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Putting the Future in Focus

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Putting the Future in Focus - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Putting the Future in Focus. iStrategy Sydney. 16 th April 2013. Australian Online Landscape. Joe Nguyen , SVP APAC, comScore Inc. Distribution of Worldwide Internet Audience The US is no Longer the C entre of the Online U niverse. Outside US.

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Putting the Future in Focus

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    1. Putting the Future in Focus iStrategy Sydney 16th April 2013

    2. Australian Online Landscape Joe Nguyen, SVP APAC, comScore Inc.

    3. Distribution of Worldwide Internet AudienceThe US is no Longer the Centre of the Online Universe Outside US • Source: comScore MMX, December 2012, Worldwide 15+,

    4. Time Spent and Growth Across RegionsUS Users Spent Most Time, Whilst Asia Pacific Outgrows Rest of the World Australia: 18.6 Hours a Month +7% +7% +2% +6% +1% • Source: comScore MMX, December 2012, Worldwide 15+,

    5. Source: comScore MMX, April 2013, 15+ Online Audience Across APACDominated by China, Japan and India

    6. Source: comScore MMX, April 2013, 15+ Online Audience Across APACLed by Vietnam outside of the top3

    7. Growth across APAC AudienceVietnam overtakes Australia, other markets stabilize • Source: comScore MMX, April 2013, 15+

    8. Source: comScore MMX, April 2012, 15+ Engagement Across APAC AudiencesAU and NZ sit in the middle of the list for Average Online Hours per Person

    9. Composition of Minutes per Age Group Varies GreatlyAU-NZ-JP have a larger % of older population online • Source: comScore MMX, April 2013, 15+

    10. Profile: AU Online Audience 56% Male 44% Female • Source: comScore MMX, April 2013, Australia 15+

    11. What’s hot, what’s not?IM+Social down, Photosharing+Travel+Coupons Up • Source: comScore MMX, Feb 2012 – Jan 2013, 15+

    12. Source: comScore MMX, April 2013, 15+ Top Web Properties in Australia

    13. Source: comScore MMX, Australia April 2013, UK/Canada Jan 2013 Global Trend AU UK CA


    15. Device Preferences Throughout the DayMost Weekday Tablet Usage Occurs Between 6pm and 10pm Tabletspopular at night PCsdominate working hours Early Morning(7am – 10am) Late night(12am - 7am) Daytime(10am – 5pm) Prime(8pm – 12am) Early Evening(5pm – 8pm) • Source: comScore Device Essentials, Tuesday, 02 April 2013, AU

    16. Ad viewability and validation Ashley Padgen, Senior Manager and Product Lead, Audience, APAC Steve Geelan, National Sales Director, Microsoft Media Network (Mi9)

    17. Digital Ad Measurement Has Come a Long Way… New Currencies Ad Verification The true value of CTR Audience Measurement Audience Verification Advertising Validation

    18. …and comScore Has Led and Innovated Along the Way New Currencies Ad Verification The true value of CTR Audience Measurement Audience Verification Advertising Validation comScore leading the way AdXpose MediaMetrix™ Whither the Click Campaign Essentials™ validated Campaign Essentials™

    19. 3MS and the MRC • Industry organizations joined together for • Making Measurement Make Sense Initiative (3MS)

    20. 3MS Set 5 Guiding Principles • Principle 1.Move to a “viewable impressions” standard and count real exposures online. • Principle 2. Online advertising must migrate to a currency based on audience impressions, not gross ad impressions. • Principle 3. Because all ad units are not created equal, we must create a transparent classification system. • Principle 4.Determine interactivity “metrics that matter” for brand marketers, so that marketers can better evaluate online'scontribution to brand building. • Principle 5.Digital media measurement must become increasingly comparable and integrated with other media.

    21. validated Campaign Essentials delivers Comprehensive & Unduplicated Measurement Complete Viewability Accurate Audience Data • Real-timeoptimization • Single tool, single tag, single database • Quality datafor transacting

    22. Questions to Ask on Viewable Impressions • Is the measurement MRC accredited? • Will payment be on viewed impressions or gross impressions? • Is there a minimum % viewable expected? • How will impressions where viewability cannot be determined (i.e. when JavaScript measurement code cannot be placed) be evaluated/billed?

    23. vCEviewability measurement is… • 3. • Independent • Doesn’t rely on sampling-based approaches • 1. • Aligned • Uses the IAB proposed definition for viewability for display and video • 2. • Census • Provides complete measurement, including most cross-domain iframes • 4. • Accredited • Accredited by the Media Rating Council

    24. Effective ad placements are about more than viewability… • Geography • Non-Human Traffic • Brand Safety

    25. Questions to ask About Valid Ads • What geographic location is required? • What content is appropriate for this brand? • Will ads be blocked if they are not in appropriate content? • If ads are blocked, will the publisher still get payment for that delivery?

    26. Microsoft Media Network (MMN) • The environment that led to MMN seeing the need for brand safety • The ability for MMN’s extended (blind) network to provide as much engagement as premium publisher buys by using data and technology intelligently, which includes vCE • A challenge to the audience to look at what their agency is doing re brand safety and ad effectiveness, and if they are not making use of the technology, to ask – why not?

    27. Questions please

    28. Thank You