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Utah’s Prehistoric Geography PowerPoint Presentation
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Utah’s Prehistoric Geography

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Utah’s Prehistoric Geography - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Utah’s Prehistoric Geography. Forming Rocky Mountain Region. Some rocks from PRECAMBRIAN Era! Forming Mountains through Plate Pressures Uplift began in Mesozoic Era

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Prehistoric Geography

forming rocky mountain region
Forming Rocky Mountain Region
  • Some rocks from PRECAMBRIAN Era!
  • Forming Mountains through Plate Pressures
      • Uplift began in Mesozoic Era
      • Earth’s surface crunched together by pressures from Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
forming rocky mountain region1
Forming Rocky Mountain Region
  • Forming Mountains through Volcanoes
      • Sometimes, volcanoes erupted and magma formed sharp peaks
  • Forming Mountains through Glaciers
      • As ice age melted, glaciers moved and carved
forming the great basin region
Forming the Great Basin Region
  • Forming Basins
      • Some land was forced UP by faults (mountains)
      • Some land left flat and low (valley)
      • Creates a BOWL!


forming great basin region
Forming Great Basin Region
  • Ancient Lakes
      • As the ice age (Cenozoic Age) melted away, lakes were left behind
      • Lake Bonneville filled basins
      • Over time, water evaporated
      • Left behind Great Salt Lake, Utah Lake, Sevier Lake
  • Volcanic Remains
      • Molten rock (lava) pushes through the earth’s crust
      • Craters and hardened lava
forming the colorado plateau region
Forming the Colorado Plateau Region
  • Forming Plateaus
      • Mountains were formed by faults
      • The mountains were squeezed in and up, creating top of plateau
      • Water and erosion washed away side walls, creating sheer cliffs and canyons
  • Forming other Rock Formations
      • Some magma pushed through earth’s crust
      • Formed by water and erosion