centers1
The Krabby Patty Connection andLearning Centers
  • Place larger corresponding Spongebob visuals around room.
  • Jakob chooses order in which to find the matching pictures.
  • Built our plan from what we knew about Jakob in the Problem Specification part of the process: need for movement and having choices.
  • Utilized same visual board as in first plan but replaced computer with Spongebob choices instead.
  • As a result, discovered his love for novelty items which increased the number of tools in our toolbox as far as items he wanted to work for.
the spongebob squarepants sensory connection
The Spongebob Squarepants Sensory Connection…
  • Our data also told us that:

-likes to be under, behind, inside, on top of objects/furniture/clothing

  • Plan includes an underwater Spongebob haven
  • Rules:

-utilize break card anytime

-timer is set

-only earns krabby patties when he uses break card

  • Team is currently developing numerous sensory choices
ongoing data collection
Ongoing Data Collection
  • Data was collected by various team members over the course of a day but on different days.
  • Prior to implementation of plan: Data showed that Jakob was “running away” on average of 4x during structured activities/work times.
  • Since implementation of plan: Data shows that Jakob is “running away” on average of 1x during structured activities/work times.

“The energy I was putting into the daily power struggles was overwhelming. I’ve put a lot of energy into this plan, but in the end it has been so worth it to know that I am doing something productive for Jakob.”

-Steffany McConn

Jakob’s Teacher