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Service Excellence University of Missouri Health Care September 1, 2005

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Service Excellence University of Missouri Health Care September 1, 2005 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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From Good to Great. Service Excellence University of Missouri Health Care September 1, 2005. The charge for University of Missouri Health Care is to move from a good organization to a great one . We HAVE a sense of urgency to do this.

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Presentation Transcript

From Good to Great

Service Excellence

University of Missouri Health Care

September 1, 2005

The charge for University of Missouri Health Care is to move from a good organization to a great one.

We HAVE a sense of urgency to do this.

umhc culture
UMHC Culture

This commitment requires people to change.

hardwiring excellence by quint studer
‘Hardwiring Excellence’ by Quint Studer
  • Model for organizational excellence
  • Guide for best practices, not a mold
becoming a world class organization requires
Becoming a World-Class Organization Requires:
  • Committing to excellence
  • Measuring the important things
  • Building a culture around excellence
  • Creating and developing leaders
  • Focusing on employee satisfaction
  • Building individual accountability
  • Aligning behaviors with goals and values
  • Communicating at all levels
  • Recognizing and rewarding success
our commitment to excellence
Our Commitment to Excellence

The journey to excellence begins with a firm and measurable commitment from EVERYONE.We no longer want to be good. Our goal is to be Grrrreat!

our commitment to excellence1
Our Commitment to Excellence

There is no ‘THEY’


University of Missouri Health Care

Our Mission

As part of a land-grant university, University of Missouri Health Care’s core mission is to provide education, research and service to the residents of Missouri with an emphasis on the needs of rural Missouri.

Our Vision

To offer programs of unsurpassed excellence that will be integrated into a highly efficient, fiscally sound, professionally outstanding, service oriented health system that is unified in a common purpose to be one of the premier comprehensive academic health systems in the nation.

our values
Our Values

Quality.We believe in quality – quality in the patient care we deliver and the people we hire.

Efficiency.Our goal is to provide the highest quality care at the lowest possible price.

Caring Attitude.We care about the people who come here, whether they are patients or visitors. We treat them with courtesy and respect.

Participation. We encourage and depend on our staff to help us guide this organization. Their guidance is accomplished by participating in elected and appointed committees and task forces.


Community w Growth w Finance w Quality w People w Service

We identified six Columns of Excellence to provide the foundation for setting goals and direction for service and organizational excellence at University of Missouri Health Care

system approach to columns





System Approach to Columns


Patient Satisfaction

Key Clinical Indicator Review

Medication Errors

Reduction of Patient Falls


Turnover – First 90 Days

Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Employee Evaluation Completion


Operating Margin (MTD/YTD)

Cash Collection

New Patient Volume Growth

Surgical Growth

No Shows


facility approach to columns





Facility Approach to Columns


Key Clinical Indictors – results for the org

Reward & Recognize leaders

Reward & Recognize staff


Staff forums

Upcoming hospital celebrations

Operating Margin

Cash Collections

AR days

Market Share

Specific Service line growth

No Shows

Community Events

Patient Satisfaction

Reward & Recognize leaders of areas scoring well

Standard of the Month Celebration

Patient letters


department approach to columns





Department Approach to Columns


Dept Patient Satisfaction

Patient comments

What we have improved

Where we need to focus

Ideas from staff

Dept Quality Indicators

R&R improved areas

Key action steps for staff to take next 30 days

New tools & equipment

Introduce new employees

New Tools & Equipment

Dept Turnover

Upcoming training activities

Reward & Recognition

Dept Productivity

Dept supply costs

Key actions for staff to take next 30 days

Hospital/Dept financial performance YTD

Dept admissions

Community Events

Hospital growth YTD


building a culture around excellence
Building a Culture Around Excellence
  • Core Team Formed
    • January 2005
  • Service Teams Formed
    • April 2005
    • Approximately 100 employees involved to date
  • Quarterly Leadership Retreats
standards team

Standards Team

Team Members:

Ben Atwell Shanna Baldridge

Karen Broz Dr Robert Bynum

Dave Geiger Marty Hausman

Michel Hayes Craig Hosey

Pam Mulholland Karen Scott Kay Steward


What We Do

Purpose : To create the foundation of our culture of Service Excellence

Goals: We asked ourselves : What kind of behaviors do we need to become a culture of excellence for patients, staff, and physicians?

The answer: The Standards of Performance


The Commitment

Current Staff

  • All signing is cascaded down through executive Leadership, then their direct reports, etc…
  • All staff are to have signed by September 30, 2005

New staff

  • HR – on line Standards prior to application access
  • Departmental signing as well and departmental orientation (added to orientation checklist)

Our Projects


A traveling carnival : UH, CRH, EFCC, QD

  • Positive Learning Environment
  • Fun and Interactive
  • Different Booths to Represent each Standard
  • Prizes, candy, etc. for winners

Standard of the Month

patient satisfaction team

Team Members:

Patient Satisfaction Team

Laura Phillips

Bonnie Potter

Linda Robb

Dan Smith

Susan Straatmann

Patty Wells

Darian Younger

Barb Barrett

Deb Calder

Jan Degraffenreid

Paula Flandermeyer

Shawn McGrew

Ellen McKenzie

Nakia Moore

Katherine Payne


What We Do


  • Ensure highest level of service is consistently provided
  • Develop new ideas to continually improve the service and to share best practices among departments to help others learn


  • Look for ways to “wow” patients and families
  • Solicit input on ways to improve care
  • Develop & implement “key words at key times”
  • Implement communication boards in patient rooms
  • Implement nurse leader rounding
  • Implement discharge phone calls

Our Projects

  • Cascade Learning Packets
    • Interest, Concern, Apologize, Respond, and Educate
  • Quick Wins for specific areas
physician satisfaction team

Team Members:

Physician Satisfaction Team

Pete Ackerman, MD Marty McCormick

Karen Calhoun, MD David Mountjoy

Steve Calloway, RPh Sue Scott, RN

Kevin Dellsperger, MD Tom Selva, MD

Jessica Hardy Beth Van Hove

Nancy Jones, RN Jennifer Wallace, RN

Melissa Lyons, M3 Andrew Wheeler, M3

Dennis McGowan Mary Williamson, RN


What We Do


Responsible for “wowing” physicians and improving the level of service to them and their patients


  • Implement action steps with outcomes that will be seen by medical staff as a “win”
  • Modify key processes within the institutions that will allow for ease in patient care delivery

Our Projects

Quick Wins:

  • House Phone Conversions
  • Replacing Tone Pagers with Text Capabilities
  • On Call Schedules – On Line, One Reference Point
  • Hospital Marketing for Physician Providers
  • Facility Improvements – Hit Squad concept
  • Nurse Call Line

Priority Focus: “Patient Care Made Easier”


Addressing Patient Care Made Easier will improve physician, staff and patient satisfaction levels

Action Steps:

  • Identified discharge planning process as area for re-design
  • PSTF team joins forces with nursing administration to reach key goals for discharge planning revisions
  • Blitz Session to address key goals scheduled for September 30, 2005
employer of choice team

Employer of Choice Team

Team Members:

Anissa Leaseburg Mindy Cherrington

Lezlie Dahlke Linda Davis

Gayla Maier Ramonna McKinzie

Theresa Nation Brenda Quinlan

Carey Smith Randy Wade

Angela Waller David Wiss


What We Do


Implement programs and opportunities to help employees feel they are doing meaningful, purposeful and worthwhile work


To make UMHC the “destination employer”, not a stepping stone


Our Projects

Our projects will focus on system wide policies, procedures and programs that can be implemented to make UMHC an Employer of Choice. Future recommendations:

  • Encouraging opportunities for employees to be involved in decision making about issues that affect them, such as hiring decisions and work space and facility decisions
  • Ensuring that UMHC has a market competitive compensation program that encourages and rewards superior performance and shares gains with rank and file employees
  • Enhancing an already strong benefits program
  • Sustaining a culture that holds everyone in the organization, at all levels, accountable for their performance
measurement team

Measurement Team

Team Members:

Kim Bass Amy Camp

Karen Cox Rachel Haverstick

Christine Heath Bruce Horwitz

Will Kiehl Manuel Navarro

Michele Schutte David Sohl

Barb White


What We Do


  • To correctly measure, interpret, and communicate progress toward the organization’s objectives


  • To develop and distribute performance data in a clear and useful format to all departments and administration
  • Work with leadership to promote understanding and utilization of data
  • Assist other teams by providing information for planning, decision-making and reward/recognition

Our Projects

Current and future projects/actions:

  • Design patient satisfaction reports for each unit, department and facility
  • Create a presentation to provide an overview and explain the data to departments
  • Review/evaluate current survey tools
  • Develop methodology for distribution and review of survey comments

More Sample Reports

Five Best - Employee Satisfaction

UHC Employees


CRH Employees


Guest House

Human Resources



CPG Brookfield


Ortho Rehab



Data Processing, TSS/ITS



PM&R Clinic








service recovery team

Service Recovery Team

Team Members:

Anita Beall Susan Lee

Kim Brucks Velma Moore

Lorna Carver Carol Nierling

Karen Harris Dan Smith

Candace Hawkes Tracie Wideman

Mickie Kummer Amanda Wood


What We Do

  • To provide staff with information to enhance their customer service skills
  • To provide staff with the tools necessary to “recover” when a customer’s expectations have not been met

Our Projects

  • Develop a brochure for staff that provides key words/scripting to promote good customer service skills
  • Develop an educational video with case scenarios depicting excellent customer service delivery
  • Provide each department with a “tool kit” that will provide immediate access to resources for service recovery
  • Develop a log for each department to document service recovery occurrences and to determine trends for process improvement

Our Projects

  • The educational brochure attached will give staff information to enhance their customer service skills and includes the “I CARE” document
  • This brochure will also list specific measures to take when service recovery is needed
  • It will also be used during new staff orientation to promote appropriate customer service skills with new staff and will reinforce our Standards of Performance
communications team

Communications Team

Team Members:

Cindy Alverson Freese Clay Anderson, M.D.

Jennifer Coffman Rosemary Frank

Janice Gartman Paula Heaviland

Mary Jenkins Julie McKay

Scott Stever Susan Straatmann

Tina Taylor Carol Wilhite


What We Do


To encourage and facilitate open, truthful and timely communication using a wide variety of communication sources


  • To ensure all University of Missouri Health Care employees have easy and convenient access to both system-wide and department-specific information
  • To help other Service Excellence teams communicate their initiatives, projects and progress with the entire University of Missouri Health Care staff and, when appropriate, the community at large

Team Principles

Six principles should guide all communication

Be truthful

Be transparent

Be kind

Be an active listener

Be respectful

Be timely

our projects
Our Projects

Communication Boards:

Step one:Place one public communication board in each of the seven major facilities, including:

  • University Hospital
  • University Physicians Medical Building
  • Columbia Regional Hospital
  • Ellis Fischel Cancer Center
  • Quarterdeck
  • School of Medicine
  • Missouri Rehabilitation Center

Step two:Place one department-specific communication board in every department within University of Missouri Health Care

our projects1
Our Projects

Public Communication Boards will contain:

System-wide and facility-specific Communication that falls under one of the six columns of Service Excellence

Department Communication Boards will contain:

Department-specific information that falls under one of the six columns of Service Excellence

future projects
Future Projects

Training for Managers:

Cascade learning on how to hold staff meetings

Communication Support:

Help other teams construct communication plans for disseminating information about their programs, plans, progress and people

reward recognition team

Reward & Recognition Team

Team Members:

Kevin Anderson Barb Brucks

Karen Calhoun, MD Carol Clark

Justin Delap Deborah Harvey

Louise Harvey Ron Hausheer

Sarah Knoerr Cheryl Kyle

Jane Nelson Kym Pieper

Catherine Price Wayne Richards

Deneal Sullivan Ceresa Ward


Our Purpose


Impact staff, physician and patient satisfaction by:

  • Reinforcing desired behaviors by rewarding & recognizing employees
  • Building a culture of ownership and responsibility with regards to reward and recognition


  • Work with leaders to identify recognition opportunities
  • Evaluate and improve existing programs
  • Implement new programs for areas where there are gaps
  • Assist with other celebrations as needed

“Compensation is a right; Recognition is a gift.”

- Rosaveth Moss Kanter -


Department Based Proposal

  • Budgeting for department based recognition
  • Spontaneous recognition for “crunch time” effort
  • Other department based activities

Support Requested

Making This Work

  • Consistently give verbal Thank You’s and write Thank You Notes
  • Nominate staff, peers, and leaders for Heroes/Legends
  • Tell great stories at meetings and events
  • Harvest the celebrations – collect stories from your direct reports and expect them to collect from their staff

“Never underestimate the difference you can make!”

- Quint Studer -

leadership development team

Leadership Development Team

Team Members:

Kevin Anderson Kim Bass

Lynne Hedrick Susan Heimsoth

Linda Lightfoot Juni Muhota

LuAnn Tandy Ceresa Ward


Your Participation is Requested


Leadership Development


For our organization to go from good to great, we must have great leaders who

  • Learn
  • Grow in their knowledge and role
  • Share information, time and recognition
  • Model the way
  • Lead the charge

Leadership Development


  • Work with Executive Team to establish Leadership Retreat outcomes
  • Coordinate Leadership Retreat delivery and implementation
  • Communication – Pre and Post Leadership Retreat
  • Ensure that leadership retreats are creative and fun
  • Assist with development of Cascade Learning

Cascade Learning


Communication and Training


Consistent basic message with ability to meet departmental needs


  • Leaders first learn/hear the message
  • Receive a cascade learning packet
  • Present and discuss the message with department
  • Report completion to Associate Director

Must Haves

  • Cascade Learning
  • Employee Thank You Notes
  • Rounding for Outcomes
  • Discharge Phone Calls
  • Key Words / Key Actions
  • Alignment of Organizational Goals
  • Selection and Retention of Staff


Satisfied employees do a better job. To increase employee satisfaction, we use a process called “rounding for outcomes” involving senior leadership and department managers.

Information will be used to improve the environment.



When managers make rounds with purpose, they ask:

  • Tell me what is working well today?
  • Are there any individuals I should be recognizing?
  • Are there any physicians I should be recognizing?
  • Is there anything we can do better?
  • Do you have the tools and equipment to do your job?

Renters vs. Owners

A sense of ownership in the organization, builds individual accountability. Ways to create a sense of ownership and accountability include:

  • Allowing employees to participate in peer interviews
  • Asking their feedback in 30- and 90-day new employee meetings
  • Requiring them to sign a Standards of Performance Agreement
  • Encouraging employees to share their ideas for best practices


Communication is key to our success. We will employ the following measures to achieve improvement:

  • Managing up – positioning people well
  • Employee forums – quarterly, led by senior leaders
  • Communication boards – department-level, key information on progress toward the organization’s goals
  • Storytelling – sharing stories about everyday acts of heroism that take place in our facilities

We want to duplicate positive behavior.


The Magic Bus

“First, you have to get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats – and then you figure out where to drive it.”- Jim Collins - Author of “Good to Great”





Our actions speak much more clearly than our words…

“We are not in the health care business – we are in the life enhancement business.”

- Timothy Jarm -

President /CEO Jewish Hospital


Our Future

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

- Confucius -