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Individual Life Insurance

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Individual Life Insurance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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individual life insurance

Individual Life Insurance

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travel insurance quote

Travel Insurance Quote

Provincial medical plans do not typically apply to expensive medical emergency costs outside of Canada. These costs are generally financially overwhelming for citizens. For millions of Canadians, comprehensive emergency travel coverage has become an essential part of their holiday plans. A travel insurance plan provides assurance that any unexpected medical emergency costs are covered so you can travel worry free.

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health dental insurance quote

Health & Dental Insurance Quote

In Canada, each province provides provincially funded health plans for medical services for residents of that province. This has become an effective and recognized health care system. Unfortunately, this funding is limited in its application to only mandatory health services. Essentially only services that are deemed necessary medical services are covered but the coverage given can be the full amount or only a percentage (depending on the province) and the individual must pay the remaining costs.

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accident illness insurance quote

Accident & Illness Insurance Quote

Disability - whether sudden due to an accident or caused by a diagnosed illness such a degenerative condition can steal you of your ability to earn a income and not able to afford daily living expenses. For this reason Disability is commonly referred to as - Income Replacement insurance. 

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individual life insurance quote

Individual Life Insurance Quote

Though it seems there is a bewildering array of policy types and names, they all boil down to two basic forms of life insurance: permanent and term. As a rule, permanent needs should be covered with permanent, temporary needs with term insurance. Often, a combination of policy types does the best job for you.

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employee benefits quote

Employee Benefits Quote

Business Owners recognize the essential requirements of day to day operations Employees and Profits protecting these two assets is good Business Insurance.

Credit Insurance protects the operating lines of credit in the event of the principal owner death or disability

Insurance premium is based on your account balances

Cash advances by equal instalments are covered at no charge in the event of death, disability or an initial critical illness diagnosis

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