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消失的尸体. The murders in the Rue Morgue. Brief introduction and characters Plot summary Theme and analysis Literature significance and reception. Brief introduction Edgar Allan Poe Graham’s Magazine In 1841 The first detective story. Characters Dopin ---the detective

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The murders in the Rue Morgue

  • Brief introduction and characters
  • Plot summary
  • Theme and analysis
  • Literature significance and reception
Brief introduction

Edgar Allan Poe

Graham’s Magazine

In 1841

The first detective story


Dopin ---the detective

The narrator--- Dopin’s friend

The victim---Madame L'Espanaye and her daughter

crime scene
In mess---broken furniture , removed bed and a tress of grey human hair babbled in blood .

two bags four thousand francs in gold

The doors and windows were closed.

in chimney scratchs throttle

The corpses

throat --so entirely cut

head -- fell off

Crime scene
  • Neighbors who hear the murder give contradictory accounts about the murder’s languages.
  • Isolated ,few connection with neightors

the murder---a powerful man

  • Autopsy

the weapon---a sharp razor

dupin s analysis
Dupin’s analysis

⒈ doors—securely locked

the windows

chimney—too narrow

⒉outsides of the window---spring from a lightning rod into the window

a strong one with agility

⒊Four thansouds francs in gold were still there not for money

⒋a thick tress of grey hair pulled out by roots from Madame L'Espanaye


⒌the daught’s corpse was threw into the chimney+ Madame L'Espanaye’s head was entirely cut. Alien from humanity

⒍the marks of the hold + a man can not make these marks

not human

according to a book describing the behavior ofOurang-Outang

theme and analysis
Theme and analysis
  • In a letter to friend Dr. Joseph Snodgrass, Poe said of "The Murders in the Rue Morgue", "its theme was the exercise of ingenuity in detecting a murderer.“
  • Dupin's method emphasizes the importance of reading. --Helearns about orangutans from a written account by "Cuvier", the French zoologist.
  • The tale has an underlying metaphor for the battle of brains vs. brawn. The analyst's brainpower overcomes physical strength of the orangutan .
  • The story also contains Poe's often-used theme of the death of a beautiful woman, which he called the "most poetical topic in the world".
literature significance and reception
Literature significance and reception
  • "The Murders in the Rue Morgue": " changed the history of world literature." Often cited as the first detective fiction story, the character of Dupin became the prototype for many future fictional detectives
  • The genre is distinctive from a general mystery story in that the focus is on analysis.
  • "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" also established many tropes that would become common elements in mystery fiction: the eccentric but brilliant detective, the bumbling constabulary, the first-person narration by a close personal friend.
  • Poe also initiates the storytelling device where the detective announces his solution and then explains the reasoning leading up to it.
  • It is also the first locked room mestery in detective fiction.
  • Parters:何靖