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Readers Theatre. From Page to Stage. Presented by: Lynn, Adrienne, Connie, Cheryl. Attraction of Readers Theatre for Middle School Students. Students are searching for identity groups socially and intellectually Students are ready to explore new paths for possible careers

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Readers theatre

Readers Theatre

From Page to Stage

Presented by:

Lynn, Adrienne, Connie, Cheryl

Attraction of readers theatre for middle school students
Attraction of Readers Theatre for Middle School Students

  • Students are searching for identity groups socially and intellectually

  • Students are ready to explore new paths for possible careers

  • Students are looking for ways to express themselves creatively

  • Students love to be with groups and talk to express themselves

Day one of readers theatre
Day One of Readers Theatre

  • Students will experience performing a simple Readers Theatre using Fairy Tales

  • Assign parts to various tales from

    12 Fabulously Funny Fairy Tale Plays by Justin McCory Martin

  • Students will read through once or twice and then perform the tale in class

Day two voice inflection
Day Two Voice Inflection


A simple oral language lesson used to illustrate that one must use caution in how they use their voices to say something to another person because simply speakingone word louder than the others, can change the entire meaning.

SENTENCE: I didn’t say Minni stole my blue pen.


I didn’t say Minni stole my blue pen. (Someone else said it)

I didn’t say Minni stole my blue pen. (Strong denial of having said it)

I didn’t say Minni stole my blue pen. (I implied or suspected that she did or, wrote or indicated)

IF TIME PERMITS: Students will make up a sentence with 6 words or less stressing each different word to change the meaning.

Day 3 tips on reading
Day 3 Tips on Reading

Mumble, mumble,

Stop and stumble,

Pages turn

And readers fumble.

  • Your readers may need some tips to prepare, rehearse and perform their readers theater if this is what their performances are sounding like. Here are just a few pointers your readers may find helpful, but many more are on this web site.

  • Highlight your speeches in your copy marking only speaking words.

  • Underline words that tell about anything you will act out.

  • Hold your script at a steady height, make sure it doesn’t hide your face.

  • While you speak, try to look up often.

  • If the audience laughs, stop speaking until they can hear you again.

  • If someone talks in the audience, don’t pay attention.

Senior rt day 4 group performance
Senior RT Day 4 Group Performance

  • Local seniors will be contacted to perform their RT

  • These seniors often perform through area junior colleges and local schools

  • This will allow the students to notice inflection and how practiced readers use their scripts in action.

Day 5 staging tips
Day 5 Staging Tips

  • Expressions and movements add flair and fun

  • Be Confident

    • Stay in character and be creative with the character’s “voice”

  • Be Audible and Visible

    • Can you be HEARD and SEEN by the last row?

  • Be Clear

    • Enunciate and don’t rush

  • Be Expressive

    • Practice facial expressions and body movements

Day 6 rt and careers
Day 6 RT and Careers

  • Students create a list and research possible careers related to RT in Occupational Outlook Handbook and other resources

    • Acting, Singing, Dancing, Storytelling, Radio, TV, Improvisation, Comedy, Politics

  • Shy about performing? Consider:

    • Writing scripts, producing, directing

    • Costumes, makeup, hair-styling

    • Set design and construction; props

  • Volunteer as an usher

Day 7 scripting sheets
Day 7 Scripting Sheets

  • Divide class into 5 groups -Class management is important to the success of this activity

  • Hand out scripts-Script 1 for group 1, Script 2 for group 2, etc.

  • Groups read through script

  • Students label parts on each script/Students choose parts cooperatively among their groups

  • Practice reading among individual groups


Provides students opportunities for growth

  • Teacher’s anecdotal records

    • Were students engaged, excited, involved?

  • Audience feedback forms

    • Expression - Involvement - Presentation

    • Level of excitement generated by performance

  • Analyze a videotaped performance

  • Group Project Log

  • Rubric

Day 8 development
Day 8 Development

  • Practice scripts from Day 7

  • Introduce Rubric

  • Review rubric criteria, modeling examples of how students can achieve optimal performances

    • Knowledge/understanding

    • Thinking/inquiry

    • Communication

    • Application

  • Continue developing group presentations

Student rt day 9 dress rehearsal
Student RT Day 9 DressRehearsal

  • Students will perform their RT as a dress rehearsal for the next day’s official performance for elementary students.

  • The “audience” will evaluate the performing group using the rubric given on day 8.

Day 10 performance
Day 10 Performance

  • Students will perform their Readers Theatre for the elementary students.

  • They may want to perform it more than once, breaking the elementary students into smaller groups.

  • Another suggestion is to have them go to individual classrooms to perform.

Language arts cornucopia
Language Arts Cornucopia

  • Value of Readers Theatre

    • Encourages emotional growth and cooperative peer interaction; builds confidence

    • Improves reading comprehension, expression, and fluency

    • Boosts listening, speaking, and writing skills

    • Stimulating Enjoyable Encouraging

    • Relevant Personal Engaging

    • Read with JOY

Rt extensions
RT Extensions

  • Beyond basic RT

    • Classics, Folk Tales, Fairy Tales, Holidays, Patriotic and Special Occasions, Multicultural Plays

  • Integrate Science and Social Studies

  • Extended Activities:

    • Students write their own scripts

    • Teach Conflict Resolution

    • Radio Drama

    • Puppet shows

    • Video and TV Productions



    Voice Inflection by Richard Swallow


    Asron Shepard’s Rt Tips on Reading

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook Online


    Aaron Shepard’s RT Scripting Sheets


    Presenting a Readers Theatre Rubric


    Teacher Scholastic InstructorThe Power of Reader's Theater

    by Jennifer O. Prescott

    Of interest to students:


    Plays: The Drama Magazine for Young People


    Scholastic SCOPE Magazine with read-aloud plays of current movie adaptations