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The unfinished Task

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The unfinished Task. Lets look at the world as God see it. Two types of mission. Unengaged and Unreached People Groups 3 of the 5 Great Commissions target here Totally without hope of salvation Unevangelized and Undiscipled Peoples Nominal Christians needing the gospel

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The unfinished Task

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the unfinished task

The unfinished Task

Lets look at the world as God see it

two types of mission
Two types of mission
  • Unengaged and Unreached People Groups
    • 3 of the 5 Great Commissions target here
    • Totally without hope of salvation
  • Unevangelized and Undiscipled Peoples
    • Nominal Christians needing the gospel
    • Multiple opportunities to hear but need more


1/3non-Christians living in alreadyreached people groups

1/3of earth’s peoplecall themselves Christians

1/3non-Christians livingin unreached people groups


definition of an unreached people group
Definition of an Unreached People Group
  • A unique ethnolinguistic people among which no indigenous community of believers adequate to evangelize themselves.
  • Usually this is <2%

Number of languages

Number of languages without Scriptures

n america a mission field



[nearby people from

a different culture],

[strange language,

culture and land]

N. America a mission field
  • Acts 1:8 "But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me inJerusalem _____________ ________ and in all Judea ___________ and Samaria ___________________ ____________ and to the end of the earth” ___________________ ______________
  • It appears He expects us to do all four simultaneously

[non-church in area ]

north america our home state and samaria
North America: Our home, state and Samaria
  • Has most of N.A. heard the gospel repeatedly?
    • 4 million religious programs annually
    • 130,000 Christian radio and TV stations
  • 67% of United States consider themselves “Evangelical”
  • Source of Growth of Conservative Churches:
    • 51% Transfers from other churches
    • 27% Biological: Children of members
    • 22% “Sinners” from marriage and friendship
    • “If evangelicals are serious about recruiting ‘real live sinners’, the best approach is either to befriend or marry them!”Riginald Bibby


ethnically diverse population
Ethnically Diverse Population
  • US is becoming an ethnically foreign country
  • Churches/Leaders are not equipped to reach a diverse population
    • Few have any training in cross-cultural ministry
    • Fewer care to have a cross-cultural ministry!
  • Separate churches for every homogeneous group is huge
  • The “melting-pot” syndrome has become a smorgasbord of cultures.
home missions are essential to foreign missions
Home Missions are Essential to Foreign Missions
  • Effective outreach demonstrated at Home ministry before sending to Foreign
  • Reaching out cross-culturally at home is key training ground
  • Need for multi-ethnic churches
  • Often now returning missionaries focus on same ethnic group in US
ethnic ministries in the us
Ethnic Ministries in the US
  • Native Americans
    • Of 50+ indian languages in US only 35 have parts of the Bible
    • 40% consider themselves Christian (yet only 3-5% are evangelical)
    • 28 interdenominational mission boards & 300 missionaries, but very few indian pastors!
  • Afro-Americans – about 20% of US pop.
    • 60%+ affiliated with Protestant Churches
    • Gospel understanding often clouded with baptism and social agendas
    • Liberalism permeates black pastorates (only 25% of black seminaries are evangelical!)
    • Little focus on missions to black community – except by Muslims
    • Major obstacle to integration was White’s attitude, now it is the Blacks!
    • Three groups:
      • Culturally black North Americans
      • Integrated blacks
      • International Black immigrants: West Indians, Samoans, etc
ethnic ministries
Ethnic Ministries
  • Hispanic Americans – about 24% of US pop.
    • Illegal immigrants over 30 million!
    • 80% do not attend any church
    • Spanish radio, publications and music are effective
  • Established ethnic groups (15 million)
    • Jewish American (8 million) with over 100,000 Hebrew Christians in NA
    • Chinese-Americans (3 million) with 1,000 churches
    • Japanese-Americans (4 million) (1 million in Hawaii)
    • French-speaking Americans- 19 million in Canada, 300,000 immigrants from Haiti, 1 million Cajuns in Louisiana. Quebec is least evangelized area of NA!
    • European immigrants: 1 million Portuguese speaking Brazilians, 3 million Slavic's.
religious groups in us
Religious Groups in US
  • Muslims (More Muslims than Jews) – 9 million, 40% of blacks are Muslims!
  • Hindus (esp. NY and NJ), 600,000 with over 400 temples
  • Sikhs: a syncretistic religion of Islam and Hindu number over 2.4 million
  • Buddhists, number over 3 million with over 1,500 temples
  • Koreans are the most evangelized ethnic group in the US – not because of US missions, but Korean missions to their own people
  • Roman Catholicism number over 100 million with few ministries focusing on them
  • Eastern Orthodox Americans are 5% of the population (14 million), but no known ministries to them
  • 368 Cults in the US represent 7% of the population (21 million)
    • Mormons are over 12 million world-wide, obligating every male in short-term (2 yr) missions, and about 6 million in US
    • Jehovah Witnesses have about 1 million
    • Others are Christian Science, Unification Church, 7th Day Adventism
Maybe its time to start thinking about reaching N. America instead of just building a big and famous church of people like us!

Do you have the courage to think out of the box? Whatever else you may do in N. America focus on all the people groups that are here, not just the ones that can make you famous! Jesus cares for them too.


Amazon Headwaters

  • Southern Colombia
  • Western Brazil
  • Eastern Peru