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Motivational Monday- Google Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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Motivational Monday- Google Classroom

Motivational Monday- Google Classroom

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Motivational Monday- Google Classroom

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  1. Motivational Monday- Google Classroom Do you use your time wisely? What can you do to stay more organized in school and outside of school? 4 sentences. (1 paragraph)

  2. Strawberry •

  3. Stawberry DNA Extraction Lab QUICK REVIEW!DNA CODES FOR ______________________. The monomer or building block that creates DNA is called a ______________________. The ___________________ or arrangement of the nitrogen bases is what makes us different. • You will work with the partner you are sitting with now. • Take a picture of your table BEFORE you begin. Your lab table MUST look the exact same before you can leave for the day. • Complete the lab, answer lab analysis questions, and set your table back up.

  4. Tackle Tuesday: 7th and 8thperiod- Answer in Journal • What is the function of DNA? • What are the four base pairs that match up on DNA and make all organism’s genetic code? What was the “saying” I gave you to help you remember these base pairs? • Is DNA anti-parallel true or false? (hint** are the sides of the double helix opposites)

  5. Work on DNA/RNA packet rest of class • Homework if not done, due tomorrow.

  6. What do you know Wednesday? –answer in complete sentences in journal. • What kind of bonds hold DNA’s base pairs together? • Where is DNA located? • What is the monomer of DNA and what are its 3 parts? • DNA stands for Ribose nucleic acid. TRUE OR FALSE TURN IN DNA/RNA PACKET (QUESTION/COLORING) FROM YESTERDAY!!!

  7. DNA Structure/Replication notes


  9. These are codes for words or sayings. DNA is a code too! What does DNA code for? idk tbh ily ty smh rofl PROTEINS

  10. It’s the arrangement of the nitrogenous bases that code for proteins.

  11. Base Pairs: Monomer for DNA is nucleotides • A-T (Apples in Trees) • G-C (Cars in Garages) • Complementary Pair of: AATCGCCGTATG ???

  12. DNA VS. RNA • DNA- deoxyribose (A-T, G-C) • RNA- ribose (A-U, G-C) • RNA- one strand • DNA- two strands


  14. DNA Replication- Draw in journal what I draw on the board.

  15. Closing in Journal: Nucleotides build DNA & RNA • Draw a nucleotide. • Label the phosphate group, sugar, nitrogenous base • Tell what the 5 possible nitrogenous bases are • Color the phosphate, sugar, and nitrogenous bases different colors • Write a 2-3 sentences explaining what a nucleotide is. How do nucleotides form DNA and RNA?

  16. Exit Ticket

  17. *Warm Up*- Thursday • Get journal out. • We are taking our journal quiz. • You have 15 minutesto complete. • After quiz, we will make a DNA mini-poster Pre-AP: DNA/RNA Quiz Friday (11/10) On-Level: DNA/RNA Quiz Friday (11/10)

  18. Teach •

  19. Thursday- Worktime Glue: Scientist Picture on Mini Poster Glue: DNA coloring on Mini Poster Complete the coloring with the CLASS COPY directions on your desk Answer the questions to the left on your poster. Use color. If not completed the Mini Poster is HOMEWORK • MINI POSTER -Requirements: Using the picture of the scientist who discovered what? What does DNA stand for? What is its function? What is DNA’s shape? What is DNA’s monomer? Is DNA single or double stranded?

  20. Mini Poster Example

  21. Friday- I am ABSENT • DNA QUIZ: NO TALKING DURING QUIZ • Complete Quiz, Turn into Trays • Complete Worksheet over DNA Replication using the Ameoba Sister’s video attached. • Turn into trays when done, this is a formative grade.