marven of the great north woods l.
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Marven of the Great North Woods

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Marven of the Great North Woods - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marven of the Great North Woods. Compiled by Terry Sams PES & Latonia Wolfe DES. Author: Kathryn Lasky Illustrated by: Kevin Hawkes. Study Skills. Genre: Biography Comprehension Skill: Fact and Opinion Comprehension Strategy: Monitor and Fix up Comprehension Review Skill:

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marven of the great north woods

Marven of the Great North Woods

Compiled by Terry Sams PES & Latonia Wolfe DES

Author: Kathryn Lasky

Illustrated by: Kevin Hawkes

study skills
Study Skills
  • Genre: Biography
  • Comprehension Skill: Fact and Opinion
  • Comprehension Strategy: Monitor and Fix up
  • Comprehension Review Skill:

Main Idea

  • Vocabulary: Dictionary/Glossary
genre biography
Genre: Biography
  • A biography is a story of a real person’s life, written by another person.
  • It is written in the third-person. The author writes, “He was free! He found a job with a printer.”
  • A biography can cover a person’s whole life or part of it.
  • An autobiography is also a story of a real person’s life, but it is written by the person.

Marven was only ten years old

when his great-aunt died of influenza. To protect him from the disease, his family sent him far away from the city, up to the Great North Woods. There he kept the books at a logging camp. Marven was scared of the big, grouchy lumberjacks, especially Jean

Louis, a “jack” whose feet were as big

as skillets. But he was even more scared when he skied into the woods-and

thought he saw a grizzly bear.

comprehension skill main idea
Comprehension Skill Main Idea
  • Main idea is an important point about the story’s topic
  • Supporting details give more information about a main idea.
comprehension review skill fact and opinion
Comprehension Review Skill Fact and Opinion

A statement of a fact can be proved true or false by looking in a reference book, asking an expert, or using your own knowledge and experience.

A statement of opinion cannot be proved true or false. It is a belief or judgment.

An opinion often contains words such as best, should, or beautiful. It may begin with words “In my opinion” or “I believe”.

research study skill graphs
Research/Study Skill –Graphs
  • A graph shows data, or information, in visual form. The title and labels tell what information the graph shows and compares.
  • A bar graph uses vertical or horizontal bars to compare data.
  • A circle graph is a circle that shows how a whole is divided into parts.
research study skill graphs8
Research/Study Skill –Graphs
  • A line graph contains lines that connect a series of points. Line graphs often show changes over time.
  • A picture graph, or pictograph, uses pictures to represent amounts.
  • Let’s use practice book pages 89/90 to better understand graphs.
question of the week
Question of the Week
  • What is the value of a job well done?
vocabulary skill dictionary glossary
Vocabulary Skill –Dictionary/Glossary
  • Some words have more than one meaning.
  • Sometimes readers need to check a dictionary or glossary to find the meaning that makes sense for the sentence.
let s practice dictionary glossary skills te231
Let’s Practice Dictionary/Glossary Skills te231

Please describe the steps you use to find the meaning of a word in a dictionary.

Remember that some words have multiple meanings, and you must choose the meaning that makes sense for the context in which the word appears.

Use a dictionary to determine the meaning for drifting as it is used on page 213.

day 2 question of the day
Day 2 - Question of the Day
  • What were working conditions like for Marven at the logging camp?
comprehension strategy practice monitor and fix up
Comprehension Strategy Practice Monitor and Fix up

If you don’t understand or remember what you have read, you may need to reread part of the selection more carefully or scan it to locate specific information.

You may need to look for judgment words to help better identify facts and opinion.

Let’s practice by rereading p. 227 paragraph 1 and distinguish between statements of fact and opinion.

vocabulary say it
Vocabulary - Say It
  • cord
  • dismay
  • grizzly (bear)
  • immense
  • payroll
more words to know
More Words to Know



day 3 question of the day
Day 3 - Question of the Day
  • How do Marven and the lumberjacks make sure their jobs are well done?
day 4 question of the day
Day 4 - Question of the Day
  • How can you use e-mail to get information for school projects?
weekly fluency check volume of voice te 239a
Weekly Fluency Check -Volume of Voice TE 239a
  • You will need to match your voice volume to the size of the room or group you are reading to.
  • Go to page 231 and let’s read paragraphs 1-3. Be sure to raise and lower your voice when you see clue words such as whispered and gasped.
review pages 216 224
Review Pages 216 -224
  • Which job do you think would be more difficult for a ten-year old: keeping a payroll or waking the lumberjacks? Explain
  • What causes Jean Louis to open one eye?
  • What facts have you learned about lumberjacks and Marven’s work in the lumber camp?
review pages 226 233
Review Pages 226-233

1. Describe the steps Marven took to organize the chits? What are chits?

2. If Marven gave you his word that he would do something, would you trust him? Why or Why not?

3. How is this selection like other biographies you have read? How is it different?


More Review Pages 226-233

4. Marvin has a problem about what to eat at breakfast. (p. 224) What would you do to understand why he has this problem?

5. The author describes the lumberjacks as “biggest and wildest” (p. 218). What else does she tell you about them to prove her point.

fun stuff
Fun Stuff
  • More on Marven of the Great North Woods
  • Web Quest
  • Spelling Hangman
  • Spelling Words in ABC Order
  • On Line Reading Test
  • On Line Spelling Test


A unit of measurement for measuring wood.



List of persons to be paid and the amount that each one is to receive.



Sudden helpless fear of what is about to happen or what has happened.

grizzly bear

grizzly (bear)

A large gray or brownish bear of western North America.



Very large; huge; vast



Person whose work is cutting down trees and sending the logs to the sawmill.



Dark images; outlines against a lighter background.

describe a job te 239g use with writing transparency 9a
Describe a JobTE 239gUse with Writing Transparency 9a
  • Let’s look at an example of a jobdescription.
  • What writing traits do you see?
  • What important details do you see?
  • What do you notice about each separate task?
  • What time order words do you see?
writing assignment te239g
Writing Assignmentte239g
  • After looking at the job description for “Taking Care of Fifi” transparency, lets write our own job description.
  • Remember the writer of a job description must make sure to tell facts and not to express opinions.

This Week’s Word Wall Words

Click and type your own words for this week:

spelling words digraphs ng nk ph wh
Spelling WordsDigraphs ng, nk, ph, wh
  • among
  • think
  • blank
  • graph
  • young
  • Thanksgiving
  • wheel
  • nephew
  • belong
  • whiskers
  • whisper
digraphs ng nk ph wh
Digraphs ng, nk, ph, wh
  • strong
  • blink
  • chunk
  • skunk
  • elephant
  • white
  • shrink
  • wharf
  • trunk
  • strengthen
  • bankrupt
  • phantom
  • whimsical
  • whatever

Let’s review our Spelling words.

Watch carefully because they will flash on the screen for just a moment.

We can clap as we spell the word, or we might just practice reading the words.