Status of exchange deployment
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Status of Exchange deployment. Alberto Pace for the IT/IS group. Desktop Forum, April 3 rd 2003. From last meeting (October 2002). Mail Migration task force created, representatives from all divisions ( ) Meeting once or twice every month

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Status of exchange deployment

Status of Exchange deployment

Alberto Pace for the IT/IS group

Desktop Forum, April 3rd 2003

From last meeting october 2002
From last meeting (October 2002)

  • Mail Migration task force created, representatives from all divisions (

  • Meeting once or twice every month

  • General place to coordinate and discuss organizational and technical issues

Migration status

More than 1600 today

From 180 users end of October

Migration status

Migration strategy
Migration strategy

  • Mainly division by division but

    • Volunteers from other divisions welcome

    • Users allowed to delay their migration

  • Currently focused on IT, SPL and AB divisions

  • ST, AT, EST in the pipeline

Migration workflow
Migration workflow

  • Very little changes for the users not interested in the new features

    • Main change: Mail Password = NICE password

    • Pine users must use pine version 4.44

      • default on LXPLUS and on recent CERN linux distributions

  • However, users are interested in the new features (see later)

Migration workflow 2
Migration workflow (2)

Ask for migration Mail

Accept / Delay form

Migration workflow 3
Migration workflow (3)

  • Migration Form

    • User accepted migration.

    • Accessible directly from MMM homepage.

Migration statistics
Migration statistics

Statistics have been made on the last 924 users of the

service. All other users (>800) have migrated “alone”

before the official migration workflow was available.

These users have not been counted in the statistics.

Once mail is migrated
Once mail is migrated

  • Users can continue to use mail as before (no changes)

  • … or use the extra features:

    • Web interface (

    • Secure communication

    • Anti-Spam filters

    • Calendaring and collaborative tools

  • To use some of these features,the mail client needs to be reconfigured

    • Some support issues

Migration task force report
Migration task force report

  • Users are migrating “faster” than planned

  • Several action taken to ensure smooth migration

    • Training sessions for the local support staff

    • Recorded seminars for end-users

    • Improved end-user documentation

    • Technical documentation for support staff

  • Road Show and live seminars

    • 20 and 27 March, AB division

    • April 3, SPL division

    • April 8, ST division

    • April 10, AT and EST

    • EP forum foreseen

Migration task force report 2
Migration Task Force Report (2)

  • Some division are interested in using the collaborative features

    • calendars, shared mailbox, task assignments, workflow, follow-up, etc…

  • They need to deploy Office XP mail client

    • Do all changes in one go

  • The current migration is ‘server side’ to (only) allow willing users to use the new features

  • Reinstalling the mail client requires user support

    • Contacts / Local mail should be migrated from local files into the mail server

  • We have invested lot of effort in documentation, seminars and local support training for these migrations

Non responsive users
Non responsive users

  • 15 % of the users do not respond to migration mail

    • Remember: The mail allows users to delay the migration

  • A large majority of these are unattended mailboxes

    • Remember: CERN has 15’000 mailboxes but only 2’700 staff members

  • CERN computing rules enforce the statement that users MUST be responsive to service mails

  • We cannot migrate a mailbox when passwords are not synchronized

    • Remember: we do not know users’ passwords

  • Proposal (for the long term):

    • After several (more than 4) unanswered mail (spanning several months), the user’s password will be reset and the mailbox migrated.

    • This will de facto block the account. The user will have to contact the helpdesk to have his password changed back to a known value.


  • Good collaboration with Task Force members

  • Migration on going, smoothly

  • 25 % of “Active users” already migrated

  • Zero users have expressed the wish (or the need) “to go back” to the old service

  • On going work to improve the migration to Outlook XP on Windows

    • Remember: not mandatory

    • Only for users willing to do so