g o o g l e p a y i s h e r e n.
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Google Pay is Here!

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Google Pay is Here! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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g o o g l e p a y i s h e r e


I S H E R E !

a faster and simpler way to checkout has just

A faster and simpler way to checkout

has just arrived. Beginning today, shop

easy and securely with the Google Pay

App for Android. The App allows you to

have a single spot for purchases,

passes, payment methods and even

gift cards. Google says it is currently

working to make the app available in

all Google products for a seamless

shopping experience across all

devices. It is also working with

partners online and in stores so users

will have the convenience of using

Google pay online, in stores, in apps

and different places.

- The Home tab is packed with

information about your recent

purchases, nearby stores, quick access

to rewards and even useful tips.

- It has a Cards tab to organise credit

cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty

perks, and reward offers which makes

it easy to pick what to use during


-In some cities such as Kiev and

London, you can already use Google

Pay to pay your fares so you can say

goodbye to passes. Google Pay will be

available in more cities soon.

Folks over Google will get a lot busier

developing the app. For now, here are a

few things you can count on with

Google Pay.

google pay adds an extra layer of protection

-Google Pay adds an extra layer of protection to guard your

personal data against security threats. It does not send out your

card information when you make payments. Instead, merchants

receive a unique encrypted number. If you happen to lose your

phone, you can use Find My Device to simply find, lock, and erase

your phone.

-It adopts the Android Pay features and retains bank perks of


-With Google pay, pay with a few clicks on checkout ( no more

payment forms to fill out)

- In the US and the UK, the app will be available to send and

request money within a few months from now.

developers you can visit this link

Developers, you can visit this link so you can

work with processor partners and find all tools

you will need on the developer site to get started

with Google Pay for your business. Google has

already partnered with Shopify to make

integrations a lot easier for business owners who

are developing their sites.

Try the Google Pay app now!

s o u r c e


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