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Green Laws PowerPoint Presentation

Green Laws

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Green Laws

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  1. Green Laws Green Laws & Community Design LSU Green Law Research Project Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry Office of Forestry Urban Forestry Program

  2. Working With Nature in the City

  3. Part one….how we build…..

  4. Why Landscape Regulations? • Landscape Codes set forth standards for better community design. Let’s look at some common problems of urban • design that can be solved with a well-crafted community landscape code.

  5. Land Clearing and Tree Removal • Good planning, good design and good development practices will keep nature in the city.

  6. View From The Street View From The Street • The view from the public road is the primary objective of a community landscape law.

  7. Street Edge Better Site Design • Street edges and curb cuts are the responsibility of the city?

  8. Street Yard Better Site Design

  9. Street Walls Better Site Design

  10. Better Site Design Building Entries • .

  11. Urban Heat Island • Why do commercial land uses remove all trees?

  12. A Sea of Parking • . • Car storage consumes much land and most parking areas contain little landscaping?

  13. VUA Interiors Better Site Design

  14. Parking Lot Design • Parking lot interiors should be more than continuous concrete and asphalt.

  15. No Walkways • When walkways are not provided people walk in the street.

  16. VUA Screening • Parking lots should be screened from public streets and residential developments.

  17. Concrete Sites & Open Space Concrete Sites& Open Space Concrete Sites & Open Space • Paving from lot line to lot line removes nature and natural elements from development sites! • Car storage consumes much land and most parking areas contain little landscaping?

  18. Storm Water Run Off Better Site Design • Where does all of the rain water go?

  19. Yard Buffering Better Site Design

  20. Trash & Service Area Screening

  21. Plant Material Quality and Planting Methods The proper quality, use, maintenance of landscape plant materials within the urban environment is a problem which is often neglected.

  22. Irrigation and Water Conservation and LBMPs Nature in the city requires water, water must be carefully managed!

  23. Part two…. how to build green communities….

  24. Prepared in cooperation with the East Baton Rouge Tree and Landscape Commission, Office of Landscape & Forestry and the Louisiana Urban Forestry Council. Design, script, photography and production by the Landscape Ordinance Research Project at the School of Landscape Architecture , Louisiana State University. For additional information Contact the research program at 225.578.1434 or visit the web site at Credits For a free copy of this program contact Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry Office of Forestry P.O.Box 1628 Baton Rouge, LA 70821-1628 225.925.4500

  25. Production Staff PROJECT DIRECTOR- Prof. D.G.Abbey,ASLA Louisiana State University CONSULTANT- Prof. Sissi Foster Michigan State University PRODUCER- Louisiana Department of Forestry, Urban Forestry Program DIGITAL PRODUCTION- Dan Farrah Joe L’Abbe GRAPHIC ASSISTANTS- Matt Faust Courtney Bush Kay Orlando Ourso SPECIAL ASSISTANCE- Collier County Florida Planning Department Abbey Associates Landscape Architects Members of the LCodeLSU Advisory Board City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana Tree & Landscape Commission This project was funded in part by an Urban and Community Forestry Grantfrom the Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry, Bonnie Stine Project Coordinator Drawing By Kay Orlando Ourso Landscape Architect Abbey Associates,Inc. Landscape Architects - The Architecture Group Baton Rouge, Louisiana