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IRS Tax Negotiation PowerPoint Presentation
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IRS Tax Negotiation

IRS Tax Negotiation

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IRS Tax Negotiation

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  1. WELCOME TO At Benefit Tax Solutions we've been helping thousands of citizens with their tax problems. We have a solution for all your tax problems, from wage garnishment to bank levies and even completing your back taxes, we have tax professionals that can help you!

  2. Tax Solutions Stop Wage Garnishment : Are you getting your wages garnished? We can help by putting a stop to your wage garnishment and settle your debt. Tax Debt Relief : Find out if you qualify for tax relief. Lower your tax payment or completely get rid of it using government tax debt reliefs. Stop Bank Levy : Find out how to stop levies in your state. Contact us today and talk to one of our tax professionals. Back Taxes : You haven't filed your taxes in years? That's not a problem. Call us today and let us review your taxes, help you file them.

  3. About Benefit Tax Solutions Our service is Tax Relief services. People who do not pay their taxes for multiple years receive a letter from the IRS requesting to pay their taxes in full plus interests. Using licensed CPAs and Tax Lawyers benefit tax solutions negotiates with the IRS on the tax payer's behalf and lowers their tax payment and finally resolve their tax problems.

  4. Contact Us If you are facing wage garnishment or bank levy and need professional help, arrange a free consultation to see if our attorney can help you. Phone No :- 1-800-210-9810 Email ID :- Business Address : 15770 LAGUNA CANYON ROAD #250 IRVINE, CA 92618