rosetta in the context of the duraark project igelu conference oxford september 17 th 2014 n.
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Digital preservation of architectural 3D data

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Digital preservation of architectural 3D data - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rosetta in the context of the DURAARK project IGeLU Conference Oxford, September 17 th 2014. Digital preservation of architectural 3D data. Michelle Lindlar (LUH) Michael Panitz (LUH). German National Library of Science and Technology …

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rosetta in the context of the duraark project igelu conference oxford september 17 th 2014
Rosetta in the context of the DURAARK project

IGeLU Conference

Oxford, September 17th 2014

Digital preservation of architectural 3D data

Michelle Lindlar (LUH)

Michael Panitz (LUH)

German National Library of Science and Technology…

… for engineering, architecture, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics

founded in 1959

around 400 members of staff

Holdings in shelf length of 125 km with:

5.6 million books

16.800 printed journals

64.000 electronic journals

17 million patents and standards

Goportis digital preservation system since 2010


OPF member and nestor cooperation partner (Accessed 09/05/2014)

Metadata 


research data





scientific films


Metadata 

Digital Preservation

The DURAARK project…

…and Rosetta


What a digital preservation system should do:

respect technical and human requirements from institutional intrinsic and extrinsic views

archive the data with additional and sufficient information (metadata)

save the data on three layers: (Accessed 09/05/2014)

  • Digital Preservation
DURAble ARchitectural Knowledge – DURAARK

funded by the European Union within the 7th Framework Programme

February 2013 – January 2016

Goal & Scope:

develop methods and tools for sustainable long-term preservation of building data (3D formats, metadata, related knowledge and Web data)

analysis of potential stakeholders (architects, building owners, researcher, cultural heritage institutions etc.)

address all layers of digital preservation (bit, logical, semantic)

interlinked curation and preservation workflow

establish a competence center for archiving of 3D data at the TIB in Hannover

NOT: develop a new digital preservation system

(2) The DURAARK project...

How does it look?

real representation of the archived object

metadata about it should be captured as well

plan and scan are associated over the real world representation


  • Building Information Model
  • with the help of software (“CAD-System”) constructed model of a building
  • geometric visualization of a building
  • it must not fit into the real building
  • enriched with (semantic) information from different sources (e. g., vendor databases)
  • usage through different actors (e. g., architects, building engineers etc.)


  • Point Cloud Scan
  • special 3D scanner analyzes real world objects and are able to construct a digital 3D model – a point cloud
  • represents the constitution of an “is-built”-building
  • could differ from the plan but requires an existing building


(2) The DURAARK project...

State of the Art (on preservation of architectural 3D data):

various, established formats, but no standards

nearly no suitable metadata format

missing compatibility of existing preservation tools

few experiences / projects

not any experiences on the preservation planning (Accessed 09/05/2014)

(2) The DURAARK project...

First results

recommendations for open, standardized and archival formats:


E57 (point cloud)

metadata schema “buildm” for content related description of the archived objects

first prototype of a DURAARK workbench with following functionalities:

semantic enrichment of 3D data

identification of 3D formats

preperation for preservation

  • Next steps
  • establishment of the recommended formats
  • stakeholder survey for acceptance of our project(-results)
  • digital preservation of 3D data in our digital preservation system
  •  Rosetta

(2) The DURAARK project...

What we are doing with Rosetta:

we preserve digital materials on all three layers of preservation

for our library, we have established and are establishing standards and workflows towards the goal of digital preservation

we enrich our digital material with metadata of our library catalogue

and we are able to deal with a large

amount of data. (Accessed 09/05/2014) (Accessed 09/05/2014)

(3) ...and Rosetta


Existing tools for various file formats:

Jhove, Tika, fido, fits, DROID, …

Few existing tools for Building Information Models (IFC-SPF) and point clouds (E57):

DROID signature pattern extension, E57 validator, IFC validator, …

(3) ...and Rosetta

Digital Preservation of architectural 3D data – an outlook:

DURAARK workbench to aid producers in the preparation of objects for the delivery to a digital preservation system

file format identification, technical metadata extraction, file format validation for IFC-SPF and E57 within Rosetta

sample preservation planning for content types BIM & 3D scan

curational tools to aid archives and libraries in appraisal and selection processes outside of the digital preservation system

Do you have architectural 3D data?

We are interested in your requirements!

For more information, visit



Thank you. Questions? Suggestions?