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Java-X Project. Vision and Market Survey Summary. MSWE 617 Section 9040 – Capstone Project. The Class-X Team: Julian Edwards David Gilliam Ramana Seshadri John Snyder Problem to Solve.

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java x project

Java-X Project

Vision and Market Survey Summary

MSWE 617 Section 9040 – Capstone Project

The Class-X Team:

Julian Edwards

David Gilliam

Ramana Seshadri

John Snyder

problem to solve
Problem to Solve
  • Most tools create a UML model, or a database schema, and then Java classes...
  • Would like to reverse the process and create a database schema from a Java class file.
  • Problem statement: need a tool that can create an XSD doc from a Java class file inside of the Eclipse 3.1 development environment.
  • Questions to answer:
    • Has this been done before?
    • Is a product available to satisfy this need?

Class-X Team

market survey
Market Survey
  • Demographics:
    • By 2008, 95% of the top 2000 organizations will have a formal strategy for open source software.
    • Open source software has been successful where the developer is the end user.
    • Eclipse is one of the most popular open source Java development tools
    • Over 175 tool vendors have been involved in providing plug-ins for Eclipse.

Class-X Team

market survey1
Market Survey
  • Approach:
    • Internet newsgroup inquiries.
    • Internet searches of over 80 Web sites.
    • Review of 23 potential products.
    • Direct inquiries to product vendors.

Class-X Team

market survey2
Market Survey
  • Inquiries coalesced into five candidates:
    • Castor,
    • JAXB,
    • JaxMe,
    • JBind, and
    • LiquidXML.

Class-X Team

market survey3
Market Survey
  • Castor
    • Can generate Java Classes from XSD.
  • JAXB
    • Can generate Java Classes from XSD.
  • JaxMe
    • Can generate Java Classes from XSD.
  • JBind
    • Can generate Java Classes from XSD.
  • LiquidXML, and so on…all the same!

Class-X Team

market survey4
Market Survey
  • Market Survey Conclusion:
    • There are currently no products available that offer the capability to generate XML Schema Definition files from Java class members inside of the Eclipse platform.
    • Castor is the closest to the solution space, but only if the Java class is first generated from an XSD file, which then can be modified and the process reversed.

Class-X Team

  • The project Web site details the Java-X vision, the market survey, and provides references:
  • Also visit the links from the project home page for more details:

Class-X Team