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Mrs. Ramos
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Mrs. Ramos

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    1. Chapter 24 Mrs. Ramos

    3. Railroad Construction During the Gilded Age, most of the railroad barons built their railroads with government assistance. The government helped to finance construction by providing land grants. The Great Northern was the only railroad built without government assistance. One byproduct of the development of the railroads was the movement of people to cities.

    4. Standard Time Zones The United States changed to standard time zones when the major rail lines decreed common fixed times so that they could keep schedules and avoid wrecks.

    5. Pools Agreements between railroad corporations to divide the business in a given area and share the profits were called pools. Early railroad owners formed pool in order to avoid competition by dividing business in a particular area. Efforts to regulate the monopolizing practices of railroad corporations first came in the form of action by state legislatures.

    6. Interstate Commerce Commission Was the first federal regulatory agency designed to protect the public interest from business combinations. One of the most significant aspects of the Interstate Commerce Commission Act was that it represented the first large-scale attempt by the federal government to regulate business.

    7. Henry Bessemer The steel industry owed much to the inventive genius to Henry Bessemer.

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    9. United States Steel Americas first billion-dollar corporation

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    11. John D. Rockefellers tactics Using high pressure sales methods Employing spies Extorting rebates from railroads Pursuing a policy of rule or ruin

    12. Gospel of Wealth Associated godliness with riches Held that the wealthy should display moral responsibility for their god-given money

    13. The South During the Industrial Age, the South remained overwhelmingly rural and agricultural Its major attraction for potential investors was cheap labor Many Southerners saw employment in the textile mills as the only steady jobs and wages available

    14. Gibson Girl The image of the Gibson Girl represented a romantic ideal of the independent and athletic new woman

    15. Knights of Labor Believed that conflict between capital and labor would disappear when labor would own and operate businesses and industry. Believed that republican traditions and institutions could be preserved from corrupt monopolies by strengthening the economic and political independence of the workers. One group barred from membership in the Knights of Labor was the Chinese. One of the major reasons why the Knights of Labor failed was because of its lack of class consciousness.