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Get Yourself Organized

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Gregory Neil Associates. Get Yourself Organized. The 4 Pillars of Time Management. Personal Time Management Production Management Meetings Commitment Management. Its (All) About Time.

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the 4 pillars of time management
The 4 Pillars of Time Management
  • Personal Time Management
  • Production Management
  • Meetings
  • Commitment Management
its all about time
Its (All) About Time
  • The transcontinental railroads led to the invention of time zones. For the first time, everyone needed to be in sync, regardless of what village one lived in.
  • Time is borrowed, wasted, spent. We find the time, slow down time, take our time, quitting time. We focus on, closing time, daylight savings, race against, nick of...
  • Time is so variable, so based on our experience, that the absolute measure of time is almost meaningless. Don't even get me started about relativity and time travel.
  • Time on a long bus trip goes so much slower than time spent doing what we love with people we care about.
  • Time doesn't exist, not in a way that matters to most people. The story we tell ourselves about time, though, is the overriding narrative of our day to day lives.
recipe for stress
Recipe for Stress
  • Management style and Time Management habits produce a feeling of…

“There isn’t enough time in the day”

  • So you make your day fit your “to-do” list instead of making your “to-do” list to fit your schedule
time management is
Time Management is…

Its an oxymoron

you cant manage time

You can only manage what to do in the next 24 hrs

Either you manage your work, or it manages you.

Normal type represents the focus of typical non - performing individuals Bold typerepresents the focus of high performance individuals
powerful weekly meetings
Powerful Weekly Meetings
  • Just the Facts
    • Goal and Result
  • Transparency
    • Show information quickly and simply
  • Drive up issues and solve problems now
the biggest time waster
The Biggest Time Waster
  • Not Speaking…Powerfully
    • No commitment…Commitment Phobia
    • Not located in time
    • No accountability
  • Not Listening - really listening
    • Can you trust that it will happen?
    • Is it going to happen the way you want it?
  • The real power is when you bring all four together into daily weekly use…
    • Complete your day at the end of each day
    • Plan and Schedule your recon projects
    • Spend most of your time in important / not urgent
    • Plan from Process, not Event
    • Use commitments to move important work forward