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Being a Mentor

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Being a Mentor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Being a Mentor. What it means…. Mentor Definition. A trusted counselor or guide A tutor or coach Builds a personal relationship Consultant - One who gives professional advice or Services, Expert…. What we want from you.

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Being a Mentor

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being a mentor

Being a Mentor

What it means…

mentor definition
Mentor Definition
  • A trusted counselor or guide
  • A tutor or coach
  • Builds a personal relationship

Consultant -

One who gives professional advice or Services, Expert…

what we want from you
What we want from you
  • Share your experience in a particular area with another market manager
  • Develop a personal relationship that is supportive (not competitive)
  • Counsel/guide the manager about how they might be more effective
  • Offer options (many ways to skin a cat)
what you will gain
What you will gain
  • Meet another market manager and learn from them
  • Help influence improvements that will make the manager and market more successful
  • Satisfaction if your suggestions are implemented and work
qualities of a good mentor
Qualities of a Good Mentor
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, passionate about markets
  • Good teacher, articulate
  • Good listener, communicator
  • Willing to share
  • Well organized
  • Experienced, has practical knowledge
qualities of a good mentor6
Qualities of a Good Mentor
  • Able to see the big picture
  • Gets at the root of the problem quickly
  • Encourages problem solving
  • Offers alternate solutions
  • Not imposing
  • Follows up with info
  • Returns calls/emails promptly
what will make the relationship work
What will make the Relationship Work
  • Mutual respect
  • Being open, flexible
  • Two-way communication
  • Quality interactions
  • Staying focused
  • Shared interest in outcome
matchmaking process
Matchmaking Process
  • Your skills matched to mentees needs
  • Geography is being considered
  • Confirm your commitment –

watch for email from Diane

  • Match letter will be sent in April to mentor and mentee
  • Mentor initiates contact
meeting your mentee homework phone call
Meeting your Mentee:Homework –Phone call

Info to gather:

-Market info – rules, promotional literature, bylaws, sponsorship, etc.


-Get clarity on help that is needed

-Identify goals for the consulting project

-Set up a meeting before market starts

meeting your mentee in person meeting
Meeting your MenteeIn person meeting
  • Establish personal relationship
  • Questions you have from homework
  • Review market needs/issues and

why mentee feels help is needed

  • Go over project goals and define outcomes
  • Establish shared expectations
meeting your mentee site visit
Meeting your MenteeSite Visit
  • Schedule visit to market
  • Take time to observe, make notes, take photos
  • Talk with vendors, sponsors, or whoever is relevant for their opinions
  • Touch base with mentee
is there synergy check in time
Is there synergy? Check in time
  • Has the manager been able to clearly identify goals for you to work on?
  • Do you feel competent to address needs of market?
  • Can you work with the mentee?
  • IF NOT, Let Diane know
preparing for a worthwhile experience
Preparing for a Worthwhile Experience
  • Develop shared understanding and expectations between mentor-mentee
  • Develop a Work Plan based on goals identified jointly with mentee
  • List priority topics that need to be addressed and ways they might be addressed
  • Develop a timeline for gathering/sharing info to address needs
  • Develop a communication plan
no magic bullet
No Magic Bullet
  • You can’t solve all the problems
  • Avoid giving advice, rather share experiences
  • Actions are up to the mentee
  • Some mentees may not accept advice
  • Mentees may not follow your advice
project timeline
Project Timeline
  • March – Mentee Training

plus additional mentor training

  • April – Match letters will be sent

Contact your mentee – background info

  • May – Visit mentee - establish project goals and identify action steps, timeline
  • June? – Visit market
  • July-October – follow-up activities
  • Nov-Dec – summary report
how much time to spend with follow up
How much time to spend with follow-up
  • Depends on the need to be addressed
  • Stay focused
  • Depends on your availability
  • Direct mentee to other resources where appropriate
types of problems
Types of Problems
  • Vendor problem – not enough, mix, etc.
  • Market location/layout
  • Market rules/enforcement
  • Attracting customers
  • Market promotion, events
  • Fundraising, fees, etc.
  • Friend of Market organizations
how to address them
How to address them
  • Gather information
  • Analyze the current situation
  • Identify roadblocks
  • Suggest alternatives
  • Reinforce what is being done well
  • Develop action steps for accomplishing goals/changes/vision
need help contact diane or monika
Need Help? Contact Diane or Monika
  • Diane Eggert


  • Monika Roth