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Mnarani primary school administration block. PowerPoint Presentation
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Mnarani primary school administration block.

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Mnarani primary school administration block.
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Mnarani primary school administration block.

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    1. Mnarani primary school administration block.


    3. OUR COMPUTER LAB Sections of our computer lab

    4. Computer members conducting training to their fellow students.

    5. COCONUT TREE-The tree can be 20meters high.

    6. MANGO TREE.


    8. A Blue gum tree.

    9. OUR SCHOOL FEEDING PROGRAMME. In our school we have a feeding programme.This was through the initiative of our government. This is because many pupils come from poor families, others live far from school so they must walk 5 kilometers. Others are total orphans, they have no one to depend on. The children have to pay Ksh.5 per day to pay the cooks and to buy firewood. The government has provided for the food since last term.

    10. Mode of cooking.-We use firewood for cooking. Below is a handcart used to carry the firewood with. Its driven by pulling or pushing.

    11. Our school cooks

    12. Cooks busy cooking, almost ready to serve.

    13. Our Food . The food is a mixture of maize and peas.

    14. Our new kitchen which is under construction. What remains is plastering and flooring.

    15. Our nursery school Children queuing for lunch. These are ages 3 to 6 years.

    16. The senior students serving the juniors.

    17. A senior student enjoying his meal

    18. See some of the domestic animals commonly kept and used for meat. A hen and its chicks.

    19. A black she goat.

    20. A brown he Goat.

    21. Students enjoying projecting their work after learning the skill.

    22. Continue with the projection!Wau!,there it appears!!!!

    23. More training sessions-Girls are also not left behind!!!

    24. Environment club members

    26. The inside of one of the pre-school classes. The slide has to be kept in class because our school compound has no fence.

    27. Moments of discussion .

    28. We are really proud to have made friends with you. We admire your images!!!!!!!!

    29. Some of us who participated In the PowerPoint presentation.

    30. Our school toilets for boys and girls.-

    31. Our school staffroom. This is where teachers mark our work and prepare their lessons.

    32. Our school is separated from Kilifi town by a bridge. Its the longest and the deepest bridge in east Africa. See below

    33. Below is an African hut. Thatched with grass all over.

    34. We hope you have enjoyed watching our presentation.Thankyou and GOD bless you all. By your Mnarani primary friends.