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Keeping Up with Personal Searches

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keeping up with





as machine learning and artificial intelligence

As machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to deepen

the understanding of the online consumer's behaviour and their

needs and dilemmas in the context of search, search engines are

able to collect more data from impressions. The results that people

get from web searches become more relevant and accurate and

appropriate to the time the search was done. This gives web users

a sense of recognition and they build trust on search in the manner

you would seek advice from a trusted friend.

To illustrate, we have come to search using phrases rather than

keywords, even using trigger words that are egocentric such as

how, where, when, why, Can I, etc. For example, "Can I eat apples

on an empty stomach?," or “How often should I shampoo my hair?”

are the manner by which personal searches have been constructed.

In addition, the use of “me” and “should I?” have increased in the

last couple of years.

it becomes a two way process that works well

It becomes a two-way process that works well and gets even

better for as long as there is trust in the relationship.  Aside

from friends and family, people rely on search engines to give

them expert advice even on highly personal matters without

hesitation of being judged.

This is a perfect time for marketers to take advantage of

personal searches as a means to figure out their buyer

personas and reach out to them effectively and as personalised

as possible.

Content Strategist at Zazzle, Emma Derbyshire shared a few

ways of optimising content for personalised searches. 

1 tools answers to some questions require

1. Tools

Answers to some questions require different factors

including gender, body weight, activity, etc. Examples of

questions such as “How much water should I drink per

day?” or “What is the safe calorie intake for me?” are

best explained using calculating tools. For personalised

and accurate answers, readers are more likely to enter

their information. A website that offers this kind of tool

will more likely gain more in-depth reading than a

website that just provides the average recommended

water or calorie intake.

2 case studies and testimonials some questions

2. Case studies and testimonials.

Some questions are more complicated and may not be

simply answered in the same manner as our example

on water or calorie intake via a calculating tool.

Depending on the case, we can provide case studies and

testimonials to show what worked for others. This type

of strategy may resonate with people if presented on

the right timing within their buying journey and

encourage them to inquire for more personalised


3 hygiene content or informational content this

3. Hygiene Content or informational content -

This refers to maintaining your content so that it is

updated, as specific as possible to your target visitors,

and that on-page content is optimised for longtail

search (tailored to your buyer persona). Other essential

practices include a clear call to action that points the

users to personalised answers or if we can get them to

a level of contacting touchpoints (email, email forms,

phone call or subscribe to newsletters) will usher target

customers into a tighter engagement and not fall off

from their buying journey.

4 thought leadership and expert content with more

4. Thought leadership and expert content -

With more people relying on expert content to answer

their questions, content marketers should keep up by

strengthening the integrity and quality of content on

their website. Expert content will also mean appearing

in SERPs and earns the site more users trusting the site

for advice.