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Keep On Dreaming

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Keep On Dreaming. Vincent Zhou February 16 th , 2013. Dreams.

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Keep On Dreaming

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    1. Keep On Dreaming Vincent Zhou February 16th, 2013

    2. Dreams Yes, it IS true that everyone dreams of having something, doing something, or becoming something. Some people want to become like Justin Bieber, or Shaun White. Others dream of becoming like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or Jim Thorpe. But it’s all in common that we want something really bad. A dog might dream of getting a backyard kennel as big as a house with two hundred tennis balls, a telephone to call his friends up for a party, and some nice dog food and lemonade. Meanwhile realistically, some people dream of becoming an Olympic athlete, or even better, an Olympic champion. My dream is to become an Olympic champion. But of course, what’s the road there going to take? Dreams are never easy to achieve, and The road there is always long and hard. Especially for me, with my dreams and aspirations, and it’s not going to be a piece of cake. Definitely not.

    3. Dreams  Actions Dreams are what make you do what you do. If I didn’t have the dream of becoming an Olympic figure skating champion, I wouldn’t be skating and pushing my way towards it. Everyone who has a dream really wants to achieve it. And if they really want to achieve it, they will really work towards it and kick their butts off while training for it. My dream is important to me because every day I think about that moment when I could be standing on top of the podium at Pyeongchang in 2018. I might as well be dreaming about the day when pigs can fly, because my dreams seem so surreal, but if I really do make it happen by training that way every day, surreal things may become real. Three-time U.S. champion Jeremy Abbott said that he would win the national title when pigs could fly. Guess what?

    4. Obstacles Despite being a three-time national champion and setting records already, I still have a long way to go. After all, I’m only 12, and my career could last until I’m 30. Who knows? And there’s no prophecy about my actual winning. It’s all down to me, myself, and I. Nobody knows what hurdles the Devil might throw at me. Injuries? Growth spurts? Financial problems? I myself need to be prepared, and I myself need to be determined to face these obstacles, to vanquish them, and finally reach my dreams. “Your mind is your sky, where your dreams take wings and fly.” Where my mind dreams, my conscience and my body take my dreams to action. Not any dream—a special, no-nonsense, easier said than done case of dreams brought to life.

    5. Making It Come True I told my mom, “I’ll win the Olympics four times before I retire!” But I was “supposedly” joking. Now I can firmly assert I’ll accomplish that when my cat grows two more legs. But if I do everything I can to become what I want, anything can happen. In 1900 the Internet seemed like what colonizing Alpha Centauri seems like today. But it came true. So when I think about achieving my far-bound dreams, and I put everything I can into it, they can come true. They can. Not with magical skates that automatically control my rotation, jumping, and edges, and regulate my competition placement, but with my plain old self that takes its talent and potential and fuels it like a rocket towards that golden peak which holds the glory.

    6. Conclusion Gold medals aren’t made of gold or brass or polished yellow metal, they’re made of sweat, determination, and hard work. That’s what it’s going to take to get me to the top. My dreams are high, accomplishing them will be tough, and the only way to get up to that pinnacle is to put all I have into it, not dancing Gangnam Style (although I DO like to) and sitting around all day (although I DO sort of do that with homework). It’s the hard work that’s going to bring me to the top. The end.

    7. SUCCESS

    8. Me when I was 6, winning my first ever competition on my mom’s birthday!